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The Prefect System


The Prefect System

Potential is what you make of it.

At Culver, we believe leadership isn't something you're born with. It's something you strive for. It isn't something you possess, but rather something you prove, every day. Day in and day out, in public and private moments, we have the opportunity to live with honor and courage.

This philosophy informs every aspect of the Culver experience. It’s in the girls' prefect system, which teaches young women to learn from their experienced, older peers and take on leadership roles. It’s the reason we were founded and why we exist today: to help our students become capable and confident in their paths forward, driven by both a passion for their unique interests and a commitment to change their communities for the better.

CGA Leadership Training

Dean M. Lynn Rasch '76 explains how the Culver Girls Academy Prefect System is designed to support, nurture, and allow each CGA student to mature into her 'best self.' 

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About The Prefect System

Young women entering Culver Girls Academy begin their leadership training in the dorm under the prefect system - a structure that provides girls with many opportunities to exercise their voice and practice leadership skills. The leadership system starts during a new student's first days at Culver, when the emphasis is placed on followership. The CGA Prefect System incorporates a committee structure that parallels democratic government organizations to provide girls with many opportunities to exercise their voice and practice leadership skills.

Upon entering Culver, new students begin their learning as dorm residents under the leadership of dorm prefects. Upon successfully completing the Living, Learning, Leading (9th graders) or Orientation to Culver course (new 10th, 11th, 12th graders) and the requirements outlined in the CGA Crest Book, all new students who maintain positive citizenship standards are invited to the Crest Ceremony. The Crest Ceremony is a new CGA student's rite of passage and the Crest is a symbol of their readiness for further leadership training within the system.

The CGA Crest

The CGA crest is a treasured symbol and has been worn proudly on the blazers of girls attending Culver Girls Academy since 1971. It epitomizes everything founding CGA Dean Mary Frances England envisioned: a strong school with separate traditions for young women and an emphasis on citizenship and leadership preparation. If Dean England were alive today, she'd find her dream realized.

Culver's alumnae pioneers should take pride in the seeds they planted and the traditions they established have not just taken root, but have been cherished, upheld, and strengthened by those who followed in their path. The young women of CGA today benefit from the experiences and legacy of the Culver women who blazed the trail.

Setting the standard, and carrying it forward.

As sophomores and juniors, girls demonstrate their understanding of followership and responsible citizenship. They will receive additional leadership training and experience an application and interview process which requires initiative and facilitates further self-reflection and knowledge. The training is developed and presented by the prefects and staff of Culver Girls Academy. With successful completion of training, students are appointed or elected for leadership positions within the prefect system. These positions are rotated throughout the school year to provide as broad a learning experience as possible. The leaders are mentored and evaluated by fellow prefects and Culver faculty and staff.

As their Culver experience continues, young women assume leadership roles involving increasing responsibility. In their senior year, leaders assume responsibilities that allow for effective functioning and training of all students within Culver Girls Academy. Every girl, participates in training  and continues to play an important role with the minimum expectation that she will contribute positively as a citizen within the dorm and the Culver community.

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