CGA & CMA August 2018 Athletes of the Month

Reese Wilson

A sophomore in Court Dormitory from Chicago, Illinois, Reese is a member of the CGA Varsity golf team. Reese compiled two low medalist honors in the team’s first three events. With a pair of two-under-par rounds of 70 at the IHSAA Fall Preivew and the Crown Point Invitational.

According to Coach Karen Rudd, “Reese is not just a young lady who plays golf for fun - she is a golfer through and through.  Reese is a student of the game and understands how to make shots happen to lower her score.  She has an impeccable short game and says putting is her favorite part of each contest.  Although she is not the longest hitter on the team, she can out play everyone around the green.  The golf team is blessed to have her and eagerly anticipates the growth of her skills over the next four years."

Evan Neher, Emmett King, Grant Boos, Joe Kuhl, Amari Curtis

The five first-classmen leading the 2018 CMA Football’s offensive line in two games has lead the team to a 2-0 start, blocked for 11 different ball carriers who have rushed 81 times for over 450 yards, averaging 5.6 yards per carry and scoring 9 touchdowns. They have helped lead the aerial attack by allowing zero sacks, blocking for 24 pass attempts in which Max Miller has thrown for over 250 yards, connecting for two touchdowns.

Coach Andrew Dorrell says of his five seniors, “the core to any great football team starts upfront with the offensive line. The 2018 CMA Eagles are fortunate to have five seniors who are committed to using their talents to help their team be all it can be. The role of a great offensive lineman is to play unselfishly, aggressively, and with an inner drive to help others gain recognition. Fortunately, the Eagle offensive line embodies this highly admirable, team first mentality. Unquestionably, the heart and soul of the Eagle offense is the five young men who grind it out every day in practice to help their teammates earn the opportunity for victory on Friday nights.