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Upper Schools

Culver Upper Schools is a six-week leadership development program for youth ages 14 to 17. 

The Upper Schools' military organizational structure is designed to instill followership, then leadership, over the course of three summers.

A Typical Summer at Upper Schools

Boys choose between Naval School, the School of Horsemanship or the Aviation School. Girls are organized into Decks and may take the same sailing, horsemanship or aviation classes as the boys. All campers follow a schedule that provides a healthy mix of classes, activities and free time.

Aviation School 

School of Horsemanship

Naval School 

Girls School 

Weekday Schedule

  • On weekdays, students receive formal instruction during six 45-minute class periods (four classes in the morning; two in the afternoon). Students have more than 80 classes to choose from, ranging from algebra and public speaking to sailing and photography. Students have some mandatory classes, which depend on the school selected (Naval, Cavalry, Aviation or Girls).
  • The majority of classes are two weeks in length, although some meet for all six weeks. This gives campers the opportunity to explore a multitude of interests and activities.
  • Afternoons and evenings are typically devoted to intramural sports, with the occasional free time that allows students to take advantage of Culver’s facilities.

Weekend Schedule

  • On Saturdays, campers participate in General Inspection and a weekly swim meet in the morning, followed by Parade in the evening. Saturday afternoons are typically free time.
  • On the second, third and fourth weekends of camp, students may leave campus “on permit” with parents or authorized friends or adults.
  • Students attend religious or spiritual services each week and can choose from Constructive Meditation, Jewish Services, Roman Catholic, Islamic Studies or Protestant services.

Living Arrangements

Campers live in dormitories located on the main campus near Lake Maxinkuckee. There are a total 9 boys units and 7 girls units, each with about 40 campers per unit. 


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