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the Culver legion

All alumni of Culver, and former students who completed at least one full academic year at Culver and thereafter withdrew under honorable conditions, shall be eligible for membership and shall be considered eligible to hold office and vote at the Annual Meeting of The Culver Legion.

The Board of Directors of The Culver Legion may, periodically, elect to Honorary Membership individuals whose contributions have advanced the purposes and objectives of The Culver Legion. Special consideration shall be given for faculty and staff who have completed 25 years of service to Culver.

Currently, dues are not required. If a dues policy is reinstated, or any type of income generating program created, the income shall be proportionately split between The Culver Legion Scholarship Fund and The Culver Legion operating expenses.

the Summer Alumni Association

Alumni who have completed the Woodcraft Beaver/Cardinal Gold C program, or graduated from the School of Aviation, Girls School, School of Horsemanship, or Naval School shall be considered eligible to hold office and vote at the Annual Meeting of The Culver Summer Schools Alumni Association.

Legion board

Timika Shafeek-Horton '86 - President

Huntersville, NC

Raj Chopra '89 - Past President

Chicago, IL

Kim Hinshaw Tharin '91 - First Vice President

Chicago IL

Dillon Dalton '87 - Secretary

Valparaiso, IN

Anne Quella Blair '10

Evansville, IN

Noreen Banguis Cagle '85

Indianapolis, IN

Oliver Culver '10

Chicago, IL

Mike Elwood '81

Columbus, IN

Bill Fairchild ‘75

Valparaiso, IN

Betsy Briggs Feighan ‘79

Cleveland Heights, OH

Victoria Greene '03

College Station, TX

Katherine Harper Keating '97

Chicago, IL

Hank Liese '67

Salt Lake City, UT

Jacque McCloskey '13

Wheatfield, IN

Howard Mosley '77

Naperville, IL

Sally Ngan '91

Sai Kung Kowloon, Hong Kong

Jelly Mazza Nigam '06

San Rafael, CA

Jack Parchman ‘04

Westwood, KS

Daniel Prescott, III '15

Dallas, TX

Ruy Quintana ‘97

Denver, CO

Denny Robertson '70, N'66

Beaumont, TX

Mike Rudnicki '92

Loveland, OH

Bridget Davidge Ryley '08

Grosse Point Woods, MI

Courtney Temple '01

Washington, D.C.


Doug Bird '90

Miles White '73

Anne Kelley '94

Culver Summer Schools Alumni aSSOCIATION

Dan Kopp W '94, N '98 - President

Naperville, IL

Emily Barnes Cole SSG '84 - Immediate Past-President

Chicago, IL

Anne Cooper W '84, SSG '87, CGA '89 - First Vice-President

Chicago, IL

Dorian Bond W '88 - Treasurer

Phoenix, AZ

Emily David Gifford SSG '91

Ballwin, MO

Sarah Wallace Heckman W ’97, SSG ‘00

Granville, OH

Theodore J. Lauzen N ‘02

Wilmington, DE

Robert Ledbetter, III N'13

Rome, GA

Jacob R. Mangerson W ’95, NB ’98, CMA ‘00

Chicago, IL

Channing J. Mitzell W '07, CMA '12

Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Eberspacher Nohren SSG ’93, CGA ‘94

Shelbyville, IL

Leigh Ann Lauth O'Neill SSG '97

Carmel, IN

Steven Schenberg N '04

Lake Forest, IL

Andrea Quintana W '88, SSG '90

Culver, IN

Shane Sorg W ’85, N ’88, CMA ’90

Ft Wayne, IN

Jason F. Sturman N ‘91

Indianapolis, IN


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