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Culver Leadership: The Education of Character & Values

When becoming a young leader of strong character, Culver students have a significant advantage: for boys, it’s the Culver Military System, for girls, the CGA Prefect System. 

The Culver Military System is a structured, supportive and challenging approach to education that combines rigorous academics with moral and character development. It pushes students to transform their personal talents into positive character traits. 

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The CGA Prefect System, based on the structure used in British public schools, uses a democratic model of governing to allow girls to lead each other, take on new responsibilities, and act as examples for their peers. 

Both systems help Culver students form their identities, consciousness, leadership styles and values.

Culver Military Academy 

A practical approach to leadership that emphasizes character, structure, and teamwork.

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Culver Girls Academy

An experience that provides young women with opportunities to become visionary change-makers.

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