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Setting the Standard, And Carrying it Forward.

Culver is steeped in a rich history of tradition, some of which date back over 100 years. Students learn that they are part of the continuum of those traditions – honoring their past, but always looking ahead to the future. Below are some of the significant events and traditions at Culver Girls Academy.

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We have taught wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice on horseback since 1897, and our equestrians have made 18 presidential inaugural appearances.

A graphic for Culver Academies' Distinguished Merit Scholarship program.
Distinguished MErit Scholarships

Culver offers five scholarships, each a life-changing opportunity for young people to thrives as learners and leaders.

CUlVer Life

Learning isn't all books and serious business at Culver. A big part of the CMA and CGA experience is the chance to actively explore and mature: artistically, socially, and spiritually.

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