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Aviation School


Aviation School

A History of Reaching New Heights

The history of aviation instruction at Culver goes back to 1920 when cadets learned to fly World War I surplus floatplanes provided by the U.S. Navy. In 1970, Culver Academies was the first High School in the United States to have its' own airport and operate its' own fleet of training aircraft.

Aviation Squadron

Enrolling in the Aviation School is for those students who have a genuine interest in learning more about the world of Aviation.

First-Year Aviation Students

Students in their first year of Aviation at Culver are required to take a double-class period of Foundations of Aviation for the full 6 weeks of camp.  This includes the opportunity to experience desk-top simulators and the full-size motion simulator on Culver’s campus as a part of the solid foundation of aviation knowledge Culver will provide.

First-year students have two options from which to choose for their Culver Aviation experience:

Option #1:  Foundations of Aviation only, as described above.

  • No flights are purchased.
  • No additional fee.

Option #2:  Foundations of Aviation plus one “Discovery Flight”

  • A Discovery Flight is not an instructed flight and will not be recorded in a log-book or count toward hours for a license.
  • The cost of a Discovery Flight is set by the contracted flight school will be paid directly to them when scheduling. You will be contacted when this option is available to schedule.

Returning Aviation Students

Returning Aviation students will choose from options available to ensure their experience is aligned to fit their goals.

Option #1: Immersion Aviation Experience 

Contract with the Flight School for flight training and simulator lessons. The total number of hours and available packages will be communicated to you from the contracted Flight School directly. 

*Students who choose this option will be enrolled in Aviation every day and will travel to the airport outside of Culver where they will receive focused flight instruction, and simulator lessons from the contracted Flight School Staff. 

Option #: 2 General Aviation Class

*Students who choose this option will not contract with the flight training provider, but instead will attend one double class, taught by Culver staff on the Culver campus, and will receive up to three free simulator lessons from Culver staff.

*Students who choose this option may purchase one Discovery Flight from the contracted flight school. 


Please contact with questions regarding the aviation program.