Thinking & Learning

Sustainability studies at Culver are integrated into over 25 courses and are incorporated at every grade and ability level.  A common approach for instructors is to integrate sustainability concepts into a unit or extended case study.  

Chemistry students studying alternative vehicle fuels, Leadership students exploring the VW emissions scandal, and Humanities students studying how food is integrated into culture and conflict are all examples of the ways in which Sustainability is a staple across the academic landscape at Culver. 

Senior Service Projects

The Service Leadership Practicum is designed to incorporate three general elements: service learning, servant leadership and critical thinking.  Students draw from service and leadership experiences, academic learning and personal interests to design and execute a leadership project that serves a chosen community. Below are a few of many Service Leadership projects that relate to Sustainability at Culver. 

Recent Projects

Description Student
Five Rivers Metro Park (link) Zach Moffet '16
Bee Happy, Bee Healthy (link) Michael Jonhston '16
Water Conservation Phil Yang
National Park Dom Vlaha

Senior Service Practicum

Seniors must complete a service project through the Academies' Center for Leadership and Character Excellence. 

Bee Happy, Bee Healthy

"This project has help me understand how important bees are in a sustainable ecosystem and how benefital they are to humans. I have been inspired to spread my wisdom of bees and remove the negative stereotypes that come with bees and promote their biological necessity in the culture of today. I plan to visit beehives around the world if I have the opportunity and help this world stay happy and bee healthy!"

Michael Johnston '16