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Wellness Education


Wellness Education

Bringing out the best in every student.

The Wellness Education program at Culver is an essential component of “whole student” education.  The department is committed to enhancing Physical, Emotional, Mental, Moral, Spiritual, and Social (PEMMSS) well-being in students through student-centered methodologies that emphasizes awareness, understanding, application, and integration of developmentally appropriate wellness information for the purpose of promoting responsible life-long wellness enhancing behaviors.

A student graduating from the Culver Academies Wellness Education program will:

  1. Comprehend wellness knowledge and concepts
  2. Access and analyze information on wellness topics
  3. Understand influences in the decision making process
  4. Demonstrate application of wellness knowledge and concepts

9 Competency Areas of Wellness Education

  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Nutrition
  3. Relationships and Sexual Behavior
  4. Mental/Emotional Health
  5. Sleep
  6. Chemical Substances
  7. Epidemiology
  8. Lifesaving Skills
  9. Choice/Happiness/Brain/Decision Making

The Wellness Education Journey

Wellness Education at Culver is about preparing students to be at their best – mind, body, and spirit! Our program provides an integrated curriculum for students to become aware of, to assess, and to form and improve their physical, emotional, mental, moral, spiritual, and social well-being (PEMMSS).