Culver Girls Academy

Welcome to Culver Girls Academy, Where Young Women Lead.

At Culver Girls Academy (CGA), young women become their best selves as they develop the independence, responsibility and confidence to lead. 

CGA students first learn to take care of themselves, and then to take care of others. They nurture their signature strengths, develop their critical thinking, take on leadership roles, and learn practical life skills. 

Through CGA’s Prefect System, young women have numerous opportunities to lead their peers and build a supportive community. In this encouraging yet challenging setting, young women prepare to become global citizens and visionary change-makers.  

The CGA Crest

The CGA crest is a treasured symbol and has been worn proudly on the blazers of girls attending Culver Girls Academy since 1971. It epitomizes everything founding CGA Dean Mary Frances England envisioned: a strong school with separate traditions for young women and an emphasis on citizenship and leadership preparation. If Dean England were alive today, she'd find her dream realized.

Culver's alumnae pioneers should take pride in the seeds they planted and the traditions they established have not just taken root, but have been cherished, upheld, and strengthened by those who followed in their path. The young women of CGA today benefit from the experiences and legacy of the Culver women who blazed the trail.