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We hope you enjoy a wide variety of content created by our Culver summer staff and campers.

Messages From The Regimental Commanders

Catalina Leal

Fritz Ellert

Summer Vlog Series

Episode 1: New Facilities

Episode 2: The Shack

Milk & Cookies With Major Maes

Join Major Mark Maes as he takes us through a 6-video series of camp-themed books read in various locations of Culver’s Woodcraft Camp.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Staff Picks

The Big 15 With Dr. Jay Boyd

Volleyball with Nikki Maroney

A Day in the Life of Woodcraft Preston Cislak & Kelley Bowers

Relaxation Breathing with Paulina Ramos

Quidditch with Alex Scheer & Nikki Maroney

Max Gifford Performs Taps on the shores of Lake Max

Summer History

For additional video content, please visit Culver Summer Schools & Camps History films

Aviation at Culver

'Round Aubeenaubee Bay

The Cavalry Camp

Summer School for Girls

Woodcraft Locales

A very 1980s Culver Summer

Third generation summer camper Max Gifford CMA '22 led the compilation and production of this nostalgic throwback to 1980s Culver summers, in conjunction with the Alan Loehr of the Culver Alumni Dept. and Jeff Kenney of the Culver Academies Museum.


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Summer Staff Spotlights

Yolswald Julian Santamaría A.

Hometown: Ibagué, Colombia 

Years worked: 1 year (2019)

Unit: Athletic department 

College: University of Ibague 

Degree(s)/Certification(s): Business management, Political Science, Level 1 Fencing coach 

Current job: Loan officer assistant 

Piece of advice for current campers: Life is exactly as the blink of an eye, as it passes so fast the only way to have an impact on it is making decisions to make the difference and leave a footprint in the people's hearts. 

What started my Culver story: The first time I heard about the camp was from my friend Fabian, who was one of the previous staff. Last year, I was living and training in Italy with the best fencing club in the world (Frascati Scherma). My friend who was there with me told me that I should apply for a position because he couldn't make it. After he showed me the camp, I was so impressed and I applied, but it was too late in April and thought I would have to try for next year. To my surprise, I received an e-mail from Andy inviting me to the camp and telling me that maybe he could try to find a place for me. Everything happened so quickly: the application, interview, documentation, visa, etc. At the end everything was like magic. I made it and it was more than I ever expected. I never imagined that there in Culver was a little piece of heaven, so magical, so beautiful and full of people that change lives forever... I have been in a lot of places around the world but Culver, OMG! It is another world! ❤️

Best Culver memory: I have a lot of memories from my first time in camp but I think I have 3 favorites ones: 

1. My very first time in the parade when I saw all the campers with the naval uniforms, it was such a big moment, "so glorious and magnificent."

2. 4th of July: I have been to the U.S. several times but never attended a 4th of July celebration. It was really amazing. 

3. In the second and last trimester a lot of my Upper School campers came to the fencing hall really mad because there were not able to join my class (was full), it made me feel so special because I understood that I was doing an amazing job with them, and they told me they wish to have my class for the whole camp. At the end a few of them even cried and were so emotional to leave because they enjoy it so much. A mom of one of them came the last day to say thanks and to tell me how his son never stops talking about my class. That made me feel proud and special because a short 45 minutes/class really made an impact on their lives.

Fun Fact: I love cheese and pizza - I prefer a broccoli instead of a steak - I'm the worst soccer player - before Culver I had never refereed basketball - when I wear the fencing suit I always try to keep it clean all the time (it is an entire white suit) - I'm right handed, but I wish to be left - I always bring a jacket when I'm out - I'm allergic to seafood - I love water sports- I really like going to the cinema with my friends, but I enjoy it more when I go alone. 

Paulina Ramos

Years Worked: 3 years. Two as an ice-skating instructor and one year as the Deck 7 Senior Counselor. 

Favorite memory:  Spending time with campers and helping them in everyday situations. Culver is a magical place where I have been able to grow personally and each time I am there and I have met a lot of inspiring people.

Kelley Bowers

Years worked: 5 years.

Favorite thing about camp: Watching the unit play cabin/division games.

Favorite memory: Winning 2019 Marching Banner with D6.

Nikki Maroney

Years worked: 3 years.

Favorite thing about camp: The people, I have met so many wonderful campers and counselors through my time at camp.

Favorite memory: The nightly talks I have with the girls in my cabin.

Mary Kaye Welch

Hometown: Raised in Roosevelt, Utah, but currently living in Memphis, Tennessee, and moving to St. George, Utah this fall.

Degrees/Certifications: Private Pilot License, Registered Dietitian

Current Job: Clinical Dietitian for Methodist Healthcare Group

Personal Culver Connections:

  • 2008:  Administrative Assistant to the Upper School Director
  • 2009-2011:  Sr. Counselor for Deck 4
  • 2012-2013:  Assistant Director of the Aviation Program
  • 2014-2020:  Director of the Aviation Program

Piece of advice for current campers: There are two kinds of pain in life: The pain of discipline, and the pain of regret. Have fun—even though you cannot be at Culver this summer! But don’t be afraid to be self-disciplined, push yourself to be better, and make every decision in a way that you have no regrets so you can look back on this time in your life with pride and gratification. Then look forward to coming to Culver next summer as an even better version of yourself.

Fun fact: Three of my five kids attended Upper School, then loved it so much, they all came back to work as counselors. My husband, Bill Welch, graduated from CMA, as did both of his kids, and his father. So far, two of our 12 adorable grandkids have attended Woodcraft camp.

Jay Boyd

Years worked: I have worked as a SR Counselor at Culver for a total of 15 summers (not consecutively).

Degrees/Certifications: I am an American Historian and Military historian, earning my BA at Vanderbilt, M.A. at University of Cincinnati (also an M.ED.) and PhD at the University of Kentucky. 

I initially joined the US Army as an infantry officer; later I served overseas in Bosnia, Iraq, and Haiti (following the 2010 earthquake) as a Joint Task Force Historian.  As a Department of Defense civilian I functioned as the 81st “Wildcats” Readiness Division historian, later the US Army Reserve historian, and before retiring, the US Army Chaplain Corps historian.

Favorite memory: My best memories are the friendships I have made along the way.  It is rewarding to hear about the successes and achievements made by former students over the years.

Most embarrassing moment: As a midshipman, not knowing what time it was, running out a door and right into my Counselor, TAC officer, and Ensign. I halted, saluted them, and rattled off, “Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, gentlemen” all in one sentence!

Preston Cislak

Years worked: I have been working at camp for 6 summers.

Favorite thing about camp: Getting to see my unit grow and work together (and also the slip 'n slide).

Favorite memory: We have been stuck in the storm shelter 3 times on my birthday, and everyone sings happy birthday!

Tim Miller SS'65

Hometown: Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Degrees/Certifications: Masters in Counseling Psychology - Indiana University

Current Job: Retired

Personal Culver connections:

  • CSSC: 1963 - 1965 (N2)
  • Upper Schools Staff: Off and on for 37 Summers (1967 - 2019)
  • Winter School: Counselor (Troop B) and Psychology Instructor (1977 - 1979).

Piece of advice for current campers: It's sad that we are not together this summer, but this will make seeing our friends in 2021 that much more special.

Fun fact: My main hobby in retirement is taking long motorcycle trips. I am working on riding to all 49 Continental states and all Canadian Provinces.