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Arrival to Camp

Culver Summer Schools & Camps Arrival Policy

Returning students/campers, boys and girls participating in the Naval Band, and all campers who have signed up to use Culver’s transportation will arrive on Friday, June 21.  New students/campers checking in with parents/guardians will arrive on Saturday, June 22.  

It is important that you make every effort to arrive on time, as the first few days are extremely important for your camper to adjust to Culver. If you will not be able to arrive on the dates above, you must receive approval from the respective Director (Woodcraft Camp or Upper School) and then coordinate with the Transportation Office to confirm arrangements, even if you are dropping your child off so we can appropriately plan for their arrival.   

Any exceptions regarding arrival dates must be approved by the respective Director (Woodcraft Camp or Upper School). If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Director at 574-842-8486 or by email at


Registration for both Woodcraft Camp and Upper School is located in the Multi-Purpose Building adjacent to the Henderson Ice Arena, near the intersection of State Road 10 and Academy Road. During the registration process your child will receive their photo ID cards, living assignments, and uniforms. 

Registration will be open for returning students/campers, all boys and girls participating in the Naval Band and those using Culver’s transportation from the airport on Friday, June 21.  

New students/campers and those unable to come on Friday will register on Saturday, June 22. 

Time Zone 

Please note that Culver observes Eastern Daylight Savings time (the same time as New York City). Chicago observes Central Daylight Savings time (one hour behind Culver time). 

Luggage and Shipping Luggage to Culver

Please print your child's complete name and Culver's address on all pieces of luggage as follows: 

Camper's Name 
Woodcraft Camp <or> Upper School 
1300 Academy Road 
Culver, IN 46511 

Culver is excited to once again partner with Ship Camps, a service that will help families safely ship luggage directly from home to camp. Ship Camps will provide real-time tracking information for all luggage and has the capability to ship to and from domestic and international addresses. For more information on international shipping, please click here.

If you are interested in utilizing Ship Camps for your camper’s luggage, please click on the link below to begin the process:

Ship Luggage to Culver

It is important to note that all bags should be delivered to Culver no later than June 19th to ensure they are ready for campers when they arrive on campus.

**Please note that airport luggage fees will be charged to the camper's tuition account. 

Method of Arrival

Arrival By Air

It is important to note that Culver Summer Schools & Camps only provides transportation exclusively to and from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Please keep this in mind when scheduling transportation to Culver.  

Please schedule your child’s flight to arrive between the hours of 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM. It is important to note that ORD is in Chicago and therefore on Central Time, one hour behind Culver time (EDT). 

Please purchase a round-trip ticket; both arrival and departure plans must be completed in advance. 

Travel time from Chicago O’Hare to Culver varies drastically depending on the time of day, traffic conditions, and construction work. Campers may also experience a waiting period while the buses load. If a flight is delayed, this can result in a delay in your child checking in with a Culver staff member. If possible, please make sure your camper has a snack packed for their travels.  

Unaccompanied Minors 

We recommended that all campers flying alone register with the airline as Unaccompanied Minor. Each airline has its own restrictions, age limits, fees, and payment methods. Please note that Unaccompanied Minor fees will need to be paid beforehand and will not be able to be charged to your account. If you choose not to use the Unaccompanied Minor Service offered by the airline, please have the airline note that you would like your child to be picked up at the gate by a Culver summer staff member. 
Upon departing the plane, campers that are flying as unaccompanied minors will be met at the gate by a Culver staff member. Campers who are not flying as unaccompanied minors must proceed directly from the gate to the baggage claim, where Culver staff will be stationed wearing maroon staff polo shirts with the Culver logo. 

Domestic Flights and International Flights 

Please ensure that your camper's flight is scheduled to arrive in Chicago between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on Friday, June 21. It is important to note that Chicago is on Central Daylight Savings time and is, therefore, one hour earlier than Culver. If you are concerned about your child making a connecting flight, we encourage you to fly your child as an UNACCOMPANIED MINOR.  

Campers arriving from international destinations will be met by Culver Staff as they exit customs and they will be escorted to the Culver bus. Culver must have all of your child's flight number, airline, and arrival time by May 1. 

Bus Transportation to/from Airport 

Campers utilizing Culver's chartered bus transportation from Chicago O'Hare must complete the online transportation information form. The fee will be charged to your Tuition Account for this transportation. 

  • The fee is $160 each way to/from Chicago O'Hare on June 21 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST 

Taxi/Limousine Service 

Culver cannot guarantee the availability of transportation on any dates other than the designated June 21 and August 3 travel dates. Additionally, taxi arrangements can also be made between South Bend Regional Airport and Culver. If Culver transportation is not available, you will need to make arrangements with a local taxi company.  Below are some of the available taxi services - Culver does not make any recommendations or endorsements of these taxi services: 

  • Insight Limousine & Sedan (Chicago area only): 773-227-6903 

  • All-American Transportation and Taxi: 269-697-0000 or 313-450-5900 

  • Limo Pro Chicago Inc.: 312-296-7430

  • LimoChicago: 312-972-9900

  • Templar VIP Transportation: 312-724-8333 or 800-517-4370

Private Aircraft 

Privately owned or chartered aircraft can use the following nearby airport facilities. Rental cars can be reserved at any of these three locations: 

  • Plymouth Municipal Airport in Plymouth, Indiana - 15 miles 

  • Starke County Airport in Knox, Indiana - 18 miles 

  • South Bend Regional Airport in South Bend, Indiana - 40 miles 

Personalized Travel Reservations 

Travelmore/Carlson Wagonlit Travel of South Bend, Indiana handles Culver's travel needs. It is a full-service travel agency and is prepared to arrange air travel for your camper both to and from Culver. Please note that this is an outside travel agency and not someone employed by Culver.  
Telephone and e-mail are provided below: 

Office: 877.543.5706 or 574.251.3066 

Fax: 574.251.3027 or 574.282.4569