Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life at Culver

Who am I? What do I value? What are my gifts? Where do I fit? How do I figure out my purpose in life?

The Journey Inward & Outward

Every person asks these questions. At Culver we want to help you answer them for yourself. In Spiritual Life, we help you discover contemplative practices and religious traditions which guide the inner journey to understanding who you are, where you belong, what you value, and what you believe. Discovery is just the beginning of the spiritual journey. Spiritual practice flows out from the heart to draw out compassion and service to others. 

Weekly Services

Clubs & Other Programs

  • Protestant Youth Group

  • Catholic Youth Group

  • The Narrative Bible Study

  • Satsang Meditation Group

  • Catholic Confirmation Class

  • Interfaith Youth Council

  • The Breakfast Club

  • Pastoral Care

  • Academic & Athletic Integrative Programs

Policies & Procedures

All Culver students are required to attend one of the 45-minute Spiritual Life services on a weekly basis. With a parent/guardian, each student chooses the service that they want to attend. For students who wish to explore more than one service, switches can be made at the time of term changes. When schedule conflicts occur, a makeup service is made available to students.

Spiritual Life News

Memorial Chapel

Dedicated in 1951, the Memorial Chapel was built through the generosity of friends and alumni to honor of those men and women of Culver who have given their lives in service of their country. The Tudor-Gothic building opens its doors to the shores of Lake Maxincuckee and serves as a place of worship, reflection, and celebration for many members of the Culver community.

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