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The Huffington Library mission is to provide access to a wealth of resources through collaboration, instruction, and support by a caring, professional, knowledgeable, and innovative staff.


Popular Resources

Library Catalog Search over 50,000 items (books, DVDs, more) in the Huffington Library collection.
Noodletools Online citation generator used at Culver for research projects.
Proquest  Articles from over 2000 newspaper, magazine, journal and reference sources.
JSTOR Over 4 million articles from academic journals and one million images/primary sources.
NEW! Questia Supports research in the social sciences and humanities with 83,000 full text books and 8 million articles, covering Art and Architecture, Business and Management, Communication and Language, Economics, Environment, Government and Politics, History, Literature, Music and Performing Arts, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology and Anthropology. Includes research tools such as highlighting, bookmarking, note-taking, auto generated citations, and individual project folders. Login using your Culver email and the password culvereagles.
INSPIRE (EBSCOHost) Access to databases available through Indiana's "Virtual Library". Several million articles from academic journals, magazines, newspapers and reference sources.

Annals of American History Timeline, alphabetical and subject access to speeches, historical accounts, memoirs, poems, images, and multimedia.
Art Museum Image Gallery Over 166,000 works of art from prehistoric to contemporary, with examples from the cultures of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Biography in Context Over 650,000 biographies covering over 400,000 international figures from all time periods and areas of study. Updated daily. (PW is eagles)
Contemporary Authors Biographies and commentary on the works of over 149,000 novelists, poets, playwrights and journalists from the 20th and 21st century.
Digital Vault Access Culver's history through this digital archive of the Roll Call (1904-present), Alumnus magazine (1927-present), the Vedette (1896-present), photos and more. Register with Alumni for full access.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Access the full encyclopedia.
NEW! Gale Virtual Reference Library Search the content of nearly 300 nonfiction eBooks on health, business, religion, social reform, bioethics, forensic science, history (including the acclaimed American Decades series), and more.  As with all Gale products, you can highlight, bookmark, and/or save your results to OneDrive to access later. 
NEW! Global Issues in Context Unique, non US-centric perspectives via articles written by local experts, as well as reference, periodical, primary source, and statistical information. Plus podcasts, videos, and interactive graphs. 
NEW! GREENR Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources.  Includes authoritative analysis, academic journals, news, case studies, legislation, conference proceedings, primary source documents, statistics, and rich multimedia on the physical, social, and economic aspects of environmental issues.
Health & Wellness Resource Center Includes articles from over 1000 health/medical journals, access to streaming health-related videos, and thousands of articles from trusted medical reference titles. (PW is eagles)
Historical NYT Database A searchable archive of the New York Times from 1851. First-hand accounts and coverage of the politics, society and events of the time. 
LitFinder Full-text of more than 150,000 poems, as well as other literary works ( short stories, novels, essays, plays and speeches).  Includes biographies, images, and other secondary materials.
Opposing Viewpoints Over 5 million periodical articles presenting a range of perspectives on important issues including 20,100 pro/con viewpoint essays, more than 12,700 charts and graphs, as well as interactive maps showing statistical trends.
Oxford Art Online Over 45,000 articles on every aspect of the visual arts, nearly 170,000 entries on artists, access to over 46,000 images, thematic guides, and timelines.
Oxford English Dictionary 600,000 words … 3 million quotations … over 1000 years of English. The accepted authority on both the history behind and the current state of the English language.
Oxford Music Online More than 50,000 articles,links to audio and video recordings, and 500+ Sibelius-enabled musical examples.
Rosetta Stone Access to Level One Rosetta Stone courses in 29 languages, provided via Indiana's INSPIRE program.
Science in Context Millions of full-text articles from national and global publications, 200+ experiments and projects, and top reference content. Thousands of images, videos, and audio selections from authoritative sources.
US Major Dailies (Current Newspapers) The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Wall Street Journal. Many from 1985 to present.

* NOTE: Online subscriptions are only available to students and staff of CEF. For use off campus, contact the Library Staff.


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Where do I look up a book?

On our Huffington Library catalog. Be sure to check out the Library Resources and the Culver Current Student Resources for more resources.

How many books or movies can I check out and for how long?

You are welcome to check out up to 8 books or DVDs.  The books check out for 4 weeks and the Classic Movies (below R rating) check out for 1 week.  During heavy research times, you may be limited to 3 NONFICTION books on a particular subject.  If you need them longer, ask the library staff and you can usually renew for another three weeks (unless someone else has it on hold).  Instructional DVDs can be checked out for one week but ONLY with the permission (via email or phone) of an instructor or library staff.

What happens if my book or DVD is overdue?

You will receive an e-mail notice.  Please respond to the e-mail immediately.  If you need to renew, you can do so online by logging into your account (unless the book is on hold).  Your counselor will also be sent a copy of your overdue notice. After receiving two overdue notices, you may be assigned to DC.

What if the Huffington Library does not have the book I need?

Through a service called Interlibrary Loan (ILL) we are able to borrow books from other libraries.  Ask for an ILL form at the Main Desk or click on the link on the Library Resources page.  Books we have borrowed through ILL are only delivered to Culver once a week, so you will need to plan ahead.

Can I listen to music?

Yes, as long as you use earbuds or headphones and no one else can hear your music.

Can I eat or drink in the library?

Only bottled water is allowed.

What are the hours of CQ?

Underclassmen are required to be in the library before 8:00 PM and must stay until 9:40 PM. Seniors and juniors with full seconds may come and go as long as they sign in/ out and are not disruptive.

Do I need a pass to come to the library for CQ?

Only students who have been assigned to room study will need a pass from their counselor or teacher.  This pass needs to be given to the student proctor at sign in.

Where can I study with a group during CQ?

There are several areas for group study:  Reading Area, Forum, and eight group study rooms.  You need to sign up for a group study room. Priority is given to students in the same class; up to four in a group; first come, first served! The Group Study rooms are NOT soundproof so you will need to talk QUIETLY so you don’t disturb others.

Can I use Skype in the library?

According to the Responsible Use Policy which you signed, using Culver technology to access non-academic websites during academic hours is not permitted.  Please be sure to log out of Skype during academic hours (8:15 AM – 3:45 PM, 7:30 – 10:00 PM).

Where can I print, copy or scan?

There are several printers on campus you can use to print, scan to pdf or make copies:

Welcome Desk (1st floor) and Workroom (2nd floor) in the Library
Eppley Hall of Humanities (1st floor)
Dicke/Roberts Hall of Math/Science (2nd floor)
College Advising (Legion Building).  

You will need to log in to the printer in order to initiate the print/copy/scan job.

If you need multiple copies or are printing a large file (over 10 pages), please use Administrative Services (adminser@culver.org) in the Eppley Hall of Humanities (Ground floor).   
Please be responsible and respect copyright and print only what you need.  And use the recycle bins across campus!

What if I would like to donate a book or video to the library?

The Huffington Library welcomes and encourages gifts in support of the Culver Academies mission. Over the years, the library has benefitted tremendously from the generosity of donors and continues to rely heavily upon endowments to sustain the collection for the benefit of the students, faculty and staff.

Huffington Library Gift Policy: Interested donors are encouraged to contact the Development Office (574.842.7400, development@culver.org) and must submit a list of materials (electronically if possible) for consideration as donations before physically depositing any materials. On this list, please include the author, title, date of publication and general condition of each item. If the Library agrees to accept the materials, the Development Office will work with the donor to provide a gift acknowledgement letter which includes a charitable gift receipt for tax purposes.

For donations in excess of $5,000, a qualified appraisal must be obtained at the expense of the donor before the books are presented to the library and possibly processed into the library collection. Neither the Library nor Culver Academies is responsible for appraisals.

The Library's goal in accepting gifts is to acquire only those materials that 1) support the current and evolving curriculum at Culver Academies, 2) support the basic research needs of students, faculty, and staff and 3) meet the criteria of its collection development policy in terms of nature, quality, and condition. While many donated titles may be of merit, we may have to decline materials as they are out of the normal scope of our collection or duplicate existing holdings.

If gifts are accepted, it should be understood that the Huffington Library at Culver Academies becomes the owner of the material and reserves the right to determine its retention, location, use, maintenance and removal. The Library accepts donations only on the condition that we may dispose of those items that will not be added to the collection in whatever manner we determine to be the most suitable. Those options include donations to nonprofit institutions such as Better World Books, exchanges for needed books of equal value, or sales, with the money to be used to purchase collection materials. Any materials that we find to be so deteriorated as to make them unfit for storage and/or use will be discarded according to policy.

We cannot promise to maintain a collection or group of books as a single entity segregated from the circulating and reference collections. The library may also decline to accept special collections, unless they are accompanied by significant, designated funding to cover the cost of processing and maintenance.

If you have any questions, please contact the library (library@culver.org) or Susan Freymiller (Library Director) via email Susan.Freymiller@culver.org or phone 574.842.8442.


  • Huffington Rare Book Collection – Given by Michael Huffington ‘65
  • Dicke Rare Book Collection - Given by James F. Dicke II ’64 
  • Napoleon Collection – Given by Speed Bancroft ’51, Nancy Bancroft, & Elizabeth Holland Bancroft 
  • Gene Siskel ’63 Collection– Given by The Gene Siskel Charitable Foundation 
  • E. K. Burch, Military & Aviation Collection – From the Library of E. K. Burch

Special Collections: Endowed Gift Funds

The Donald Eugene Clark Memorial Endowment

Established in 1995 by the Estate of Wilma Rae Clark, wife of Donald Eugene Clark and mother of William L. Clark CMA ’51 and Stephen D. Clark CMA ’60.

The Class of 1961 – Major C. S. Young Book Fund

Established in 1961 by the graduating class for the purpose of purchasing books or media materials for the library in the name of Major Young, long time faculty member.

The John William Henderson, Jr. and Joey W. Henderson Book Fund

Established in 1982 by the family in memory of Mr. and Mrs. J. William Henderson, Jr. CMA ’43.

The Ralph & Helen Luken Library Fund

Established in 1997 from previous gifts made by Robert Luken, CMA ’63.

The James William Mahon Memorial Fund

Established in 1981 by James K. Fulks, Jr. in memory of his uncle, James W. Mahon.

The Meg Marshall Memorial Book Fund

Established in 1965 by the friends of the late Margaret Ann Marshall CMA ’65.

The Ann Maull Library Fund

Established in 1960 by the friends of the late Ann Lysell Maull CMA ’60.

Culver Authors

* Held by the Huffington Library

Kenneth B. Ackerman '49

  • Designing Tomorrow's Warehouse: A Little Ahead of the Times (1999)
  • Practical Handbook of Warehousing (1983)
  • Understanding Today's Distribution Center (1972) (Co-Author)
  • Warehousing: A Guide for Both Users and Operators (1977)
  • Warehousing Profitably - A Manager's Guide (1994) *
  • Words of Warehousing: For Those Who Manage or Need to Know More About Warehousing (1992)
  • Words of Warehousing 2: For Those Who Manage or Need to Know More About Warehousing (1995)
  • Numerous Articles

Kraig Adler   '57

  • A Brief History of Herpetology in North America Before 1900  (1979)
  • Captive Management and Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles (1994)  (Co-Editor)
  • Careers in Biological Systematics  (1973)  (Co-Author)
  • Contributions to the History of Herpetology (1989) (Editor)
  • Early Herpetological Studies and Surveys in the Eastern United States  (1978) (Editor)
  • The Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians (1986) (Co-Editor)
  • Handbook to Middle East Amphibians and Reptiles (1992)  (Co-Author)
  • Herpetology:  Current Research on Amphibians and Reptiles (1992) (Editor)
  • Herpetology:  Current Research on the Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles:  Proceedings of the First World Congress of Herpetology  (1992) (Editor) 
  • Herpetological Explorations of the Great American West  (1978) (Editor)
  • Herpetology of China (1993)

Robert A. Altman   '60

  • Credit by Examination:   Proceedings From Workshops in the West, 1971  (1971)  (Co-Editor)
  • Dollars and Sense  (1989) (Audio Cassette)
  • Graduate Record Examinations Technical Manual  (1977) (Co-Author)
  • The Minority Student on the Campus:  Expectations and Possibilities  (1970) (Co-Editor)
  • The Public Challenge and the Campus Response  (1971) (Co-Editor)
  • A Summary of Data Collected From Graduate Record Examinations Test-Takers During 1976-1977  (1977) 
  • The Upper Division College   (1980)
  • Test-Taking Attitude and Validity Assessment  (1996)
  • Various Articles

Krista August   '84

  • Giants in the Park (2011) *

Alan K. Austin   '66

  • Advanced Workshop on Problems in Securities Disclosures  (1990)  (Co-Chair)
  • The Art of Counseling Directors, Officers & Insiders:  How, When & What to Disclose (1998)
  • California's New Limited Partnership Act  (1978)  (Audio Cassette)
  • Introduction to California Corporate Securities Practice:  Program Material  (1981) (Co-Author)
  • Introduction to Securities Filings, 1986  (1986) (Co-Chair)
  • Responding to Bad News:   How to Deal with the Board of Directors, Stockholders, the Press, Analysts, Regulators and the Plaintiffs' Bar  (1999)  (Co-Chair)
  • Securities Filings 1987:  Review and Update  (1987)
  • Securities Filings 1993  (1993)  (Chair)
  • Securities Filings Update - 1988  (1988) (Moderator, Videorecording)
  • Numerous Articles

Stephen R. Bachmann   '69

  • Beyond Nola: New Orleans Reviews of Art (2001) (Co-Author) *
  • Lawyers, Law and Social Change (second ed.) (2012)  *
  • Non-Profit Litigation (1992)
  • Preach Liberty:   Selections From the Bible for Progressives  (1989)  *
  • Proust for Beginners (2016)  *
  • Simulating Sex: Aesthetic Representations of Erotic Activity (2002)  *
  • U.S. Constitution For Beginners  (2012)  *

Robert Baer   '71

  • See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism (2002)  *
  • Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude (2004) *
  • Blow the House Down (2006)  *
  • The Company We Keep (2011)  *
  • The Perfect Kill (2014)  *

Jay W. Baird, Ph.D.    N'53

  • The Mythical World of Nazi War Propaganda, 1939-1945 (1974)  *
  • To Die for Germany: Heroes in the Nazi Pantheon (1990)  *
  • Hitler's War Poets (2008)  *

Tracey Baker   '73

  • Writing and Synthesis: a Multicultural Approach to Writing (1993)

John R. Ballard, Ph.D   '75

  • Upholding Democracy:  The United States Military Campaign in Haiti, 1994-1997 (1998)
  • Continuity during the Storm: Boissy d’Anglas and the Era of the French Revolution (2000)
  • Fighting for Fallujah, a New Dawn for Iraq (2006)
  • Numerous Articles

Paul Bancroft III   '47

  • Career  (1951)

Paul W. Barada   NB'62

  • Reference Checking for Everyone (2004) *
  • The Lullaby Lost (2008)  *

Glenn F. Bastian   '57, W'52

  • Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology: Chemistry, Cells and Tissues (1997)
  • Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology: Muscular and Skeletal Systems (1997)
  • Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology: Endocrine System (1994)
  • Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology: Cardiovascular System (1997)
  • Illustrated Review of Anatomy and Physiology: Lymphatric/Immune System (1997)
  • Illustrated Review of the Respiratory System (1994)
  • Illustrated Review of the Nervous System (1994)
  • Basic Concepts of the Digestive System (1997)
  • Basic Concepts of the Urinary System (1997)
  • Basic Concepts of the Reproductive System (1997)
  • Folk Dance Problem Solver (1995)

Bryan Bates   '70

  • A Cultural Interpretation of an Astronomical Calendar at Wupatkinational Monument Near Flagstaff, Arizona (1996)
  • Viewing the Sky Through Past and Present Cultures (2006) *

Frank Batten   '45

  • The Weather Channel: The Improbable Rise of a Media Phenomenon (2002)

William Harris Bear   '74

  • Machine Gun McGhee (2003) *

Greta Hughes Berlin   '59

  • Freedom Sailors (2012) *

Thomas Pritchett Bleck, M.D.   '69

  • Comprehensive Urban Health Systems Design (1972)  (Co-Author)
  • Neurocritical Care (1994)  (Co-Editor)
  • Central Nervous System and Ocular Infections  (1995)
  • Essential Atlas of Infectious Diseases (2001)  (Co-Editor)
  • Neurological and Neurosurgical Intensive Care  (2004)  (Co-Editor)
  • Essential Atlas of Infectious Diseases (2004)  (Co-Editor)
  • Numerous articles and book chapters.

Daniel Boorstin   SS'29

  • The Mysterious Science of the Law (1941)
  • The Lost World of Thomas Jefferson (1948)
  • The Genius of American Politics (1953)
  • The Americans 
    Volume 1: The Colonial Experience (1958) *
    Volume 2: The National Experience (1965)  *
    Volume 3: The Democratic Experience (1973) *
  • America and the Image of Europe: Reflections on American Thought, World (1960)
  • The Image: What Happened to the American Dream (1962) 
  • An American Primer (1966) *
  • Landmark History of the American People (with wife, Ruth Frankel Boorstin) 
    Volume 1: From Plymouth to Appomattox (1968)
    Volume 2: From Appomattox to the Moon (1970, revised as boxed set, 1987)
  • The Decline of Radicalism: Reflections of America Today (essays) (1969) *
  • The Sociology of the Absurd: or, The Application of Professor X (satiric essay) (1970)
  • Democracy and Its Discontents: Reflections on Everyday America (1974)
  • Portraits from the Americans: The Democratic Experience (1975)
  • The Exploring Spirit: America and the World Experience (1976)
  • The Republic of Technology: Reflections on Our Future Community (1978)
  • The Discoverers (1983) *
  • A History of the United States since 1861 (1986) (co-author)
  • Books in Our Future: A Report from the Librarian of Congress to the Congress (pamphlet) (1984)
  • The Creators (1992) *
  • Cleopatra's Nose: Essays on the Unexpected (1994)
  • Daniel J. Boorstin Reader (1995)
  • The Seekers : the Story of Man's Continuing Quest to Understand His World (1998) *

D. David Bourland   '46

  • A Course in Advanced Squirrelly Semantics:  A Coloring Book for Some Adults  (1993)  *
  • More E-Prime:  To Be or Not II  (1994) *
  • To Be or Not:  An E-Prime Anthology  (1991) *
  • E-Prime III!  A Third Anthology  (1997) *

Harry C. Box   '80

  • Set Lighting Technician’s Handbook:  Film Lighting Equipment, Practice, and Electrical Distribution 4th ed. (2010)

Thomas H. Bradford   '68

  • Say That Again, Please!:  Insights in Dealing With a Hearing Loss  (1991) *

Philip Read Bradley, Jr.   '21

  • A Mining Engineer in Alaska, Canada, the Western United States, Latin America, and Southeast Asia  (1988)

Dr. [Earl] James Breech   W'56, '61

  • Crucifixion as Ordeal:  Mathew's Passion Narrative (1976 Ph. D)
  • Preface to Jesus' Parables and the War of Myths: Essays on Imagination in the Scriptures, Amos Wilder, ed. (1982)
  • Jesus and Postmodernism  (1989) *
  • The Silence of Jesus: The Authentic Voice of the Historical Man (2007) *

Elizabeth K. Brodnax   '78

  • The Marquis of Carabas   (1991) *

James-Paul Brown   '57

  • James-Paul Brown (1998) *

Michael Browne   '97

  • Dirt Rag: the Mountain Bike Forum, editor and author

Robert F. Bruner   W'63

  • The Portable MBA ( The Portable MBA Series)

Laura Brunjes Read   '82

  • Numerous magazine and newspaper articles

Ruthelen Burns   SS'76

  • The Airpoets Present: Rivers, Rails, and Runways (2008) *
  • Airmail from the Airpoets (2011) *

B. Douglas Cameron   CSS'68

  • Inside the Fire : My Strange Days with The Doors (2009)

Jim Campbell   '53

  • The Heart Divine: A Study of the Critical Response to Poe's Eureka 

Leslie Cheek, Jr.   N'27

  • Living By Design:   Leslie Cheek and the Arts:  A Photobiography  (1985)  *

Mark Collantes   A'82

  • The Academy (2000)

Alfred Connable II   '21

  • A Michigan Man:  The Life & Times of Kalamazoo's Al Connable (1998) *

Dr. Joseph D. Coppock   '29

  • Economics of the Business Firm: Economics of Decision Making in the Business (1959)
  • The European Economic Community and United States trade policy (1962)
  • Family history and autobiography (1991)
  • The Food Stamp Plan: Moving Surplus Commodities with Special Purpose Money (1947)
  • Foreign trade of the Middle East; instability and growth, 1946-1962 (1966)
  • Government Agencies of Consumer Instalment Credit (1940)
  • International Economic Instability: The Experience after World War II (1962)
  • International trade instability (1977)

Dr. David E. Corbin III   H'62

  • An Investigation of the Happiness and Loneliness of Kindergarden Through Twelfth Grade Students  (1972)
  • Dance Activities for Older Adults 
  • Inexpensive Equipment for Games, Play, and Physical Activity  (1976)
  • Homemade Play Equipment  (1991)  *
  • Jogging (1998)  *
  • Perspectives: Stress Management (1999)  (editor) *
  • Psychological and Physical Aspects of Self-Perceived Health Status Among Older Adults  (1981)
  • Reach For It!:  A Handbook of Health, Exercise, and Dance Activities for Older Adults (1990) *
  • Simulation Games in Health Education  (1979) (Audio Cassette)

James V. Couch   '64

  • Computer Use in Psychology:  A Directory of Software  (1992) *
  • Fundamentals of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences  (1982) *
  • Hardware, Software, & the Mental Health Professional  (1991) *

Timothy J. Crimmins, M.D.   '73

  • "Ethical Issues in Adult Resuscitation" in Annals of Emergency Medicine (1993)

Wilfred F. Croft, M.D.   '40

  • Relationships in Physical Science (1972)

Sgt. John J. Culbertson IV, U.S.M.C.   N'64

  • Operation Tuscaloosa: 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, at An Hoa, 1967  (1997)  *
  • A Sniper in the Arizona: 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, in the Arizona Territory, 1967  (1999)  *
  • 13 Cent Killers: The 5th Marine Snipers in Vietnam (2003) *

Bertram B. Culver, Jr.   W'21, '28

  • Those Towers Lofty:  A Narrative History of the Culver Campus  (1992)   
  • Imperial Swing Dancing (2002-2007) *

Henry H. Culver, Jr.   '62

  • IFR Pocket Simulator Procedures  (1976)  *

C. Lyle Cummins, Jr.   '46

  • Internal Fire  (1976)   *
  • Diesel's Engine  (1993)   *
  • Diesels for the First Stealth Weapon: Submarine Power 1902-45 (2007)*
  • The Diesel Odyssey of Clessie Cummins  (1998)  *

William D. Dannenmaier   W'43, N'46

  • We Were Innocents:  An Infantryman in Korea  (1999)   *
  • Laughter and Tears: Sparks from the Furnace (2002) *

Luther B. Davis   '34

Stage Plays

  • Kiss Them for Me (March 20, 1945 – June 23, 1945)
  • New Faces of 1952 (May 16, 1952 – March 28, 1953)
  • Kismet: A Musical Arabian Night (1953)  (December 3, 1953 – April 23, 1955)  (Tony Awards for Best Author (Musical) and Best Musical, 1954)
  • Timbuktu! (March 1, 1978 – September 10, 1978)
  • Grand Hotel (November 12, 1989 – April 25, 1992)


  • The Hucksters (1947)
  • B.F.'s Daughter (1948)
  • Black Hand (1950)
  • A Lion Is in the Streets (1953)
  • New Faces (1954)
  • Kismet (1955)
  • The Eternal Sea (1955)
  • Kiss Them for Me (1957)
  • The Gift of Love (1958)
  • Holiday for Lovers (1959)
  • Le Meraviglie Di Aladino (1961)
  • Lady in a Cage (1964)
  • Daughter of the Mind (1969)
  • The Old Man Who Cried Wolf (1970)
  • Across 110th Street (1972)
  • The Silent Force (TV series) (1970-1971)  (series creator)

Robert S. Day   N'38 

  • Luck & Duty, Volume I (2007) *

Randolph H. Deer   N'48

  • The Avalanche List   (1992)  *
  • The Marionette Master   (1994) *
  • The Shield of Atlantis (1998) *
  • And the Winner Is... (1999) *

James (Jim) Dicke II   '64

  • Alzheimer's with My Mother, Eilleen (2018) *

Robert S. Dickens   N'56, '57

  • Thoreau: the Individualist (1973) * 

Dr. Ralph E. Dittman   '65

  • Allen's Landing:  The Authentic Story of the Founding of Houston  (1986)*
  • Hardball in Paris  (2010)  *
  • The Tacana Philharmonic Band  (2011)  *  

Jim Dunlap   '56

  • Nantucket Vanishing  *

Col. Peter M. Dunn   '53

  • The First Vietnam War   (1985)  *
  • Military Lessons of the Falkland Islands War:  View From the United States  (1984) (Copyright Unknown)(Co-Author)

Robert M. Dy   '82

  • Tissue Sampling at Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography  (Copyright Unknown) (Co-Author)

John M. (Jack) Eckerd   '30

  • Eckerd: Finding the Right Prescription  (1987)  *
  • Why America Doesn't Work   (1991)   *

John W. Eckert   '66

  • Forced Indolence  (Copyright Unknown)

David H. Ekvall    H'43, '44

  • Complete Guide to Eastern Europe  (1970)  *

Nelson B. Eldred III   '43

  • Saxon House of Eldred

William Eyre   '77

  • The Real ID Act : Privacy and Government Surveillance (2011)  *

Thomas C. Faulkner   '59

  • The Anatomy of Melancholy (1989) (co- author)

John W. M. Fellows   '64

  • Two Minute Warning and Other Domestic Misunderstandings  (1996)   *

John E. Findling   '59

  • Close Neighbors, Distant Friends (1987)   *  
  • Dictionary of American Diplomatic History (1989)    *
  • Events That Changed the World in the Eighteenth Century (1998)  (Editor) *  
  • Events That Changed the World in the Nineteenth Century (1996) (Editor) * 
  • Historical Dictionary of World's Fairs and Expositions, 1851-1988 (1990)
  • Fair America: World's Fairs in the United States (2000)  *
  • Chicago's Great World's Fairs (1994) *
  • Editor of Additional Books

 Preston M. Fleet   '52

  • Hue and Cry:   Unraveling the Shake-speare Myth  (1987)   *

Walter "Geno" Fluegel   '82

  • B-7Q Zoning District Study For Plantation, Florida  (1994)  
  • Central Plantation Development District Safe Neighborhood Study, City of Plantation, Florida  (1989)  (Co-Author)
  • City of Deerfield Beach Community Redevelopment Agency Beach Redevelopment Master Plan (1999)
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Our Building


For the visually literate, the Huffington Library is an open book, well worth the time to “read” and enjoy. Michael Huffington, the patron of our library, noted that he and the architect Paul Kennon worked together to create a structure that would “offer our students a sense of grandeur in their lives on campus so that they could dream big.”

If inspiring students to reach for the stars was the goal, then Huffington Library remains an unequivocal success because Mr. Huffington and Mr. Kennon (whom Mr. Huffington described as a “brilliant  architect”) have given us a brick-and-mortar masterpiece that calls to mind some of the most ambitious architectural forms of the ancient world. Indeed, the many Greco-Roman references embedded within the façade define our library not as a mere repository of books but as a temple of learning that asserts the triumph of knowledge over ignorance.


The ancient Romans practiced emulation (the Latin aemulatio) of great works of art as a means of surpassing their cultural predecessors, particularly with respect to the Greeks; the goal was not merely duplication of previous artistic achievements but rather the production of distinctly Roman monuments through the lively fusion of tradition and innovation. Roman architects, for example, often combined hallmarks of Greek and Etruscan buildings, creating astonishing architectural hybrids that served Roman political or religious purposes.


       Image 1: The Pantheon

Lesson plans for Humanities Level 9 include presentations on ancient architecture, which in part help demonstrate the Roman proclivity for Greek culture.  For example, the Pantheon, the Roman temple to all the gods, circa 125 A.D. (image 1), borrows certain features from the complex of buildings on the Acropolis in Athens such as the double pediment of the Propylaea, the gateway leading to the Parthenon, circa 440 B.C. (image 2). 

Image 2: The Propylaea

These deliberate    architectural references to Athenian monuments of the fifth century B.C. broadcast the Romans’ claim to be the rightful heirs to the Greek legacy of military victory and divine favor during the Persian Wars.


     Image 3: The Arch of Titus

To further emphasize the link between imperialism and divinity—an ancient version of our own Manifest Destiny—the Romans introduced an unequivocally martial element to traditional temple architecture. The insertion of an attic form between the rotunda, the main gathering space of the Pantheon, and the pediment, the triangular shape above the supporting columns of the portico, renders the Pantheon both temple and victory monument.  The rectangular attic is a hallmark of Roman triumphal arches, freestanding structures that memorialized the conquests of the most celebrated Roman generals and emperors (image 3).

By blending the attic form of a triumphal arch with the traditional architecture of Greek and Roman temples, the Pantheon helps define Roman identity by asserting military conquest as a religious imperative.

Image 4: Arch of Constantine

In the tradition of Roman emulation, the architect of our own Huffington Library appears to have intentionally inserted aspects of the Arch of Constantine (image 4) within the façade of the Huffington Library.

The relative sizes and locations of the central arch and flanking windows of our library, for example, mimic the relationship among the three arches in the ancient Roman structure. 

    Image 5: The Huffington Library

Likewise, the circular windows in the façade of the Huffington Library (image 5) echo the location of the roundels in the Arch of Constantine (roundels provide relief carvings that proclaim the emperor’s virtues and military prowess). Furthermore, by blending the triangular pediment (a traditional feature of Greco-Roman temples) at the apex of the façade with the attic form of a triumphal arch, the Huffington Library embodies the Roman impulse for emulation that is so evident in the Pantheon.  Indeed, despite their distance in time and space, the Huffington Library and the Pantheon are inextricably bound precisely because both structures combine features of Greek temple architecture with features of Roman triumphal arches. Through such close reading of these and other architectural features, the hidden meaning of the Huffington Library begins to emerge.


Consistent with these Greco-Roman architectural references, access to Huffington Library via the twists and turns of the lateral staircase calls to mind the form—and the function—of the main stairs from the Temple of Fortuna at Palestrina, circa first century B.C. (Image 6).

     Image 6: Model of Temple of Fortuna

This vast Roman complex consisted of four levels linked by monumental stairways, which prepared the worshipper for spiritual communion with the gods by controlling his or her progression from darkness to light, from lower to higher elevations, and from panoramic views of nature to elaborate architectural formations.  In this way, the stairways and the ascending terraces physically and psychologically moved the worshipper through a series of controlled sensory experiences.

Entry to Huffington Library is likewise a matter of both physical and psychological sensations.  Turning left or right from one set of stairs to the next and ascending from lower to higher levels—movement along the x and y axes—draws attention to the act of entering the library—movement along the z axis.  These coerced transitions control the rhythm and the direction of the ascent, and the landing of each set of stairs provides natural pauses that offer increasingly panoramic views of the central quadrangle of the Culver campus.

Mr. Huffington confirmed that he chose this particular configuration because he “wanted everyone once they got to the top of the stairs to have a chance to turn outward and see our magnificent campus before entering the library.”   By thus magnifying the visitor’s progression through time and space, the lateral staircase of Huffington Library encourages a degree of transcendence that may condition the visiting scholar for an appropriately reverent encounter with the intellectual heritage of Western civilization, for a communion of the mind, so to speak.


In light of the specific architectural references described above, is it really so difficult to conceive the façade of the Huffington Library in terms of metaphor?  The Pantheon was the Roman temple to all the gods, and the Arch of Constantine celebrated the military victories of Constantine, the first Christian emperor.  A building that contains the works of such literary deities as Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton and that invites young scholars to come worship at the altar of knowledge appropriately borrows ancient architectural forms that functioned as temples and victory monuments. What better way to sanctify learning than to commemorate the process in brick and mortar as an interior pilgrimage, as a perennial struggle against ignorance that leads to intellectual triumph? 

Also, the Temple of Fortuna was dedicated to the personification of luck, good or bad. The Greeks likewise personified the capricious nature of fate, which they called Tyche. For the Greeks, as every Humanities student at Culver Academies knows, the surest means of mitigating the effect of bad luck in one’s life was through techne, or technological know-how of one sort or another. This lesson from the past remains particularly relevant because, like our cultural ancestors, we seek to gain mastery over the power of chance or luck in our lives, and this mastery results from knowledge, which of course the Huffington Library offers to one and all, thanks to Mr. Huffington and Mr. Kennon.


Jack Williams

Senior InstructorHough Family Chair of Fine Arts