Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid

The cost of six weeks at Culver Summer Schools & Camps is competitive with the cost of most overnight YMCA or sports camps. We understand, however, that not every family can afford the full cost of camp. We also believe that no family should be deterred from applying because of the cost of tuition. That is why we have need-based financial aid available for families who qualify. Awards of need-based aid depend solely on a family's demonstrated financial need, qualifications of the camper, and his or her handwritten statement. Additionally, a significant financial contribution is expected of the family to cover costs such as the application fee, remaining tuition, transportation, uniforms and spending money. For more information or to apply for need-based financial aid please see below.

Merit-Based Financial Aid

Culver also offers Merit-Based Scholarships that are not tied to financial need. These scholarships have been created through the generosity of donors and are targeted children of certain ages, geographic areas, and interests and talents, e.g. band or horsemanship. For more information or to apply for a Merit Scholarship opportunities click HERE.

Families may apply for either need-based assistance, merit-based scholarship, or both. Questions about either process should be addressed to the Financial Aid Administrator by email at SummerFA@culver.org or call 574-842-8207.

Applying For Need-Based Financial Aid

  1. Apply to camp through the regular application process at www.culver.org/summerapp. Parents must complete the online application, and pay the $50.00 application fee.
  2. The application fee is required for all applications. Requesting financial aid does not waive the fee. The application fee must be paid in order to submit and process your child's application.
  3. On the application, mark "YES" to the question regarding financial aid.
  4. After you apply to camp and have been approved, you will receive an email about applying for financial aid, including documents and processes which you must complete by February 15, 2018, at the latest. 
  5. Culver has partnered with School and Student Service (SSS), our online resource for applying for financial aid. You must complete the online financial aid application and pay the $49 non-refundable application fee at http://sssbynais.org/parents to be considered for financial aid. You must submit your 2017 W-2 and your 1040 from 2017 as well as any other supplemental income. If your 2017 tax return has not been completed you will need to submit the 2016 tax return, and then upon completion, you will need to submit the 2017 tax return. Do not send these forms to Culver. You must have a Social Security number to apply for financial aid. 
  6. In addition to the financial information, there are three forms that must be completed and uploaded to SSS. This includes the Applicant Statement (to be completed by your child in his/her own handwriting), Parent Consideration Statement and the School Grades form (or a copy of the most recent grade report). These forms will be emailed to you with more detailed information after your child has been approved for camp.
  7. All forms and information for financial aid must be completed AND submitted to the SSS no later than February 15, 2018.
  8. It is the responsibility of the parent to submit the required forms to be considered for financial aid.
  9. Parents/guardians will be notified by email of the financial aid award offered by mid-March and given a date by which to respond to either accept or reject the award.

Financial Aid Policy

The Financial Aid Committee will consider all completed financial aid applications. Availability of Culver financial aid funds and family finances will be the largest factor in determining the awards. Awards vary based on need and a significant financial contribution is expected of the family to cover remaining tuition and other costs such as the application fee, tuition deposit, transportation, and uniforms.

Culver pledges to do its best to meet the needs of families, but there can be no guarantee that the demonstrated financial need of all those who apply can be met.

Questions about the process should be addressed by email to SummerFA@culver.org.