Woodcraft Camp

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Woodcraft Camp

Culver Woodcraft Camp is a six-week, activity-based camp designed for youth ages 9 to 14.

Woodcraft Camp offers more than 80 elective courses and activities that help campers gain independence, develop leadership skills and increase self-confidence while discovering new interests, making friends and having fun.


  • Classes: Each Monday – Friday campers receive formal instruction during five 45-minute class periods; three classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. Classes are divided into three two-week trimesters. Students have more than 80 electives to choose from and most classes are two-weeks in length. Academic classes (English, Writing Composition, Reading to Learn and Math) meet for all six weeks. Click here to  view a full list of electives
  • Weekday afternoons and evenings are filled with athletic, aquatic and unit activities.  
  • Weekends: All campers participate in a General Inspection (GI) on Saturday morning. The combined Woodcraft and Upper School Garrison Parade starts at 7:00 pm on Saturday evenings followed by Council Fire at 9:30 pm.  Each Sunday evening at 7:30 pm the Woodcraft corps gathers in the Amphitheater for our weekly Woodcraft Awards. 
  • Students may leave campus on "Permit" with parents or, if authorized, with friends or another camper's parents on Saturdays and Sundays beginning with the second weekend of camp.
  • Students attend one of five religious or spiritual life services each week: Jewish Prayer, Islamic Studies, Constructive Meditation, Roman Catholic Mass, or Protestant Chapel.

Living Arrangements

The A-frame cabins are equipped with ceiling fans and screened windows all around; Woodcrafters sleep practically in the open air. Each camper has a center bin, wardrobe and athletic bin assigned to them for personal items.

Cabins house up to 12 Woodcrafters and a counselor. Each group of four or five cabins comprises a unit, which also includes a head counselor and two to three assistant counselors. The head counselor is your main point of contact throughout the summer.

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