Notable Appearances

Each year, Horsemanship students and staff attend a number of performances, parades, and special competitions. Below are just some of the notable appearances that have been made in past years.

2017 Inaugural Parade

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Presidential Inaugural Parades

The Culver Academies’ Black Horse Troop and Equestriennes accepted an invitation to participate in the Presidential Inaugural Parade Jan. 20 for President-elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

The parade marked the 17th time the Black Horse Troop has marched down Pennsylvania Avenue since its first appearance in 1913.

The 2017 Inaugural Parade marked the 104th anniversary of the primary reason the Black Horse Troop made that first trip to Washington, D.C. The mounted unit served as the official escort for Vice President Thomas Marshall during Woodrow Wilson’s inaugural parade in 1913 and again in 1917. Marshall – as is Pence – was governor of Indiana prior to his election as vice president.

Fifty-six boys from Culver Military Academy’s Black Horse Troop and 24 Equestriennes of Culver Girls Academy, plus members of the Horsemanship staff and adult chaperones, made the trip to Washington.

Culver’s student riders represented 17 states and 10 countries. Nearly 90 horses were transported by Sallee Horse Vans of Lexington, Ky. The weekend was much more than a parade, however, as students toured the city and were honored by alumni and parents joining in the historic weekend.

The 2017 inaugural marked the 17th appearance in the parade for the Black Horse Troop and the eighth for the Equestriennes. After the 1917 inaugural parade, Culver went 40 years before returning to Washington in 1957 for President Eisenhower’s second term. The school has been represented by mounted units at every parade since, except in 1993 when an invitation for President Clinton’s first inaugural parade was not extended.

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Inaugural Invitations

  • 1913 - Woodrow Wilson
  • 1917 - Woodrow Wilson
  • 1957 - Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 1961 - John F. Kennedy
  • 1965 - Lyndon Johnson
  • 1969 - Richard Nixon
  • 1973 - Richard Nixon
  • 1977 - Jimmy Carter
  • 1981 - Ronald Reagan
  • 1985 - Ronald Reagan
  • 1989 - George Bush
  • 1997 - Bill Clinton
  • 2001 - George W. Bush
  • 2005 - George W. Bush
  • 2009 - Barack Obama
  • 2013 - Barack Obama
  • 2017 - Donald J. Trump

Other Notable Appearances

  • AllTech FEI World Equestrian Games
  • Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade
  • Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade
  • Holland Tulip Festival Parade