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Culver Girls Academy

The Prefect System

Character isn't born overnight. It's created every day. The Culver Girls Academy Prefect System empowers students to find themselves in the process of living and learning at Culver.

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At Culver Academies, Leaders are always In the Making.

In the figuring out and falling down and overcoming, we find resilience. In finding new ways to tackle the world's problems, we unlock truth. In rallying around others, we stand for something bigger than ourselves. And in building up all the pieces of who we are, we make our whole selves even better. In the process of making hundreds of decisions every day, and choosing to be honorable, good people, we become great leaders.

60 Leadership Training Workshops

200+ Formal Leadership Opportunities.

200 Hours of Leadership Instruction by Senior Year

1,500 Hours of Hands-On Leadership Practice

As a boarding school, Culver offers an opportunity unlike that of typical secondary schools. Here, students learn to develop leadership by meeting challenges head on and placing others before themselves. Values-based and mission-driven, we honor Henry Harrison Culver’s vision with every person who passes through our halls, in a school rich in tradition and committed to excellence in all we do. Culver students take learning seriously, but they also enjoy a high degree of freedom and fun. They embrace responsibility, service, and teamwork as essential to becoming leaders of character.


Our curriculum is designed so that students focus intensively on three or four subjects in a given term, allowing for deep learning as well as broad exploration.

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Culver Life

Within a supportive network of classmates, faculty, counselors, and mentors, the young men and women of Culver forge lifelong connections. They quickly come to see our vast and beautiful campus as a home away from home, and their friends as a family.

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Student standing in front of faculty members of Culver Academies, our private high school near Indianapolis

Culver's mission is to educate its students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual – mind, spirit, and body – through integrated programs that emphasize the cultivation of character.

Portrait of a Culver Graduate

Here, leadership is no happy accident. Everything we do is intentional and part of a process that speaks for itself. You can recognize Culver graduates by their distinguishing characteristics:

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We have taught wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice on horseback since 1897, and our equestrians have made 18 presidential inaugural appearances.

A graphic for Culver Academies' Distinguished Merit Scholarship program.
Distinguished MErit Scholarships

Culver offers five scholarships, each a life-changing opportunity for young people to thrives as learners and leaders.


Culver is steeped in a rich history of tradition, some of which date back over 100 years.

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