Name Title Department Email Telephone Bio Photo
Melissa Alexander Academic Technology Specialist Academic Affairs 574-842-8160   alexanm.jpg
Chrystal Ramsay-Dyess Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs 574-842-8426   DyessC.jpg
Laura Weaser Associate Director of College Advising Academic Affairs 574-842-8141   weaserl.jpg
Stephanie Hall Associate Director of College Advising Academic Affairs 574-842-8316   halls.jpg
Brian Rodgers Associate Director of College Advising Academic Affairs 574-842-8439   rodgerb.jpg
David Bonner Director of College Advising Academic Affairs 574-842-8096   BonnerD.jpg
Herman Kurrelmeier Director of the Ron Rubin School Academic Affairs 574-842-8334   KurrelA.jpg
Elizabeth Sherk Office Manager Academic Affairs 574-842-8424   SherkE.jpg
Karen Rudd Registrar Academic Affairs 574-842-8247   ruddk.jpg
Joanna Mullins   Academic Affairs     MullinJ.jpg
Crystal Johnson   Academic Affairs     JohnsoC.jpg
Nathan Walker Associate Director of College Advising Academic Affairs     WalkerN2.jpg
Joanna Mullens School Psychologist Academic Affairs      
Lisa Allyn Duplications Print Specialist Administrative Services 574-842-8205   AllynL.jpg
Tammy Durbin Duplications Print Specialist Administrative Services 574-842-8103   DurbinT.jpg
Kimberly Frazier Manager Administrative Services 574-842-7888   fraziek.jpg
Angela Kisela Scanning Clerk Administrative Services 574-842-7889   kiselaa.jpg
Sandra Dodson Word Processor Administrative Services 574-842-7960   DodsonS.jpg
Crissie Garrison Word Processor Administrative Services 574-842-8204   garrisc.jpg
Seana Badalich Admissions Counselor Admissions 574-842-7807   badalis.jpg
Jonathan Posner Assistant Director Admissions 574-842-7871   posnerj.jpg
Savannah Kranich Assistant Director Admissions 574-842-8200   KranicS.jpg
Emily Ryman Assistant Director Admissions 574-842-8209   rymane.jpg
Mark Galloway Assistant Director Admissions 574-842-8203   gallowm.jpg
Alisha Coby Assistant Director of Financial Aid Admissions 574-842-8201   CobyA.jpg
Jerry Kisela Associate Director of Admissions, Operations Admissions 574-842-8202   kiselaj.jpg
Scott Joyner Associate Director of International Admissions Admissions 574-842-8195   joyners.jpg
Michael Turnbull Director of Admissions Admissions 574-842-8281   turnbul.jpg
Elizabeth Adams Director of Financial Aid Admissions 574-842-8144   adamse.jpg
Delma Gibson Enrollment Support Specialist Admissions 574-842-8124   gibsond.jpg
Amber Seidel Enrollment Support Specialist Admissions 574-842-8130   seidela.jpg
Allison Allen Receptionist and Visit Coordinator Admissions 574-842-8196   AllenA1.jpg
M Norton Senior Assistant Director Admissions 574-842-8460   nortona.jpg
Glenda Mechling-Smith Administrative Assistant Parents Parent Relations 574-842-8466   mechlig.jpg
Holly Johnson Chief Advancement Officer Head of Schools 574-842-8067   JohnsoH2.jpg
Julie Barger Director of Parent Relations Parent Relations 574-842-8272   bargerj.jpg
Ann Maurer Administrative Assistant Alumni Events Alumni 574-842-7200   MaurerA.jpg
Sandra Lewandowski Communications Coordinator Alumni 574-842-8304   lewands.jpg
Benjamin Nowalk Coordinator Culver Clubs International Alumni 574-842-7859   NowalkB.jpg
Alan Loehr Director of Alumni Relations Alumni 574-842-8235   loehra.jpg
Amy Johnson Office Manager Alumni Alumni 574-842-7843   davisa.jpg
Mary Szymusiak Special Events Coordinator Alumni 574-842-8321   SzymusM.jpg
Barbara Napier Barber Stylist Barber Shop     NapierB1.jpg
Patricia Beeks Barber Stylist Barber Shop 574-842-8293   BeeksP.jpg
Angela Benn Accounts Payable Associate Business Office 574-842-8364   BennA.jpg
Brian Baker Assistant Director Business Office 574-842-8292   BakerB1.jpg
Richard Tompos Director and Controller Business Office 574-842-8222   tomposr.jpg
Julie Melton Office Manager Business Office 574-842-8221   meltonj.jpg
Emily Bolze Staff Accountant Business Office  

Emily joined the business office in April of 2017.  Prior to Culver, she was the controller at a local car dealership group for six years.  Emily graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs specializing in Public Finance. Along with that degree she has earned a certificate in business foundations from the Kelley School of Business. She and her husband, Tom, have one daughter, Caroline (2). They live in the town of Walkerton.  Emily and her family are very active in high school sports with John Glenn High School in Walkerton where her husband is the athletic trainer. 

Terri Hoffman Student Services Associate Business Office 574-842-8264   HoffmaT.jpg
Dusty Dawn DeHerrera Student Services Manager Business Office 574-842-8227   deherrd.jpg
Christine Medeiros T Clerk Business Office     MedeirC.jpg
Troy Heckaman Compliance Manager Campus Safety and Security 574-842-7488   HeckamT.jpg
Charles Dilts Manager Campus Safety and Security 574-842-7466   diltsc.jpg
Michael Russell Security Officer Campus Safety and Security     RusselM.jpg
Carol Dowling Security Officer Campus Safety and Security 574-842-4088   DowlinC.jpg
David Parker Security Officer Campus Safety and Security 574-842-4088   ParkerD.jpg
Timothy Pezzuto Security Officer Campus Safety and Security 574-842-4088   PezzutT.jpg
Abby Grady Security Officer Campus Safety and Security 574-842-4088   GradyA.jpg
Thomas Siebert Security Officer Campus Safety and Security 574-842-4088   SieberT.jpg
Ryan Stotler Security Officer Campus Safety and Security 574-842-4088   StotleR.jpg
Kacey Fisher Assistant Manager Campus Store 574-842-7822

Kacey joined the Campus Store in May of 2017.  Her background includes previous retail and banking experience.

Vilma VanHorn Retail Clerk Campus Store     VanHorV.jpg
Barbara Wynn Senior Retail Clerk Campus Store     WynnB.jpg
Edward Quella Officer in Charge CMA Military Activities 574-842-8324   quellae.jpg
Kevin Green Assistant Commandant CMA Military Activities 574-842-8489   greenk.jpg
Cynthia McDaniel Coordinator CMA Military Activities 574-842-8104   mcdanic.jpg
Warren Foersch Deputy Commandant of Cadets CMA Military Activities 574-842-8356   foerscw.jpg
Samuel Alameda Military Leadership Mentor Band CMA Military Activities 574-842-7080   AlamedS.jpg
Eugene Plonski Military Leadership Mentor Artillery CMA Military Activities 574-842-7454   PlonskA.jpg
Jedediah Trefren Military Leadership Mentor Infantry CMA Military Activities 574.842.8475   TrefreJ1.jpg
Deane Norris Military Leadership Mentor Troop CMA Military Activities 574-842-7355   norrisd.jpg
Jeremiah Roush Officer in Charge CMA Military Activities 574-842-8324   roushj2.jpg
Justin Youvan Officer in Charge CMA Military Activities     YouvanJ.jpg
Stephen Coleman Officer in Charge CMA Military Activities     colemas.jpg
Jan Garrison Assistant Director of Publications Communications 574-842-8137   garrisj.jpg
Mary Kunkle Business Coordinator Communications 574-842-8262   kunklem.jpg
Trent Miles Digital Communications Media Manager Communications 574-842-8366   MilesT.jpg
William Hargraves Director of Strategic Communication Communications 574-842-8198   hargraw3.jpg
Toni Trump Graphic Artist Communications 574-842-8139   TrumpT.jpg
Lewis Kopp Manager Media and Video Communications 574-842-8098   koppl.jpg
Kathleen Lintner Managing Editor Communications 574-842-8311   LINTNEK.jpg
Jeffrey Kenney Publications Manager Communications 574-842-8365   kenneyj.jpg
Michael Petrucelli Communications Coordinator ADV Development 574-842-8368   petrucm.jpg
Judy Campbell Culver Fund Officer Development 574-842-8495   campbej.jpg
Kayla Ray Culver Fund Officer Development 574-842-8306   RayK.jpg
Leann Weatherby Culver Fund Officer Development 574-842-8223   WeatheL1.jpg
Kevin Kucera Development Officer Development 574-842-8269   kucerak.jpg
Ibrahim Fetuga Development Officer Development 574-842-8077   FetugaI.jpg
Catherine Zurbrugg Director of Major Gifts Development 574-842-8312   zurbruc.jpg
Michael Hogan Director of Operations Development 574-842-8233   hoganm.jpg
Pamela Christiansen Director of Planned Giving Development 574-842-8181   ChristP.jpg
Laura Yeager Director of Stewardship Development 574-842-8317   yeagerl.jpg
Thomas Mayo Development Officer Development 574-842-8072   mayot.jpg
Tamara McVicker Gift Entry Administrative Assistant Development 574-842-8074   McVickT.jpg
Jacqueline Smith Gift Manager Development 574-842-8231   smithj.jpg
Candi Small Office Assistant Development 574-842-8116   PiersoC.jpg
Cindy Krou Operations Manager Development 574-842-8303   KrouC.jpg
Ashleigh Mills Process Improvement Manager Development 574-842-8087   millsa.jpg
Debrah Fox Research Manager Development 574-842-8314   foxd.jpg
Kimberly Kephart Stewardship Coordinator Development 574-842-8230   kephark.jpg
Kimberly Janney Stewardship Coordinator Development 574-842-8309   JanneyK.jpg
Katharine Bekker Director of the Culver Fund Development  

Megan came to Culver after four years at Sonoco Display and Packaging, a Division of Sonoco Products where she held the position of Director of Sales, Design and Marketing North America. In 2017, she was named one of Path to Purchase’s Women of Excellence in the Packaging Industry. Prior to graduating from California State East Bay she graduated from CGA in 1987.  Her hobbies include golf, reading, movies, and tennis.  Megan is married to Carsten Bekker and has two grown children Logan and Jordan Bekker.

Megan and Carsten live in the town of Culver.

Sarah Johnston   Development     JohnstS.jpg
Teri Yeargin Dry Cleaning Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     YeargiT.jpg
Steven Anderson Group Leader Dry Cleaning and Laundry 574-842-7869   anderss.jpg
Regina DeHerrera Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     DeHerrR.jpg
Aurora Lindvall Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     LindvaA.jpg
James Wentzel Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     WentzeJ.jpg
Marsha Chaney Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     ChaneyM.jpg
Patricia Ayres Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     AyresP.jpg
Della Gaines Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     GainesD.jpg
Barbara Napierkowski Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     NapierB.jpg
Brian Shidler On Call Laundry Attendant Dry Cleaning and Laundry     ShidleB.jpg
Jeff McMinn Washer Dryer Operator and Equipment Maintenance Dry Cleaning and Laundry     McMinnJ.jpg
Elizabeth Reinhold Washer Dryer Operator and Maintenance Dry Cleaning and Laundry     ReinhoE.jpg
Matthew White Manager Dry Cleaning and Laundry 574-842-8318   whitem.jpg
Leslie Keiser Environmental Services Assistant Supervisor Facilities 574-842-8380   keiserl.jpg
Estill Rice Environmental Services Manager Facilities 574-842-8373   ricee.jpg
Daniel Burke Boat Shop Foreman Facilities 574-842-8342   burked.jpg
William Baker Manager Facilities 574-842-8153   bakerw.jpg
Rene Chapdelaine Ice Rink Manager Facilities 574-842-8194   ChapdeR.jpg
Martha Bridegroom Administrative Assistant Facilities 574-842-8270   bridegm.jpg
Lyn Hanley Administrative Manager Facilities 574-842-8109   HanleyL.jpg
Jeffry Kutch Director of Facilities Facilities 574-842-8121   kutchj1.jpg
Darrell Garbacik Project Coordinator Facilities 574-842-8277   garbacd.jpg
Tammy Gannon Purchasing, Warehouse Manager Facilities 574-842-8210   gannont.jpg
Michael Vessely Golf Course Supervisor Facilities     VesselM.jpg
David Blalock Manager Facilities 874-842-7998   blalocd.jpg
Clifford Weiger Supervisor Motor Pool Facilities 574-842-8384   WeigerC.jpg
Krystyna Hyrczyk Transportation Supervisor Facilities 574-842-8253   HyrczyK.jpg
Richard Archer Manager Facilities 574-842-8275   ArcherR.jpg
Richard Hart Warehouse Supervisor Facilities 574-842-7895   HartR.jpg
Cooper Hardy Advancement Fellow Fellowship     HardyC.jpg
Toedora Kakhiani Communications Fellow Fellowship     KakhiaT.jpg
Nathan Phillips Humanities Fellow Fellowship 574-842-7502   PhilliN.jpg
Patrick Callaghan Humanities Fellow Fellowship  

Patrick Callaghan joins the Humanities department as a member of the 2017-18 Culver Fellowship program. Before transferring to the University of Virginia, Pat spent a year at Salisbury University where he was recruited to play varsity lacrosse. He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Erin Leist Humanities Fellow Fellowship     LeistE.jpg
Rebecca Ramos Humanities Fellow Fellowship     RamosR.jpg
Andrew Rikard Humanities Fellow Fellowship     RikardA.jpg
John WIlson Humanities Fellow Fellowship     WIlsonJ.jpg
Julian Mastro Science Fellow Fellowship     MastroJ.jpg
Stephen Mayfield Science Fellow Fellowship     MayfieS.jpg
Fabian Garcia Theatre Fellow Fellowship     GarciaF.jpg
Lindsey Biggs Wellness Fellow Fellowship  

Lindsey Biggs is a first year fellow from Dayton, Ohio. Lindsey completed her senior internship at Butler University working with the women's soccer team.  She has also worked with UC's Football and Volleyball team and at Thomas More College in Kentucky.  

Nicholas Spangler Wellness Fellow Fellowship 574-842-7975   SpanglN.jpg
Dustin Cowell Wellness Fellow Fellowship 574-842-8241   CowellD3.jpg
Tom Wentworth Adjunct Instructor Fine Arts     wentwot.jpg
Jae Sung Lee Adjunct Instructor Fine Arts     LeeJ3.jpg
Beth Pare Adjunct Instructor Fine Arts     pareb.jpg
Gabriel Beach Adjunct Instructor Fine Arts     BeachG.jpg
Brook Bennett Adjunct Instructor Fine Arts     BennetB2.jpg
Kelly Filson Adjunct Instructor Fine Arts     FilsonK.jpg
Matthias Stegmann Adjunct Instructor Fine Arts     StegmaM.jpg
Sharon Burke Adjunct Piano Instructor Fine Arts     BurkeS.jpg
Matthew Daniel Adjunct Voice Teacher Fine Arts     danielm.jpg
Denise Burnham Chaperone Fine Arts     burnhad.jpg
Brent Van Norman Coordinator of the Living History Group Fine Arts     vannorb.jpg
Leander Hoover Guitar Instructor Fine Arts     hooverl.jpg
Chad Gard Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-7857   gardc.jpg
Jaime Ball Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8039   BallJ1.jpg
Emily Smith Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8009   SmithE.jpg
Lynette McCarthy Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8267   McCartL.jpg
Marsha Coven Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8438   COVENM.jpg
Charles Steck Lessons Instructor Fine Arts     SteckC1.jpg
Stacey Warren Master Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8283   warrens.jpg
John Gouwens Master Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8387   GOUWENJ.jpg
Robert Nowalk Master Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8278   NOWALKR.jpg
Catherine Duke Mentor Instructor and Chairperson Fine Arts 574-842-8254   DUKEC.jpg
David Weirich Senior Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8329   WEIRICD.jpg
John Williams Senior Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8284   WilliaJ.jpg
Richard Coven Senior Instructor Fine Arts 574-842-8255   COVENR.jpg
Stephen Rozek Senior Instructor and Dir. of Instrumental Music Fine Arts 574-842-8335   RozekS.jpg
Karin Moreno Manager Food Services     MorenoK.jpg
Justin Brown Dishroom Utility Food Services     BrownJ1.jpg
Doreen Tyler Apprentice Head Cook Food Services     AlbertD.jpg
Mary Simpson Apprentice Head Cook Food Services     SimpsoM.jpg
Carol Buchanan Assistant Director Food Services 574-842-8383   buchanc.jpg
Diana Fish Baker Utility Food Services     FishD.jpg
John Rose Bakers Helper Food Services     RoseJ.jpg
Amy Collins Chef and Kitchen Manager Food Services 574-842-8287   CollinA.jpg
Carol Wentzel Cook Food Services     WentzeC.jpg
Destiny Cooper Cook Food Services     CooperD.jpg
Susona Sanders Cook Food Services     SanderS.jpg
Gwen Lee Cook Food Services     LeeG.jpg
Henry Willhite Director Food Services 574-842-8327   willhil.jpg
Leola Fields Dishroom Leader Food Services     FieldsL.jpg
Stephen Hatfield Dishroom Utility Food Services     HatfieS.jpg
James Bowyer Dishroom Utility Food Services     BowyerJ.jpg
Bronson Roberts Dishroom Utility Food Services     RobertB.jpg
Michael Zentz Dishroom Utility Food Services     ZentzM.jpg
Darcy Allen Dishroom Utility Food Services     AllenD.jpg
Kevyn Dell Dishroom Utility Food Services     DellK.jpg
Bradley Reed Dishroom Utility Food Services     ReedB.jpg
Cynthia Good Dishroom Utility Food Services     GoodC.jpg
Ashton Duke Dishroom Utility Food Services     DukeA.jpg
Lorie Stacy Dishroom Utility Food Services     StacyL.jpg
Amy Bliss Dishroom Utility Food Services     BlissA.jpg
William Bjornstad Dishroom Utility Food Services     BjornsW.jpg
Kathryn Williams Dishroom Utility Food Services     WilliaK.jpg
Matthew Hart General Utility Food Services     HartM.jpg
Kimberly Rose Head Baker Food Services     RoseK.jpg
Lisa Rough Head Salad Food Services     RoughL.jpg
Vonnie Bigley Line Server Utility Food Services     BigleyV.jpg
Bernice Carroll Line Supervisor Server Food Services     CarrolB.jpg
Louise Rutheford Line Supervisor Server Food Services     RuthefL.jpg
Shannon Danielson Line Supervisor Server Food Services     DanielS.jpg
Angella Harness Line Supervisor Server Food Services     HarnesA.jpg
Linda Harness Line Supervisor Server Food Services     HarnesL.jpg
Dionte Robinson Line Supply Utility Food Services     RobinsD.jpg
Max Good Line Supply Utility Food Services     GoodM.jpg
Susie Weldon Manager Production Operations Food Services 574-842-8359   weldons.jpg
Amy Lamon Office Manager Food Services 574-842-8488   heinlea.jpg
Lucinda Potter Pot Pan Washer Food Services     PotterL.jpg
Thomas Riske Pot Pan Washer Food Services     RiskeT.jpg
Joseph Wagner Receiving and Storage Food Services     WagnerJ.jpg
Jennifer Stark Salad Pantry Food Services     StarkJ.jpg
Barbara Campbell Salad Pantry Food Services     CampbeB.jpg
Diana Nieb Salad Pantry Food Services     NiebD.jpg
Kristina Scutchfield Salad Pantry Food Services     ScutchK.jpg
Tammie Brown Secretary Dining Hall Food Services 574-842-8298   brownt.jpg
Michael Woods Shift Leader Food Services     woodsm.jpg
Donna Canacci Shift Leader Food Services     canaccd.jpg
Raymond Jachim Shift Leader Maint Tech Sup Food Services     jachimr.jpg
Kevin MacNeil Chief Academic Officer Head of Schools 574-842-8452   macneik.jpg
Julie Bess Administrative Assistant Head of Schools 574-842-8073   BessJ.jpg
Lisa Barenie Administrative Assistant Head of Schools 574-842-8182   BARENIL.jpg
Geraline Quivey Assistant to the Head of Schools Head of Schools 574-842-8212   quiveyg.jpg
Mary Power Volunteer, Library Head of Schools     PowerM.jpg
Joshua Pretzer Dean of Faculty Head of Schools 574-842-8091   pretzej.jpg
James Power Head of Schools Head of Schools 574-842-8180   PowerJ.jpg
Melissa (Lisa) Ilg Family Nurse Practitioner Health Center 574-842-7800   IlgM.jpg
Emma Sexton Intern Cleric Health Center     SextonE.jpg
Darrell Knowlton Licensed Clinical Social Worker Health Center 574-842-8346   knowltd.jpg
Dana Clevering Licensed Mental Health Counselor Health Center 574-842-8343   bennetd.jpg
Amy Pryor Licensed Practical Nurse Health Center     PryorA.jpg
Emma Bjornstad Licensed Practical Nurse Health Center 574-842-8350   bjornse.jpg
Leslie Voreis Medical Secretary Health Center 574-842-7800   voreisl.jpg
Michele Trusty Medical Secretary Health Center 574-842-8118   trustym.jpg
Karen O'Blenis Medical Secretary Health Center 574-842-8343   OBLENIK.jpg
Juliana Danti Nursing Supervisor Health Center 574-842-7800   DantiJ.jpg
Mark Noll Private Psychologist Health Center 574-842-8346   nollm.jpg
Donna Whippo Registered Nurse Health Center 574-842-8350   whippod.jpg
Rachel Woods Registered Nurse Health Center 574-842-8350   woodsr.jpg
Linda Gleitz Registered Nurse Health Center     GleitzL.jpg
Kizzy Isom Registered Nurse Health Center     IsomK.jpg
Amy Spencer Registered Nurse Health Center     SpenceA2.jpg
Jina Rensberger Registered Nurse Health Center     RensbeJ.jpg
Dolly Zollars Registered Nurse Health Center 574-842-8406   ZollarD.jpg
Julie Ball Registered Nurse Health Center     BallJ.jpg
Kim Bearden Registered Nurse Health Center     BeardeK.jpg
Mary Eiler Registered Nurse Health Center     EilerM.jpg
April Eskridge Registered Nurse Health Center     EskridA.jpg
Karen Grimmett Registered Nurse Health Center     GrimmeK.jpg
Betsy Hintz Registered Nurse Health Center     HintzB.jpg
Michele Meccia Registered Nurse Health Center     MecciaM.jpg
Jenni Ortman Registered Nurse Health Center     OrtmanJ.jpg
Katharyn Williams Registered Nurse Health Center     WilliaK1.jpg
Donelle Burch Registered Nurse Health Center 574-842-8350   burchd.jpg
Sandra Dunfee Registered Nurse Health Center 574-842-8350   dunfees.jpg
Melanie Osborn Registered Nurse Health Center 574-842-8350   osbornm2.jpg
Jessica Kennedy   Health Center 574-842-8078   KennedJ.jpg
Rebecca Brice   Health Center 574-842-7800   BriceR.jpg
Raubyn Barich   Health Center     BarichR.jpg
Danielle Bailey   Health Center     BaileyD.jpg
Rhiannon Banks   Health Center     BanksR.jpg
Jennifer Criddle   Health Center     CriddlJ.jpg
Margaret Robertson-Smith Assistant Stable Supervisor Horsemanship     RobertM.jpg
Kelvin Sellers Assistant Stable Supervisor Horsemanship     SellerK.jpg
Mark Waller Director of Horsemanship Instruction Horsemanship 574-842-8252   wallerm.jpg
Edgar Little Director of Horsemanship Operations Horsemanship 574-842-8355   LITTLEE.jpg
Lucy Ferch Horse Trainer Horsemanship     FerchL.jpg
Elizabeth Puskas Horsemanship Instructor Horsemanship 574-842-8257   PuskasE.jpg
Robin Siems Horsemanship Instructor Horsemanship 574-842-8257   siemsr.jpg
Melissa Hougas Horsemanship Instructor Horsemanship 574-842-8257   DeYounM.jpg
Frank Stubblefield Instructor and Summer Director Horsemanship 574-842-8232   stubblf.jpg
Beata Lowisz Secretary Horsemanship 574-842-8325   lowiszb.jpg
Trevor Weldon Stable Hand Horsemanship     WeldonT.jpg
Leena Tetzloff Stable Hand Horsemanship     TetzloL.jpg
Shelby Robertson Stable Hand Horsemanship     RobertS.jpg
Brittani Brown Stable Hand Horsemanship     BrownB1.jpg
Megan Snyder Stable Hand Horsemanship     SnyderM.jpg
Christopher Montgomery Stable Hand Horsemanship     MontgoC.jpg
Nicole Furlong Stable Hand Horsemanship     FurlonN.jpg
Merrill Millow Stable Hand Horsemanship     MillowM.jpg
David Millow Stable Hand Horsemanship     MillowD.jpg
Donald Relos Stable Supervisor Horsemanship 574-842-8371   relosd.jpg
William Bokhart   Horsemanship     BokharW.jpg
Angela Redman   Horsemanship     RedmanA.jpg
Victoria Crossley Assistant Librarian Huffington Library 574-842-8441   CROSSLV.jpg
Susan Freymiller Director Huffington Library 574-842-8442   freymis2.jpg
Daniel Rubado Instructor and Digital Resource Librarian Huffington Library 574-842-8271   RubadoD.jpg
Grace McKay Instructor, Librarian, Ed. Tech. Liaison Huffington Library 574-842-8440   McKayG.jpg
Lorraine Miracle Library Associate Huffington Library 574-842-8454   miracll.jpg
Judy Rochford Library Associate Huffington Library 574-842-8443   Rochfoj.jpg
Valerie Lasko Library Associate Huffington Library 574-842-8132   laskov.jpg
Rebecca Strati Library Instructor Huffington Library 574-842-7811   StratiR.jpg
Kimberly Caudill Benefits Administrator Human Resources 574-842-8225   caudilk.jpg
Diane Avery Chief Human Resource Officer Human Resources 574-842-8375   averyd.jpg
Jolene Harris Data Entry Clerk Human Resources 574-842-8290   HarrisJ.jpg
Terri Anderson Human Resource Analyst Human Resources 574-842-8265   anderst.jpg
Amanda Wieger Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources 574-842-8313   WiegerA.jpg
Michelle Avery Payroll Administrator Human Resources 574-842-8224   averym.jpg
Sean Haseley Assistant Instructor Humanities 574-842-8328   HaseleS.jpg
Madeline Lyons Assistant Instructor Humanities 574-842-7016   LyonsM.jpg
Michelle Fuentes Instructor Humanities 574-842-7848   FuenteM.jpg
Thomas McNally Instructor Humanities 574-842-7858   McNallT.jpg
Alexander Mies Instructor Humanities 574-842-7956   miesa.jpg
Joshua Brown Instructor Humanities 574-842-7820   BrownJ.jpg
Maury Trau Instructor Humanities 574-842-8016   TrauP.jpg
Tyler Yoder Instructor Humanities 574-842-8029   YoderT.jpg
Oliver Eaton Instructor Humanities 574-842-8004   eatono.jpg
Louis Canelli Instructor Humanities 574-842-7988

Lou joins the Humanities department after living and working for eight years at boarding schools, spending four years each at Saint James School and the Putney School. He's also worked several summers for Putney Student Travel, leading various experiential education programs with them. In 2016-2017, he lived in New York City and studied improv comedy before taking several solo trips around the world. He likes to frame this year as a hero's journey, with his return to teaching as the ultimate boon.  Lou will teach Humanities 10 - Global Perspectives and is also involved with the speech team this year.  

Gareth Hadyk-DeLodder Instructor Humanities     DeloddG.jpg
Sabrina Gilchrist Instructor Humanities  

Sabrina joins the Humanities Department after teaching composition and literature as a PhD candidate at the University of Florida.  Gilchrist earned her Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, where she also minored in Dance and American Sign Language.  After graduating from UW-Eau Claire with her Master's in English Literature, she was hired to work as a lecturer.  She taught composition, rhetoric, and research methods to incoming students and transfer students.  She then pursued her PhD in Literature at the University of Florida and hopes to defend her dissertation in the Spring of 2018.  

John Buggeln Master Instructor Humanities 574-842-8282   buggelj.jpg
Jacqueline Erwin Mentor Instructor, Batten Fellow Humanities 574-842-8003   ERWINJ.jpg
Edward Kelley Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8389   KELLEYE.jpg
Mitchell Barnes Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8142   BARNESM.jpg
James Schmiedlin Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8008   SCHMIEJ.jpg
Bradford Trevathan Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8030   TREVATB.jpg
Kevin Danti Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-7999   dantik.jpg
Kimberly Bowman Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8004   BowmanK.jpg
Raegan Russell Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8024   RusselR.jpg
Joshua Danforth Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-7951   danforj.jpg
John Rogers Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-7954   rogersj.jpg
Darryl Einhorn Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-7953   einhord.jpg
Emily Uebler Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8189   ueblere.jpg
Scott Sweet-Christian Senior Instructor Humanities     ChristS.jpg
Jennifer Cerny Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8002   Cernyj.jpg
Andrew Dorrel Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8208   DORRELA.jpg
Richard Battersby Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8026   batterr.jpg
Andrew Strati Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8023   stratia.jpg
Gary Christlieb Senior Instructor Humanities 574-842-8496   ChristG.jpg
Kurt Christiansen Senior Instructor and Chairperson Humanities 574-842-7847   christk.jpg
John Uebler Senior Instructor and Program Chairperson Humanities 574-842-8005   ueblerj.jpg
Louis Canelli III Instructor Humanities      
Shelly Harrison Data Management Analyst Information Technology 574-842-8464   harriss.jpg
Linda Miller Database Analyst Information Technology 574-842-8436   millerl.jpg
Brandon Hendrickson Hardware Support Technician Information Technology 574-842-8099   HendriB.jpg
Bryan Falk Hardware Support Technician Information Technology 574-842-8226   falkb.jpg
Timmy Hawkey Hardware Support Technician Information Technology 574-842-8150   HawkeyT.jpg
Alexa Jansey Interim Director Information Technology 574-842-8157   JanseyA.jpg
Eli Shock IT Operations Manager Information Technology 574-842-8396   shocke.jpg
William McFarland Manager Software Team Information Technology 574-842-8490   mcfarlw.jpg
Mark Sayer Network Specialist Information Technology 574-842-7997   sayerm.jpg
Todd Brubaker Network Systems Engineer Information Technology 574-842-8431   brubakt.jpg
Chad Master Operations Supervisor Information Technology 574-842-8499   masterc.jpg
Nicholas Kepler Programmer Analyst Information Technology 574-842-8234   KeplerN.jpg
Thaddeus White Project and Training Manager Information Technology 574-842-8158   WhiteT1.jpg
Diann Parsons Purchasing Manager Information Technology 574-842-8377   parsond.jpg
Richard Easterday Senior Web Developer Information Technology 574-842-8086   easterr.jpg
Tammy VanVolkenburg Systems Administrator Information Technology 574-842-8147   vanvolt.jpg
Emily Sowder Systems Integration Analyst Information Technology     SowderE.jpg
Michael Davidge T Tech Support Technician Information Technology     DavidgM.jpg
Madisen Diaz T Tech Support Technician Information Technology     DiazM.jpg
Karla Hernandez Associate Director International 574-842-8119   hernank.jpg
Antonio Giraldi Chief International Officer International 574-842-8332   giraldt.jpg
Kevin Bowman Instructor International Student Achievement 574-842-8001   BowmanK1.jpg
Mary Jessica LeVan Lawerence Instructor International Student Achievement 574-842-8014   LawrenM.jpg
Catherine Tulungen Master Instructor and Chairperson International Student Achievement 574-842-8011   tulungc.jpg
J Tulungen Instructor Leadership Education 574-842-8135   TulungJ.jpg
Jackalynn Kooistra Instructor Leadership Education 574-842-7898   KooistJ.jpg
Nancy McKinnis Master Instructor Leadership Education 574-842-8059   McKinnn.jpg
Stephanie Scopelitis Senior Instructor Leadership Education 574-842-8288   ScopelS.jpg
Christopher Kline Senior Instructor Leadership Education 574-842-8012   KlineC.jpg
Don Fox Senior Instructor Leadership Education 574-842-8079   FoxD1.jpg
Mehdi Meziane Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8274   MezianM.jpg
Debra Trau Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8037   TrauD.jpg
Caren Standfast Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8397   StandfC.jpg
Sarah Gaff Instructor Mathematics  

Sarah joins the Mathematics Department as an instructor in 2017. She will teach Intermediate Algebra.  In addition to teaching Mathematics, Sarah will be an assistant coach for cross country and track and field.  Sarah is originally from Chesterton, Indiana. 

Elizabeth Clements Instructor Mathematics     ClemenE.jpg
Taylor Clements Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8038

Taylor is joining the Mathematics Department after teaching in Louisville's public schools for six years. Taylor has also worked at Bellarmine University as an adjunct professor and at College Preparatory Mathematics as a teacher-leader researcher. Taylor's work includes teaching and judging marching bands in Kentucky and Indiana.  Taylor has one daughter, Abigail (4). 

Dustin Smith Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8035   SmithD1.jpg
William Murchie Instructor Mathematics     MurchiW.jpg
Nicholas Counts Master Instructor and Chairperson Mathematics 574-842-8434   countsn.jpg
Martin Engelbrecht Mentor Instructor, Batten Fellow Mathematics 574-842-8040   ENGELBM.jpg
Guy Weaser Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8330   WEASERG.jpg
Samuel Mavrick Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8170   MavricS.jpg
Matthew Boland Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8043   bolandm.jpg
William Farmer Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8260   FarmerW.jpg
April Bain Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8089

April Bain is joining the Mathematics department after serving seven years with the Los Angeles Unified School District. As an instructional coach, curriculum developer, and classroom teacher her mission was to bring engaging, rigorous, and accessible mathematics instruction to all students. She also worked as an Instructional Strategy Researcher and Conference Presenter for CPM Educational Program, a grader for the AP Statistics exams, and volunteered with educational reform and public policy initiatives. Additionally, April co-founded and served on the Executive Board of Minds Matter of Los Angeles, a non-profit focused on transforming the lives of accomplished high school students from low-income families by preparing them for success in college and beyond.


April teaches Algebra 1 and Geometry. She is excited to get back on the pitch as the CGA's JV Soccer Coach. April is a proud wife to Hoosier-native, Adam Bain of Stormont Capital, and mom of three children: Mac (age 6), Adeline (age 5), and Alexander (age 2). 
Matthew Fenton Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8034   FentonM.jpg
Annette Hildebrandt Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8097   HildebA.jpg
Lori Elliott Senior Instructor Mathematics 574-842-8036   ELLIOTL.jpg
Lori Williams Instructor Mathematics      
Michae Ottow Military Leadership Mentor CMA Military Activities      
Frank Wight Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8176   WightH.jpg
Jessica Harding Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8015   HardinJ.jpg
Jamie Thordsen-Monroy Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-7957   ThordsJ.jpg
Thomas Thornburg Mentor Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8361   THORNBT.jpg
Gabrielle DiLorenzo Senior Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8017   diloreg.jpg
Ning Schultz Senior Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8019   schultn.jpg
Dorothea Ragsdale Senior Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8018   ragsdad.jpg
Angela Barton Senior Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8152   bartona.jpg
Ashley Butler Senior Instructor Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8006   ButlerA.jpg
Cory Barnes Senior Instructor and Chairperson Modern and Classical Language 574-842-8381   barnesc.jpg
Aaron Bardo Instructor Modern and Classical Languages 574-842-8020

Since graduating from Elon University in 2009, Aaron Bardo has lived abroad. He taught English as a second language in Colegio Cordillera for five years in Santiago, Chile. He also lived in Wellington, New Zealand for three years and traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and South America. Aaron returns to the U.S.A. to teach Spanish and coach lacrosse at Culver Academies.

Aaron's education is a global one. He learns from the cultures and places he immerses himself in. While teaching at Culver, he will pursue his Master's degree.  Aaron and Francisca, his wife, have a little Chilean street dog named Rusty. 

Sarah Hebert Instructor Modern and Classical Languages 574-842-7995   HebertS.jpg
Julia Rayhill Instructor Modern and Classical Languages 574-842-8022   RayhilJ.jpg
William (Bill) Githens Curator Museum     GithenW.jpg
Lenann Jansey Retail Clerk Museum 574-842-8064   janseym.jpg
Ronald King Mail Clerk Post Office 574-842-8333   KingR.jpg
Alan Allen Mail Clerk Post Office 574-842-8333   allena.jpg
Christine Sheppard Post Office Supervisor Post Office 574-842-8333   sheppac.jpg
Albert Pare Barista Rubin Cafe     PareA.jpg
Kari Brumback Barista Rubin Cafe     BrumbaK.jpg
Linden Sutton Barista Rubin Cafe     SuttonL.jpg
Kathy Farmer Barista Rubin Cafe     FarmerK.jpg
Amber Payne Barista Rubin Cafe     PayneA.jpg
Claudia McGee Barista Rubin Cafe     McGeeC.jpg
Andrew Basner Instructor Science 574-842-8054   BasnerA.jpg
Steven Palmer Instructor Science 574-842-8323   PalmerS.jpg
David Lawrence Instructor Science 574-842-8049   lawrend.jpg
Angela Sweet-Christian Instructor Science     ChristA.jpg
Amy Ditmire Science Laboratory Coordinator Science 574-842-8125   ditmira.jpg
Xenia Czifrik Senior Instructor Science 574-842-8047   czifrix.jpg
Chris Gamel Senior Instructor Science 574-842-7986   GamelC.jpg
Kristin Little Senior Instructor Science 574-842-8050   LITTLEK.jpg
Mark Prochaska Senior Instructor Science 574-842-8228   procham.jpg
Angela Meyer Senior Instructor Science 574-842-8052   MeyerA.jpg
Lauren Coil Senior Instructor Science 574-842-8044   coill.jpg
Rebecca Sam Senior Instructor Science 574-842-7952   SamR.jpg
Paul Patrick Senior Instructor Science 574-842-8106   PatricP.jpg
Phillip Cook Senior Instructor Science  

Phil returns to the Science department after four years working at the Nightengale-Bamford school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. He worked at Culver from 2007-2013 as a Science Instructor.  Phil lives in Culver with his two daughters, Savana (15) and Sophia (11).  

Christopher Carrillo Senior Instructor and Chairperson Science 574-842-8090   carrilc.jpg
Jacqueline Carrillo Senior Instructor and Science Laboratory Director Science 574-842-8046   carrilj.jpg
James Causey Cook S B Snack Bar     CauseyJ.jpg
Caitlin Schrimsher Cook S B Snack Bar     SchrimC.jpg
Glennia Cooper Shift Leader S B Operations Snack Bar 574-842-8268   cooperg.jpg
Rhonda Lewis Snack Bar Cashier Snack Bar     LewisR.jpg
Brian Fisher Snack Bar Cook Snack Bar     FisherB1.jpg
Kristen Counts Admin Assistant Spiritual Life 574-842-8178   CountsK.jpg
Samuel Boys Director Spiritual Life 574-842-7825   BoysS.jpg
Joshua Rubin Jewish Spiritual Leader Spiritual Life     RubinJ.jpg
James Pratt Roman Catholic Campus Minister Spiritual Life 574-842-8179   PrattJ.jpg
Pamela Baranski Administrative Assistant Sports Administration 574-842-8215   baransp.jpg
Robb Vessely Associate Director of Athletics Sports Administration 574-842-8286   VesselR.jpg
Matthew Cameron Athletic Equipment Manager Sports Administration 574-842-8237   CameroM.jpg
Aris Brimanis Athletics Liaison and Head U16 Hockey Coach Sports Administration 574-842-8057   BrimanA.jpg
Louise Ericson Director of Athletics Sports Administration 574-842-8216   EricsoL.jpg
Sarah Smith Office Manager Sports Administration 574-842-8394   SmithS1.jpg
Kathy Talbot Director Student Activities 574-842-8295   TalbotK.jpg
Anne Kelley Assistant Dean of Girls Student Life 574-842-8174   kelleya.jpg
Angela Strobel CGA Residential Education Team Leader Student Life 574-842-8107   fultona.jpg
Francios Medard CMA Senior Counselor Student Life     MedardF.jpg
Michael Neller Commandant of Cadets Student Life 574-842-8143   NellerM.jpg
Shalena Eaton Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-8285   EatonS.jpg
Jai Hayes Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-8076   HayesJ.jpg
Jill Behling Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-8391   BehlinJ.jpg
Anastasia Beeson Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-8305   BeesonA.jpg
Rachell Davis Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-7806   DavisR1.jpg
Branden James Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8339   JamesB.jpg
M Rasch Dean of Girls Student Life 574-842-8146   raschl.jpg
Camilo Morales Master Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8296   Moralec.jpg
Timothy Montgomery Mentor Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8337   montgot.jpg
Ann Rutledge Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8357   RutledA.jpg
Darlene Reed Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8392   ReedD1.jpg
Dolores Trobenter Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8307   TrobenD.jpg
Sandra Jorgensen Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8134   JorgenS.jpg
Jodi Novotny Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8093   NovotnJ.jpg
Maria Pinatell Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8354   pinatem.jpg
Janine Cook Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8372   CookJ.jpg
Stephanie Wright Secretary and Transportation Coordinator Student Life 574-842-8140   wrights2.jpg
Bobi Baker Secretary St Life Student Life 574-842-8145   bakerb.jpg
Elizabeth Schmiedlin Senior Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-8127   SCHMIEE.jpg
Diane Hansen Senior Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-8399   HansenD.jpg
Carolyn Davidge Senior Counselor CGA Student Life 574-842-8065   davidgc.jpg
Jeffrey Badalich Senior Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8336   Badalij.jpg
Geoffrey Standfast Senior Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8358   StandfG.jpg
Jeff Henderson Senior Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8378   HenderJ1.jpg
John Sherck Senior Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8367   sherckj.jpg
Matthew Behling Senior Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8338   behlinm.jpg
Thomas Smith Senior Counselor CMA Student Life 574-842-8353   SmithT.jpg
Kristi Nelson Senior Resident Director Student Life 574-842-8191   NelsonK.jpg
Francois Medard CMA Senior Counselor Student Life      
Kathy Smart Admissions Coordinator Summer Schools and Camps 574-842-8393   smartk.jpg
Kelly Rogers Communications Coordinator Summer Schools and Camps 574-842-8491   nortonk.jpg
Douglas Bird Director Summer Schools and Camps  

Douglas Bird joins Culver Academies as the director of the Culver Summer Schools & Camps. He oversees the operation of the Upper Schools, Woodcraft Camp, and Junior Woodcraft Camp, including 1,400 campers, and 450 staff members.  Doug graduated from Culver Military Academy in 1990, where he was a member of Battery A.  He and his wife, Cheryl Wilkins Bird (CGA ’90), have three children, Jacob (15), Brighton (12), and Parker (7), all of whom are attending Culver programs.  He is coming to Culver after serving as the principal of Center Grove High School in Greenwood, IN. Prior to his four years at Center Grove, Bird served as the assistant principal of operations (2008-2013) and student services (2007-2008) at Carmel High School.  Bird also taught Algebra and Geometry at Carmel and Algebra and Math at Northview Middle School.  He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and served in the United States Marine Corps until 2001. 

Susan Thews Director of Summer Operations Summer Schools and Camps 574-842-8238   thewss.jpg
Anthony Mayfield Interim Director of Summer Schools and Camps Summer Schools and Camps 574-842-8206   MayfieA.jpg
William Green Interim Upper School Director Summer Schools and Camps     GreenW.jpg
Peggy Rhoads Office Manager Summer Schools and Camps 574-842-8207   rhoadsp.jpg
Jade Hoesel SC Tech and Admissions Coord. Summer Schools and Camps 574-842-8108   hoeselj.jpg
Andrew Seddelmeyer Upper School Director Summer Schools and Camps     SeddelA.jpg
Heike Spahn Woodcraft Camp Director Summer Schools and Camps 574-842-8120   SpahnH.jpg
Jami Holm Aerobics Instructor Wellness     HolmJ.jpg
Dana Neer Director of Wellness Wellness 574-842-8080   Neerd.jpg
Sandi Allen Fitness and Nutrition Coordinator Wellness 574-842-8258   AllenS.jpg
Karen Boland Fitness Center Monitor Wellness     BolandK.jpg
Natalie Hogan Fitness Center Monitor Wellness     HoganN.jpg
Gloria Morales Fitness Center Monitor Wellness     MoraleG.jpg
Rachel Shock Senior Fitness Center Monitor Wellness     ShockR.jpg
Johanna Tomsick Fellow Wellness      
Ashley Paulson Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8308   PaulsoA.jpg
Megan Darcy Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8190   darcym.jpg
Ryan Fought Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8299   foughtr.jpg
John Yeager Mentor Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8159   yeagerj.jpg
Michael Chastain Mentor Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8395   chastam.jpg
Daniel Cowell Mentor Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8211   COWELLD.jpg
Gary Hinton Senior Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8214   HINTONG.jpg
Chantel Vinson Senior Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-7975   VinsonC.jpg
Brian Rosenau Senior Instructor Wellness Education 574-842-8476   ROSENAB.jpg
Daniel Davidge Senior Instructor and Chairperson Wellness Education 574-842-8241   DAVIDGD.jpg