Culver Military Academy began its rowing team in 1921. CMA was founded in 1894, and first opened a summer naval school in 1902. The summer program began with two fixed seat, ten-oared "man-o-war" cutters, and thus began Culver's relation with rowing. Since then Culver has built a long tradition of rowing within the Midwest and some trips to the east coast. Culver Girls Academy opened as a coordinate college preparatory school in 1971 and in 1978 joined the cadets of CMA in rowing. Combined, the team represents Culver Academies, and was the host of the first Midwest Scholastic Regatta in 1984.

The White-DeVries rowing center was completed in July 2012. There is room for 40 shells of different categories, locker rooms, two exercise spaces (2000 sq ft and 2900 sq ft), along with a 16 station moving water tank. The Rowing Center is located on campus, situated on the north shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, the second largest natural lake in Indiana.



Coed Varsity Rowing
Scholastic National Championship @ Nashport, OH
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Coed Varsity Rowing
Scholastic National Championship @ Nashport, OH
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Coed Varsity Rowing
Scholastic National Championship @ Nashport, OH
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Girls Roster



Name Grade Level Hometown
Derrick, Frances 11 Champaign, IL
Elfar, Aliyah 11 Newburgh, IN
Gram, Kristen 11 Decatur, IL
Grant, Sierra 11 Fort Wayne, IN
Herczeg, Sydney 12 South Bend, IN
Houin, McLayne 10 Plymouth, IN
Leeper, Kaitlyn 12 Carmel, IN
Li, Janelle 12 Saratoga, CA
Luo, Hannah 12 Canton, MI
O'Day, Avery 11 Rumson, NJ
Quist, Charlotte 11 Chicago, IL
Satorius, Anna 10 Culver, IN
Schmidt, Margaret 10 South Holland, IL
Vickers, Katherine 11 Temple Terrace, FL


Name Grade Level Hometown
Besachio, Alessandra 9 Norfolk, VA
Bocker, Moriah 9 Wheaton, IL
Brennan, Lily 10 Lake Bluff, IL
Cao, Jacqueline 9 Cincinnati, OH
Carzo, Marian 11 Torreon, COAH
Cortes, Christina 9 Flossmoor, IL
Cotter, Brenna 9 Winnetka, IL
Dilena, Sofia 9 Tiburon, CA
Gallegos Fernandez, Michelle 10 Mexico City, DF
Gonzalez, Grace 10 Plainfield, IL
Guerrero Perez, Paloma Alejandra 10 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Hernandez, Camila 10 Mexico City, 
Herrero Ampudia, Roberta 9 Naucalpan de Juárez, Méx.
Herrero, Regina 11 Naucalpan de Juárez, Méx.
Hittle, Rose 10 Indianapolis, IN
Lewandowski, Taylor 10 Culver, IN
Pae, Jinwon 10 Yorktown, IN
Pollard, Erin 12 Timperley, England
Prandini Flores, Maria 11 Hermosillo, Mexico
Rice, Georgia 9 Chesterton, IN
Shao, Xinzhu 9 Shanghai, ROC
Walter, Gianna 9 San Francisco, CA

Boys Roster



Name Grade Level Hometown
Barger, Graham 10 Plymouth, IN
Bowser, Evan 10 Carmel, IN
Boyle, Izzie 12 Waterloo, IL
Cesarski, Nathan 12 Columbus, IN
Coleman, Alexander 12 Midland, MI
Dilena, Jason 11 Tiburon, CA
Duong, Phearom 12 Siem Reap, 
Gordon, Diego 11 Ukiah, CA
Jarmusz, Brendan 10 Winnetka, IL
Johnson, Sawyer 11 Leesburg, IN
Jones, Charles 11 Bloomington, IN
Koutsouras, Savas 11 Culver, IN
Page, Jacob 11 Granger, IN
Parker, Drake 10 Inman, SC
Rogers, Jackson 11 Chicago, IL
Steck, Corbin 11 Decatur, IL
Stewart, Henry 12 Indianapolis, IN
Tan, Noah 10 Stevensville, MI
Vermeulen, Jack 12 Winnetka, IL
Ward, Joseph 12 Naperville, IL
Wilkins, John 11 Clayton, MO
Wu, Yulun 12 Lake Forest, IL


Name Grade Level Hometown
Blemaster, Jacob 9 Phoenix, AZ
Brumback, John 11 Culver, IN
Campbell, Hugh 10 East Lansing, MI
Carmouche, Hudson 11 Austin, TX
Collins, Alec 10 Dhahran, 
Cornell, Henri 10 Union, MI
Detamore, Grant 9 Carmel, IN
Gravenites, Nicholas 10 Chicago, IL
Harrison, Wade 9 Attica, IN
Jessich, William 9 Dhahran, SB
Kress, Aiden 9 Berkeley, CA
Landy, Owen 9 Jacksonville, FL
Li, Shangye 9 Changzhou, ROC
Londrey, Hugh 12 Midlothian, VA
Luo, Youlin 10 Shanghai Shi, ROC
Perun, Andrew 9 Bensenville, IL
Robinson, Michael 9 Zionsville, IN
Samis, Andrew 9 Chicago, IL
Shi, Xinrui 9 Palo Alto, CA
Woo, Enoch 10 Mundelein, IL
Xiao, Haiqian 10 Shanghai, ROC