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Aviation School


Aviation School

A History of Reaching New Heights

The history of aviation instruction at Culver goes back to 1920 when cadets learned to fly World War I surplus floatplanes provided by the U.S. Navy. In 1970, Culver Academies was the first High School in the United States to have its' own airport and operate its' own fleet of training aircraft.

Aviation Squadron

Enrolling in the Aviation School is for those students who have a genuine interest in learning how to fly. Just as a Midshipman's goal should be to receive US SAILING certification in Small Boats and Keelboats, an Aviation cadet's goals should be soloing and earning a Private Pilot's Certificate.

Like all of the Upper School programs, students must be 14 or older to enroll in Aviation. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does impose certain age restrictions on aviation milestones that should be taken into consideration:

  • FAA Written Exam – Age 15
  • Solo Flight – Age 16
  • Private Pilot's Certificate – Age 17

Every student who enrolls in the Aviation Squadron must enroll in a double-period of aviation training per day. The class time is either spent on campus in ground school or at the airport taking flight and/or flight simulator lessons. Other than occasional trips to the airport which occur during the scheduled class time or student free time, aviators have the very same Culver experience as their Naval & Troop counterparts.


Please contact with questions about Culver's Aviation program.