Leadership Committee for Africa

The Leadership Committee for Africa is a student-run organization which seeks to educate Culver and wider communities about the AIDS crisis in Africa, financially support programs that promote the health, welfare, education, and advancement of women and children, and provide opportunities for students to learn and work in Africa.

Founded in 2004 by members of Culver Girls Academy, the Leadership Committee for Africa supports two major international organizations – Christel House South Africa and the Amani Children’s Foundation.

Christel House South Africa is part of a network of schools devoted to helping children around the world from low-income backgrounds break the cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

The Amani Children’s Foundation works in conjunction with New Life Homes, a series of orphanages located in Kenya which care for abandoned HIV-positive babies.

LCA is divided into four major sub-committees: Fundraising, Research and Education, Communications, and Work Projects. While each committee focuses on separate goals and initiatives, every branch collaborates to pursue LCA’s overarching goal of eliminating AIDS and poverty in Africa.


The Communications Committee is responsible for promoting LCA’s mission through community outreach. This entails connecting all members of LCA, past, present, and future, encouraging involvement through media, and providing LCA with the technological and communicative resources necessary to grow and prosper.

Outreach initiatives include the Leadership Committee for Africa Facebook page, the LCA blog, and the Twitter page. These resources allow LCA to reach an international audience of collaborators, supporters, members, and alumni, and facilitate common awareness of LCA’s progress. We additionally recognize the power of good journalism, and The Culver Academies campus newspaper, the Vedette, frequently publishes stories about LCA and allows LCA members to publicly celebrate their own experiences.


Breaking the cycle of poverty and joining the fight against AIDS does not come without a price tag.

The Fundraising sub-committee is dedicated to the implementation and management of financial contributions to our major beneficiaries: Christel House South Africa and the Amani Children’s Foundation in Kenya.

Through fundraisers, creative work, and generous donations, the Leadership Committee for Africa has raised over $30,000 for these two organizations since 2004.

Amani Children’s Foundation

Because a donation of $1,000 supports one Kenyan baby through its first year of life, LCA takes joy in knowing that we have directly supported 20 babies over the past eight years.

Christel House

Along with bi-annual mission trips to visit Christel House South Africa and bi-annual volunteer fieldtrips to Christel House Indianapolis, LCA has contributed nearly $6,000 to breaking the cycle of poverty among underprivileged students.

Basketball Concessions – Raised funds which were used to create t-shirts for the children at Christel House South Africa as a souvenir and token of appreciation from the 2012 South Africa Mission Trip group.

Annual Fundraisers

Bead Sales: LCA members use Kenyan beads to hand-craft original jewelry, which they market to support Amani and raise awareness about the orphan crisis in Africa. Jewelry is sold at Culver’s on-campus bookstore, the Culver Coffee Company, and during Culver Parent’s Weekends.

World AIDS Day Ribbons: Students at Culver Academies purchase red ribbons and wear them in honor of World AIDS Day.

Penny Wars: a collaborative fundraiser between Culver Girls Academy and Culver Military Academy which, through a race for coin collection, raises funds for Christel House South Africa.

Leadership Committee for Africa Merchandise

Kazuri Bead Jewlery: renowned for their authentic beauty and individuality, Kazuri Beads are originally manufactured by women in Kenya. The Leadership Committee for Africa receives all surplus beads and uses them to create hand-made necklaces, bracelets, and keychains. All proceeds go to the Amani Children’s Foundation.

Seasons of the Heart (2008): Romina Clemente ’08 and Alex Banfich ’08 recorded this exclusive CD as their Servant Leadership Practicum. This CD features the only recorded source for some of Culver’s most iconic songs, and all proceeds go directly to the Amani Children’s Foundation.

Christel House Stationary Project (2007): Stationary featuring the original artwork of children at Christen House South Africa. The Senior Service Practicum of Brady Banks ’09, these five-card packs sell for $10 each with all proceeds going to Christel House South Africa.


The Research and Education Committee is responsible for gathering information regarding the AIDS and poverty crises in Africa, as well as ensuring that the Leadership Committee for Africa is well informed of progress on these fronts. While promoting awareness on Culver Campus, the Research and Education Committee also explores new projects and opportunities including studies on Amaranth, a highly nutritional grain which could potentially play an important role in eliminating world hunger.

December 1st is World AIDS Day. Each year on this day, we strive to raise awareness about the proliferating problem of HIV/AIDS through our World AIDS Day presentation and inspire participation in the search for a cure through our Red Ribbon Sales. The red ribbon is a symbol honoring HIV/AIDS victims and generates proceeds for the Christel House organization which cares for HIV/AIDS-positive orphans. This year’s World AIDS Day campaign theme was “Getting to Zero,” a reminder of the importance of modern technology and education in creating an AIDS-free world.

Amaranth is a drought-tolerant grain that is rich in protein and fiber. Because of its resilient nature and high nutritious value, Amaranth may become a major asset in the fight against world hunger. Through the Research and Education Committee, members of LCA join researchers world-wide by growing and studying Amaranth in a humidity-controlled miniature greenhouse. For more about Amaranth, see: http://www.jeffersoninstitute.org/pubs/amaranth.shtml

World AIDS Day Prezi

This presentation was shown to the Culver Academies student body on World AIDS Day as part of the Leadership Committee for Africa’s mission to educate and promote awareness on the AIDS epidemic as it effects women and children in Africa.

Hunger Fighters

The Belly Flop Contest on Saturday, October 13 at the Culver Academies will raise funds to help feed some of the 1 billion people who suffer from hunger worldwide.Why I Care: Culver Belly Flops for Full Bellies 

Work Projects

The Work Projects Committee is dedicated to maintaining communication with LCA’s partner organizations in addition to organizing outreach efforts like volunteer excursions and mission trips. 

In collaboration with Christel House, the Work Projects Committee organizes bi-annual trips to Christel House Indianapolis during which LCA members teach leadership workshops to middle and lower school students. Additionally, the Work Projects Committee promotes Culver’s spring break mission trip to South Africa, an opportunity to serve abroad by teaching leadership at Christel House South Africa. By empowering underprivileged children with the gift of self-respect and inspiring them to become visionaries, LCA shares in Christel House’s mission to break the cycle of poverty.

Senior Service Projects empower LCA members to pursue unique volunteer opportunities with the support of the Work Projects Committee.