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Woodcraft Camp


Woodcraft Camp

About Woodcraft

Culver Woodcraft Camp is a six-week, activity-based camp designed for youth ages 9 to 14. Woodcraft Camp offers more than 80 elective courses and activities that help campers gain independence, develop leadership skills and increase self-confidence while discovering new interests, making friends and having fun.

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Rooted in our values and virtues, the Summer Schools & Camps is full of all kinds of Culver moments. It's character in action, citizenship at play, and leadership lived together, side by side. The time shared here, and its impact, are profound and life-changing.

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In a given summer, a Woodcrafter may experience anywhere from seven to fifteen different classes. Woodcraft Camp offers over 80 different classes, leaving room for each camper to experience something new.

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Living Arrangements

The A-frame cabins are equipped with ceiling fans and screened windows all around; Woodcrafters sleep practically in the open air. Each camper has a center bin, wardrobe and athletic bin assigned to them for personal items.

Cabins house up to 12 Woodcrafters and a counselor. Each group of four or five cabins comprises a unit, which also includes a head counselor and two to three assistant counselors. The head counselor is your main point of contact throughout the summer.

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