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Leadership Education


Leadership Education

Combining Tradition and Innovation

Culver students explore principles of self-awareness, collaboration and understanding leadership for change through the Leadership Education Curriculum. They are challenged to understand the power of building teams to accomplish goals and reflect on their roles as members and leaders within those teams.

The Leadership Department consists of diverse, dedicated faculty passionate about modeling, inspiring, challenging, enabling, and encouraging all students to develop as leaders, using an academically rigorous curriculum designed to empower students with essential 21st century leadership skills. Students are challenged to reflect and apply these concepts to themselves and their numerous teams (in the classroom, in the CGA Prefect System or the CMA Military System, in Athletics, Clubs, in Global Studies, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and more) throughout their time at Culver.

Classroom learning serves as one of the many avenues that enables leadership learning for a focused and integrated educational experience.

Culver believes in the importance of mastery—mastery of knowledge and of fundamental learning skills. Achieving such mastery involves hard work, and Culver makes no apology for demanding rigorous effort from its students. That students work hard reflects the conviction of the faculty that superficiality of learning must be avoided and that added breadth and depth of knowledge is achieved only when students expend great effort to approach the limits of their capabilities.

According to Peterson and Seligman in their work Character Strengths and Virtues, a leader is defined as, “one who is a member of a team who enables the team to accomplish its goal while maintaining good relationships with team members.” While this definition is relatively simple to understand, it is challenging to live out, minute by minute, in our community. As team members first and foremost, Culver students are expected to work well with others, and to demonstrate commitment, respect, and support of their teammates. When leadership needs arise, they have the opportunity to step up and help the team move forward towards its goal.

The Journey Through Leadership Education