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Residential Life


Culver Life

In seeking wellness and wholeness, we make our whole selves even better.

Every experience at Culver lays the foundation for what's next. And each intentional activity, whether artistic, spiritual, or athletic, builds our students' character. It's how they find new strengths, and turn known skills into proven excellence. 

We find ourselves in the process of speaking our minds. Expressing our hearts. Searching our souls. Learning isn't all books and serious business at Culver. A big part of the CMA and CGA experience is the chance to actively explore and mature: artistically, socially, and spiritually. Whatever leads you, you'll find it at Culver.


Since 1897, our Horsemanship Program has been teaching students Culver virtues and values by placing them in the saddle.

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Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life Department offers a variety of integrated programs, traditional worship services, and contemplative practices, so students can develop their spirit, define their values, and demonstrate character and self-understanding.

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Student Activities

Students can make friends, explore new interests, and have a good time by joining one (or more!) of our more than 50 clubs, organizations, and weekend activities.

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Diversity & INtercultural Life

We enroll students from across the United States and around the world, regardless of gender, race, nationality, or religion. Our goal is to build a diverse community of accomplished, well-rounded students – young people whose differing backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives will enrich all we have to offer.

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Dorms & Barracks

The strongest bonds are often forged in our residential halls. Our single-gender dorms (for girls) and barracks (for boys) are warm and inclusive communities. Here, students in the same unit become close friends, confidants, and study-mates – in short, people who rely on each other. Culver has 10 single-gender dorms/barracks, and each one home to multiple units. 

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Global Citizenship

The Global Pathways Spring Program is a service-learning and cultural exchange opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and patrons who wish to learn about other cultures and live responsibly as global citizens.


Our student athletes join more than 120 years of tradition in physical competition, sportsmanship, fellowship, and even championships.


Explore our academic departments and course offerings.

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