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World Languages & Cultures


World Languages & Cultures

Understanding, appreciating languages and culture.

Students who study Mandarin at Culver will embrace the unique features of this language, including its special phonetic and keyboard systems. They also get to explore the rich history of the Chinese writing system. Students will hone their skills in all three modes of communication – interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational -- while enjoying many opportunities for cultural engagement as well. In addition to movies, videos and the celebrations of Chinese festivals, they will have an in-person cultural experience by tasting Chinese cuisine in a Chinese restaurant every semester. Students in Mandarin courses will find themselves fascinated and challenged by the language and culture at the same time.

We aim to cultivate these skills in our students through proficiency-oriented language instruction and the mindful development of both intra- and intercultural competency.

World Languages & Cultures Instruction

  • Our courses provide a foundation in language and culture in Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish – and all upper-level modern language classes are conducted primarily in the target language.
  • Students are active participants in their learning as they explore cultures and language using interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skills. Teachers guide students throughout their journey toward proficiency by creating a constructivist, student-centered classroom that is infused with authentic sources.
  • The Honors Seminar expands student knowledge of a target language, its literature and culture through the completion of a research project under the guidance of an honors advisor.  

Languages Offered

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