Transportation Schedule

Flights should be scheduled to arrive at least one hour before bus departure time on return day. This allows time for baggage claim, transit to the meeting area, etc. Students are to call Student Life at 574-842-8140 to cancel their seat on the bus if plans change during break. Seats for “walk on” students at return locations are not guaranteed. Students who are not signed up for a bus seat should call Student Life for seat availability. The time listed within the table below on departure days is the earliest time that a flight should be scheduled. This allows adequate time for bus travel and clearing security. On arrival days the time listed is the bus departure time of the bus. Students should arrive ONE HOUR BEFORE the bus is scheduled to depart.

All buses leave the Culver campus at 7:00 a.m. on departure days for Fall Weekend, Thanksgiving, Spring Vacation, Winter Break and Winter Weekend.