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International Student Achievement


International Student Achievement

Throughout the international student’s time at Culver, DISA serves as a hub or central office for international students and international student issues.

International students begin their journey in the New International Student Orientation, which is designed to help students more quickly adjust to the Culver’s expectations.

DISA’s main objective is for all international student to achieve at the highest levels. Culver’s international students have attained positions as high as regimental commander and senior prefect. They have graduated as valedictorian, won the highest academic awards, and are regularly accepted at top colleges and universities.

The Department of International Student Achievement (DISA) seeks to enhance the international student experience and guide students toward success through providing appropriate services, integrated programming and advocacy.

From the start of classes until graduation, our faculty members monitor each student’s progress. The department also works to ensure that international students receive the academic support they need in the form of individual teacher consultations, subject-specific tutorials, and/or proctored study halls. Further assistance is provided through Culver’s Academic Skills Coaching, the Writing Center, Math Help Center, in special study opportunities in the dorms and units, and by connecting students with exceptional learning resources.

Members of the department advocate for the international student population through membership on committees that consider issues such as learning support, diversity issues, and student records and through close collaboration with other departments in the school. DISA faculty are available for student consultations and partner with the Academic and College Advising office to assist our students in making the best choices for further study.

The English Program

For our international students who are still learning English, our department works to place them into various levels of Culver’s English program. DISA instructors closely monitor the students’ progress in English through the administration of periodic nationally recognized standardized tests and work to ensure that international students develop communication skills for academic and professional purposes.

A Global Perspective

The best whole person education takes place in a culturally rich environment, which affords opportunities for growth and holistic belonging to a diverse population of students. Culver has welcomed international students as an important part of our community since 1903. Effective leadership requires inclusive and global engagement; a student body with global representatives allows for diverse viewpoints, robust discussion, and innovative thinking that is foundational to the Culver experience.

A Culver education provides opportunities for students to share, establish relationships, and collaborate with students from across the country and around the world. Culver offers special programming that facilitates character growth, promotes balanced participation in a wide range of activities, and ensures that international students achieve at the highest levels to prepare them to be responsible global citizens who make positive change in the world.