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Girls School


Girls School


While the boys are required to choose a specific area of concentration when they decide between the Naval, Cavalry and Aviation Schools, the girls have no such requirement. Girls are encouraged to sign up for the same sailing, horsemanship or aviation classes, but they can also choose to build a class schedule that does not involve any of these three Culver areas of excellence.

Musicians are welcome to participate in the Concert Band and/or Jazz Band – and can even become performing members of the Naval Band. Girls who choose to participate with the Naval Band will be required to take one class period of band throughout the summer.


In 1960, Catherine Martin, whose husband William was hired as the Director of Theater for the new Eppley Auditorium, established a Summer Theater School for girls. This was the forerunner of the larger Culver Summer School for Girls. In 1965, Culver Superintendent Delmar T. Spivey wrote of the success of the newly established Summer School for Girls.

“The [summer] girls program has exceeded our fondest hopes. The young ladies, over half of whom are daughters or sisters of alumni, are engaged in virtually every activity in the Upper Schools. I proudly report on its progress, and I recommend the program to those of you who have teen-aged daughters.”

Though General Spivey was correct that the girls of 1965 participated in most classes and activities, they were not part of the military organizational structure. Over the years, Culver Summer School for Girls has become fully integrated into the Regiment, with girls now competing for the same leadership positions as the boys.

Deck 7 & Horsemanship

For years, those girls who loved Culver's outstanding equestrian program had a difficult decision to make during their final summer: "should I give up riding to be more competitive for unit and staff leadership positions?"

We now have a solution! Established in 2015, Deck 7 was created for girls who wish to focus on horsemanship. The idea is for Deck 7 to become "the Girls' Troop" – the girls will have the privilege of performing as a mounted unit during Garrison Parades, while simultaneously serving in the unit leadership positions.

Like the boys' Troop, those young ladies who opt for Deck 7 are required to take a double-period of horsemanship during the entire six weeks of camp. Any girl can sign up for horsemanship classes, regardless of which Deck they are assigned – but only Deck 7 girls will be eligible to ride in the parades and participate in the Girls' Troop Hike. Other than the horsemanship component, Deck 7 is fully integrated with all Decks in other Girls School activities.