Student Activities

Clubs, Organizations, Weekend Activities, these are all part of Student Life at Culver. Are you passionate about human rights? Looking for someone who can belt a wicked tune? Maybe you want to learn coding or experience something new like badminton?

Whatever you're looking for, there is something for you at Culver. 

Clubs are non-academic - meaning it's your time! Go ahead and enjoy it! They meet outside the academic time and provide outlets for students and employees with special interestes and hobbies. 

Below is a list of the clubs and organizations for the current academic year. 


A capella

Student run singing group. Perform using only voices. 

Badminton Club

Culver Academies Badminton Club (CABC) devoted to a sport that crosses cultural boundaries in the academies. CABC offers its members the opportunity to challenge experienced shuttlers, allow intermediate shuttlers to improve and introduce beginners to the sport of badminton and by developing and nurturing a lifetime skills that benefit the whole individual – mind, spirit and body – through the sport of badminton. The Club was founded in 2007. Our mission is to promote the sport of badminton both as a lifelong recreational activity, and as a high-level skill sport. We recognize that simply playing for the fun of the game is the goal of many shuttlers who may not be interested in the competitive aspects of the sport. We also aim to provide education and skill development for beginners as well as advanced shuttlers. 

Black Student Union (BSU)

Black lives achieving cultural knowledge.

Book Club

Students and adults meet on a drop in basis in the Dining Hall at lunch to discuss various books.

Boy Scouts Troop 209

Scouting at Culver was initiated with the vision of allowing Cadets to earn their Eagle Scout rank while attending Culver. 

CGA Rugby Club

CGA Rugby Club is a team founded in the spring of 2017. It is devoted to teaching CGA students the importance of leadership and inclusivity through their participation or management of rugby. No experience is required and there is a position for every person. The season officially starts in the spring, but preseason workouts are available for those who qualify in the winter. The team also has various bonding activities throughout the year, often times with the CMA rugby team.

Chinese Culture Club

Chinese Culture Club is a students’ organization on campus, which is open to all students. It should serve the purpose of being a bridge between the American and Chinese cultures.

CCC activities are aimed at promoting the awareness of China and Chinese culture to the Culver community and to the greater Marshall County community through different out-reach activities. As an organization of students, it also has a focus on helping the international students from to adapt to American language and culture as quickly as possible. 

Coding Club

Coding Club teaches students about the importance of coding in a technology driven society and teaches them about practical and applicable coding techniques.

Community Service Club

Consists of representatives from each dorm and unit who organize and implement service opportunities for all members of the Culver community. The Community Service Council also supports other organizations and individuals sponsoring events by assisting in recruiting volunteers. 

Culture In Chicago

Culture in Chicago is the creation of Academy Trustee Paul Gignilliat and his wife Ellen. Four times a year, at least, Paul and Ellen host between 25 and 45 students, faculty and staff to lunch in Chicago which is followed by an afternoon of cultural enrichment. Past Culture in Chicago events have included “Beyond the Score” performances by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Broadway shows including Wicked and the Phantom of the Opera, special art exhibits at the Chicago Art Institute, and other stage performances including the Hubbard Street Dance ensemble and a performance of The Crucible at the Goodman Theater.

Culver e Sports

Culver eSports Club is a competitive gaming club established in 2016.  The club aims to turn traditional, recreational gaming habits into a skill development and team building exercise.  Students have the opportunity to win honor for themselves, their teammates, and Culver by competing against other schools both locally and across the country. 

Culver Pipe and Drums

Offers bagpipe and snare drum lessons and performance opportunity to interested students. The group attends and performs at many local festivals and events as well as on campus for such special occasions as alumni and parents weekends. Leadership roles are held by accomplished upper classmen as Pipe Major, Drum Major, Pipe Sergeant, and Drum Sergeant.

The band was founded in 2002 and membership consists of Students and Faculty from the Culver Academies, as well as community members and pipers and drummers from all over Northwest Indiana including Lake, Porter, Marshall, St Joseph, Starke and Pulaski Counties. The Band participates in a variety of performance venues including Parades, Competitions, Stage Performances and Historical Reenactments. They have performed twice at the Heartland International Military Tattoo in Schaumburg, IL, annually at the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon at Fort Ouiatenon in West Lafayette, Indiana, annually at the Culver Lake Front Festival, at the Rochester Indiana’s Trail of Courage, and most recently at the 32nd Annual U.S Academy Military Tattoo at West Point in NY. 

Culver Rifle Club

Culver Rifle Club is open to all students, skill level is not important. A good attitude, passion for the sport and consistency are our goals. All students are given the opportunity to shoot and compete, no one sits on the bench.  Every student is taught by a qualified NRA certified instructor that guides them through an upward learning curve regarding proper marksmanship and self-discipline, skills that give each student confidence in themselves on the range and off. 

Culver Youth Community Organization (CYCO)

Organization builds relations with Culver Community High School students through joint community projects.  

Discussing American Topics (DAT)

DAT promotes civil discourse and dialogue on political, social, and spiritual events talked about in America.

Diversity Council

Diversity Council explores topics and questions around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the campus and broader communities. The Council seeks to foster collaboration with students of diverse backgrounds and experiences, and across cultural and affinity groups on campus. Leaders work closely with adult sponsors and student members to plan programming for a school-wide day of diversity-focused activities and programming each year, along with regular meetings and other activities.

Docent Corps (Visual Arts)

Docent Corps is new. Started within the context of our current Visual Art Prefect’s Leadership role. 

Dungeons and Dragons Club

A fun friendly club where people come together for imaginative and creative games. 

French Club

The Mission of the Cércle Français is to provide French language and cultural enrichment opportunities to the Culver Academies’ community. The group’s activities will include but are not limited to the following: All school event celebrating French Language month (November), Dinners at the Dining Hall where French is spoken (monthly) and a newsworthy event of the Francophone world is discussed, viewing of French films, collaboration with the Global Studies’ Institute for a cultural event, French cuisine demonstrations and other student created and student led activities. 

Green Life

Green Life is a coeducational, student run club dedicated to sustainability on and around the Culver Academies campus. Our mission is to increase awareness of “green” initiatives, and how the average student can make a difference. We are involved in recycling initiatives, educational outreach, trash cleanups, field trips, etc.

We are loosely divided into 3 subgroups: Community Service, Sustainability, and Crafts. Each subgroup is in charge of brainstorming ideas that the entire club can then participate in. Green Life serves as a student liaison group between the administration / sustainability coordinator and the student body. We try and focus our efforts on activities that can get students directly involved with increasing sustainability on campus. 

Human Rights Council

Human Rights Council is an organization that advocates and promotes respect for human rights at Culver Academies and in communities. The goal of HRC is to provide a platform to let people around us know their basic rights and what they can do when facing inequality.

Junior Classical League Latin Club

The Culver Latin Club is open to all members of the community. It serves to diminish the stereotype “Why do you study Latin? It’s a dead language” by offering events, which expose the prevalence of Latin in contemporary society. The Club also seeks to become a chapter of the National Junior Classical League. The members of the Culver Latin Club will then be able to become members of the National Junior Classical League (NJCL). It will cost each person $2.00 to become a member of the NJCL. Membership in the NJCL would give the students opportunities to be inducted into the National Latin Honor Society as well as to participate in Certamen (Latin Quiz Bowl, an event held between schools).

There are also NJCL conferences, which the club will look into attending or potentially hosting in the Spring of later years. The initial year of the Latin Club will focus on discovering the interest in the community and establishing a membership with the NJCL.

Activities will include watching movies, cooking, learning about Latin roots in English, and membership in the NJCL. In April, the club hopes to host a special meal with a Roman/Italian theme in the dining hall to celebrate the founding of Rome. 

Knitting Club

Leadership Committee for Africa

LCA is a nonprofit organization run by CGA.  The mission is to respond to the AIDS and poverty crisis through research, education, Community outreach and meaningful partnerships. 

Living History

Offers students an opportunity to participate in submersion in historical events in first person impression for chosen time periods. The group can accommodate costuming for several eras including Medieval, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, and WWII. Some events that are attended include Feast of the Hunter's Moon in West Lafayette, IN, Rochester's Trail of Courage, Kohkohmah Living History Encampment (a juried event) at Kokomo, IN, Military History Festival in St Charles, IL, and Swing Dances in WWII era attire with Live Big Band music. Much of the uniforms and costumes are not readily available and are hand crafted by the students for the club use, including leather craft, tailoring, camp gear, accoutrements, and utensils. Students learn how to identify and maintain historical weapons from several time periods, as well as clothing, fashion and accessories to represent these eras. Meeting Times: Living History has no specific meeting time. We meet as necessary to build and fit costumes for a specific event and then not again until we need to ready for the next event. We participate in 3 major and 3 minor events per year. 

Math Forum

A place for math enthusiasts of all levels to congregate and enjoy math and fellow enthusiasts! We hold meetings about once a month. Sometimes we will solve problems and other times just chat and watch funny math videos. We also compete in team math competitions throughout the year. All are encouraged to be involved at any level they want and feel comfortable in. 

Model United Nations

To promote the study of international affairs and United Nations procedure. To develop the problem-solving, communications, and public speaking abilities of delegates.  To have delegates put their skills to the test by participating in Model UN conferences on both the regional and national levels. 

Nutrition and Dietetics Club of Culver

Club seeks to spread knowledge regarding proper dietary practices, to assist Culver students in making nutritionally sound choices.  The club also strives to promote a variety of healthy options available at Culver including vegetarian and vegan options. 

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaches are leaders in all academic areas. They meet with other Culver students, once a week for 30-45 minutes, for one-on-one study sessions to help Peers strengthen academic and study skills. 

Performing Caring Collaborating (PCC)

The PCC club meets each month of the school year on a Sunday afternoon and travels to the Katherine Caspar Home in Plymouth, Indiana.

The students spend time with the residents usually playing bingo or entertaining them with musical instruments and/or singing.


We are a competitive, non-athletic team (we have a conference, state competition and get varsity letters, etc.) Students can chose two levels of involvement in the team – conference only (requires 2 practices per week and all conference tournament matches) and competitive (varsity and JV) which requires all practices, conference matches, and applicable weekend.

Robotics Club

The Culver Academies Robotics Club seeks to allow students opportunities to develop and learn through the programming, design, and building of robots. The areas that students can participate in include the VEX Robotics Competitions, fundraising, online challenges, robotics projects, SeaPerch, and MATE underwater robotics. 

Roll Call

The Roll Call (Yearbook Club) carries on a tradition of recording and publishing a chronicle of each year since 1905. Student editors and staff provide the leadership of three main objectives – graphic design, photography, and writing – going above and beyond to document the memories and stories throughout the year. 

Rubik's Cube Club

Student Ambassador Organization (SAO)

Sign up to be a Student Ambassador at the Activities Fair in August. The following Sunday, trained Admissions leaders in every dorm and unit, train their own girls and boys in-house to be SAOs. We have approximately 320 trained SAOs of all grades who have volunteered to represent our school in the most profound manner. They are our “First Face of Culver”. They are usually the first student a parent meets when they bring their child to visit, and they are often the reason a parent decides to send their child to Culver. Our Admissions leaders, the CGA Admissions Prefects (8), and the SAO Unit Representatives (9), all stay in contact with their SAOs beyond the visiting season beginning September 1 lasting through the end of January. SAOs do not have regularly scheduled meetings. We have an annual Pizza Party in the spring on a weekday lunch hour. 

Shotgun Sports Club

The Culver Academies Shotgun Sports Club is a co-educational organization for the beginning, intermediate and advanced shooter. First and foremost, it is dedicated to the instruction of firearm safety. In addition to the latter, members are provided a solid foundation in Skeet Shooting, Trap Shooting and the game of Sporting Clays. Students will have the opportunity to compete on both the state and national levels as a team, and / or as an individual through the National Skeet Shooting Association’s Scholastic Clay Target Program and the American Trap Association’s AIM Program. 

Sin Fornteras

Sin Fronteras, which means “without borders,” is a student club devoted to sharing Latin American and Spanish culture, as well as learning the Spanish language. Our purpose is to promote cultural awareness on campus and provide opportunities for cultural experiences and language practice. We welcome all interested students, whether from Spanish-speaking countries, of Hispanic descent or students who wish to learn more about Latin American and Spanish culture and language. During meetings and activities, our members share their own traditions and learn from the experiences of others. We meet to plan activities, usually once or twice monthly. Our club has hosted various all-campus events to celebrate Latin culture, including dinners in the Dining Hall, educational displays and presentations, crafts, cooking and music activities, fundraisers and occasional field trips. 

Speech Team

Culver Speech Team offers students a chance to overcome fear of public speaking, develop poise, and hone their effectiveness as speakers in a variety of events. Students perform as individuals or, in some events, pairs, their efforts adding to the team’s standing in tournaments. Speech runs as a sport does with practices and weekly tournaments, and has won many trophies. As a member of the National Speech and Debate Association (formerly the National Forensics League), the Indiana High School Speech Association, and the Central Indiana Forensics League (CIFL), we compete against other schools in Indiana in the 14 National and State recognized events. The season goes from late October to mid/late March, and students are able to earn a varsity letter.

Stamp Club

Meets to collect interesting stamps.

Table Tennis

Culver Academies Ping Pong Club (CAPC) was founded in 2008 and devoted to a sport that crosses cultural boundaries in the academies. CAPC offers its members the opportunity to challenge experienced players, allow intermediate players to improve and introduce beginners to the sport of Ping Pong and by developing and nurturing a lifetime skills that benefit the whole individual – mind, spirit and body – through the sport of Ping Pong. Our mission is to promote the sport of Ping Pong both as a life-long recreational activity and as a high-level skill sport. We recognize that simply playing for the fun of the game is the goal of many players who may not be interested in the competitive aspects of the sport. We also aim to provide education and skill development for beginners as well as advanced players. 

The Last Supper

An opportunity for students to come together for dinner, fellowship and growth in their Catholic faith.

The Narrative

An introduction to the Bible.  The purpose of this club is to explore the Bible as a text and apply its wisdom to life. 

The Quill

The student Fine Arts magazine.  

Theater Tech

Students assist with stage for plays.

Usher Corps

Students assist with seating and tickets at various plays and performances in the theater. 


The student news magazine. 

Video Broadcasting Team (VBT)

The purpose of Culver’s Video Broadcasting Team is to share campus information, highlight events, activities, opportunities, and experiences at Culver. The VBT will help further Culver’s methods of communication through the form of media and digital storytelling.

Women in STEM

Women in STEM’s purpose is to boost participation of women in STEM related areas and give them access to all kinds of science knowledge and activities outside the classroom. 

W.R.A.P. Women’s Rights Awareness Program

This club I focused on educating students of Culver Academies, specifically the females, of women’s rights across the nation as well as globally.  

Writing Center

The Culver Writing Center provides a welcoming environment in which writers of all levels can receive individualized help with their writing. First conceived of in the spring of 2006 as a “Center for Writing and Critical Thinking,” the Writing Center found its home in the Eppley Hall of Humanities (Room A119) in the fall of 2007. Since that time, the Writing Center’s staff has provided Culver students and adults with one-on-one attention in order to enhance those writers’ quality of writing and depth of thinking. The Writing Center focuses on empowerment and ownership to help each writer improve at his or her own pace.

With a philosophy of focusing on the writer not the writing, the staff develops successful student writers into peer tutors. These tutors, along with the Writing Center’s director and writing coach, meet with writers throughout the school day and into the hours of evening CQ. In addition to the individual sessions, the Writing Center provides writing workshops for classes and sponsors a series of writing contests open to the entire Culver community.


4-Gun Drill

Formed in 1921 as the Horse Drawn Field Artillery and known then as the Culver Battery, the Four-Gun Drill is the Artillery Honor Organization. To be a member, artillery cadets must maintain good academic standing and demonstrate proficiency in their particular task, whether driving the vehicle, or members of the Gun Crew. Four-Gun Drill is a comprehensive Army wide battle drill for artillery that describes the duties and responsibilities of each member of a firing batter from displacement of one firing position to the firing of rounds at another. Culver’s Four-Gun Drill simulates a firing battery in direct support of the Culver rifles. Their equipment consists of Korean War era ¾ ton Dodge Weapons Carriers and World War 2 era M3 105mm Mountain Howitzers. They enter the riding hall from the march, lay in their battery and prepare for a fire mission.  

Beason Board

The Ross Beason, Jr., Memorial Hall was given to the Culver Educational Foundation by Mr. and Mrs. Ross Beason, Sr. in memory of their son. The Hall provides a social centre where all First Classmen and Seniors can gather together and forge the bonds of deep and enduring friendship that are known only to classmates. The Beason Board, and their Advisor, plan and coordinate social activities which occur in Beason Hall. The Board is also responsible for enforcing Beason rules. Each dorm/unit elect a representative to the Beason Board in the spring of their Junior year. 

Campus Activites Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) plans and executes fun extracurricular events on and off campus which are open to all members of the student body. The board is responsible for sponsoring events and recommending the Student Activities schedule. Members are selected each spring through an application and interview process with the current board members and the board's advisor. 

CGA Drill Team

We are one of two honor organizations for Culver Girls Academy. Our members are expected to be role models for CGA on and off of the team. Our performances contain marching, formations, and spinning rifles. This commitment is yearlong, however, we, try to work with the girls as much as possible to make necessary exceptions as long as they are upfront. If comparing us to the CMA drill teams, we are in line with the exhibition drill team for our type of performance. 

Equestriennes Team

The Equestriennes are a mounted drill team and CGA Honor Organization. The Equestriennes perform choreographed drills on campus and perform in parades and other events off campus. The Equestriennes are open to girls enrolled in Equine Science classes who pass a riding test. Members must maintain good citizenship and academic grades. 

Exhibition Drill Team

The purpose of the Exhibition Drill Team is to practice and perform unique precision rifle drill movements, which instills professionalism and discipline in cadets.  This highly disciplined platoon exemplifies the professionalism associated with Culver Military Academies.  Each year, they perform at Parents Weekends, Alumni Weekend, and various other performances on and off campus. 

Global Pathways Spring Program (GPS)

Visit the GSI website for more information.

Honor Guard

Performs a unique precision silent drill exhibition

Lancer Band

The Lancer Band is the Honor Organization of the Band Company. This elite and versatile music ensemble serves the school by providing music for most of the unique programs, shows and ceremonies presented each year at Culver. Such events are accompanying three of the four Military and Riding Exhibitions- the Equestriennes, Lancers and Four-Gun Drill, presenting the Colors for All-School Meetings, our unique Veterans’ Day Ceremony, and other command performances requested by Culver.

The young men of the Lancer Band are selected from the larger Band Company by audition and must have a high level of musical ability, good citizenship and unusual dedication to meet the many demands required by the ensemble. 

Lancer Platoon

The Lancer Platoon is one of the honor organizations at Culver Academies, comprising of the best horseman of the Black Horse Troop, who must maintain good academics and citizenship. Members must also demonstrate proficiency in advanced equitation.

As well as performing the musical ride, over the years, the Lancers have ridden in many prestigious parades including the Indy 500 Parade, Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the Tulip Parade in Holland, Michigan. The Lancers have also had the honor to provide escorts to visiting Kings and Queens and heads of state. Most recently the Lancers with the Equestriennes were part of the opening ceremony celebrations at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. This Color Guard also performs at all home horsemanship sports events. 

Leadership Committee for Africa (LCA)

LCA is a non-profit organization run by students of the Culver Girls Academy. The Committee was founded in 2004 when a group of CGA girls watched Oprah’s Christmas Kindness video, prompting them to think about the devastation caused by poverty and AIDS in Africa. The LCA mission is to respond to the AIDS and poverty crisis through research and education, community outreach, fundraising and meaningful partnerships. Today, LCA supports two best-practice organizations, Christel House South Africa, a school that helps children break the cycle of poverty through education, and The Amani Children’s Foundation, which works to protect abandoned and orphaned babies in Kenya. 

Model UN

Model U.N. is a student-run international relations club, led by a student executive board. The Board determines annual conference priorities, trains new delegates, and facilitates the Culver MUN training conference, which prepares team members for national conferences. The club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, researching contemporary and historical global policy issues, developing skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. Model U.N. team members enjoy learning about the workings of global diplomacy through the lens of current events. The Model U.N. team participates in three national Model U.N. conferences held at a variety college campuses throughout the United States, each year. 

Annual Events

Block Party

Sponsored by CAB. The Block Party is a great way to reunite with friends and make new friends. The CAB Block Party is held in August soon after the athletes and leaders return to campus. Music and food will be supplied. This is one block party you can't afford to miss.

Quad Dance

Sponsored by CAB. A great way to kick off the new academic year, the Quad dance is held on the first Saturday after the start of classes. It is your chance to show off the sweet dance moves you learned over the summer. Be there and bring friends!

Student Activities Fair

Over 40 recognized student clubs and organizations will be out in full force to welcome you and offer you information about joining their groups. The dining hall will provide an all school picnic and the Campus Activities Board will be providing the music. Come out and get involved.

Fall Ball

Saturday night of Fall Parents Weekend is reserved for Fall Ball a semi formal dance held in the Steinbrenner Recreation Building. The traditional CMA Officer's Figure is performed at 9:30 pm. Dates not required. Family members are welcome.


Sponsored by CAB. One Saturday night, usually in March, you will have the opportunity to see 16-20 members of the senior class hypnotized! Seniors make crazy signs in hopes of catching the eye of the hypnotist and being selected to go on stage. In the past we have seen our friends think they are riding a roller-coaster, think they are a dog, and think they are sweating on a beautiful beach. Definitely an entertaining evening - full of laughs for all who attend.

Relay for Life

A yearly event to raise funds and awareness to save lives from cancer. We celebrate with survivors on what they have overcome. We remember people lost to the disease and honor people who have fought or fighting cancer. We get inspired to take action against a disease that has taken too much.

Final Ball

A formal dance held in the Steinbrenner Recreation Building the Saturday night of Graduation Weekend. Annual highlights of the ball are the CGA Senior Waltz, CMA Officer's Figure, Senior Dance, and Ringing Ceremony with the "Run to Beason". Dates not required. Family members are welcome.

Spring Dance

Meet the Staff

Kathy Talbot
Director, Student Activities