A sustainable school – one, like Culver – not only pays attention to its financial health, but also maximizes environmental and social benefits in all that it does.  

In the context of our impact on our environment, sustainability implies we should leave our place – campus, community, country, planet -- a little bit better than when we found it.  Something Culver has engaged in since its founding.

We believe conservation and stewardship are admirable traits which should be promoted and valued.  Culver’s Mission Statement captures this concept succinctly, when it states we educate students to be leaders and responsible citizens. 

To this end Culver strives to: conserve and protect natural resources; minimize waste and emissions from our operations; and educate and raise awareness throughout our community by integrating sustainable principles in curricular and student life.

For students at Culver, sustainability may take any of a variety of roles. From enjoying a naturally beautiful campus or participating in the Green Life club, to studying challenging subjects in sustainability and creating service leadership projects. 

Everyone in our community is expected to demonstrate care for our environment and conserve resources.  Culver recycles.  Culver conserves energy and water. Culver cares for Lake Maxinkuckee.  It’s what we do.  Where you take it from there is up to you, but the options are unlimited

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