Global Studies Institute

The Global Studies Institute was established in 2000 as a non-partisan center for the study of international affairs and a forum for open, serious, and informed discussion of the great challenges facing the world community.

Its fundamental mission is to help our students become more knowledgeable and conscientious global citizens. The Institute brings prominent scholars, policymakers, and thinkers to campus, thus providing students, faculty, and alumni with the opportunity to interact with leaders from around the world.

Additionally, through work projects, study seminars, exchange programs, and even the latest video-conferencing technology, students and faculty are afforded the opportunity to visit distant lands and experience foreign cultures on a "person-to-person" basis.

The Global Studies Institute strives to be the leader among all secondary schools in the rapidly growing field of international studies, in effect the model for global education in the 21st century.


Seminar Series

Each academic year, the Institute selects a particular theme that is relevant, timely, and of global significance. Over the course of an entire school year, scholars and policymakers from around the world visit campus to lecture, lead small group discussions, share meals with students, and visit classes.

Past seminars have included topics such as “Democracy and the World: 2005”; "China and the Pacific Rim”; and "Understanding the Global Media.” 

The Global Network

Committed to providing its students with the opportunity to interact with distinguished leaders from around the world, the Institute’s seminar offerings and visiting scholars represent a rich diversity of academic interests, races, ethnic groups, nationalities, and religions. 

The Global Studies Institute supplements its seminar programs by employing the latest technology, allowing students to electronically communicate around the world via wide-screen, high-definition television. The “Global Network” is a videoconferencing alliance of distinguished scholars, soldiers, policymakers, diplomats, and entrepreneurs. 

It provides Culver students with unprecedented access to the world as they study international relations, the global economy, national security affairs and diplomacy. Connecting students to the world is what the Global Studies Institute is all about. Making connections……… from Bombay to Bogota; from Hong Kong to Capetown. 

Culver @ The UN

Culver @ the UN gives Culver students the unprecedented opportunity to go directly to the heart of the international community and interact with leaders from throughout the world.

Under the direction of the Global Studies Institute, Culver students may design a “global studies” project; make arrangements to meet with relevant UN officials; and schedule appoint-ments at UN diplomatic missions. Students then spend several days in New York—interacting, reading, listening, and learning.

Upon return to Culver, a formal presentation is made to the Global Studies Institute, and a report submitted to Culver’s e-cannon, the school’s online newsletter. Some students may even use this opportunity to supplement an on-going Global Studies “honors” project.


The mission of the Global Studies Institute at Culver Academies is to connect students to the world. Toward that end the GSI HONORS program seeks to cultivate more knowledgeable, global citizens and leaders by supporting in-depth research, reflection, writing, and service leadership. Students who pursue HONORS in Global Studies should have strong interest in global issues and be engaged participants in GSI programs.  

Honors in Global Studies

Confucius Classroom

The Confucius Classroom at Culver Academies is the result of an extraordinary partnership between Culver Academies and the Confucius Institute at Valparaiso University, with support from the global organization of the Confucius Institute based in Beijing, China.

The program will support the study of Chinese language and culture, encourage exchange programs with China, sponsor public events for the wider community, and enhance understanding and friendship between the young people of China and the US. 


The Honorable Richard G. Lugar
United States Senator
Chairman-Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III President, State University of New York
Dr. Amitabh Mattoo Vice-Chancellor, University of Jammu
Mr. Rashied Omar The Kroc Institure, University of Notre Dame
Dr. David Cortright President, Fourth Freedom Forum
Dr. Samina Ahmed Director, International Crisis Group
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan Educational Consultant
Mr. Cheikh Sene Professor of English

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