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College Advising


College Advising

Making strides and taking the next step toward success.

Our academies are a foundation for success, intentionally preparing our students for college and the world beyond. What starts on day one is reinforced and supported through our exceptional advisors, who prioritize getting to know students personally. Their care and attention to those personal details show in the college selection process. 

Culver students are not only admitted to some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation, but they also choose the schools that best fit them – their professional goals, interests, and personalities.

Preparing for College Testing

At Culver Academies, there are several opportunities for students to take the tests they need to gain admission to college. Our College Advising staff assists students with understanding and scheduling the tests they need to be successful in the college admissions process.

Every Culver student is provided access to an adaptive on-line test preparation program.  The PSAT is given to grades 9 - 11 in October.  Advisors hold class level meetings to preview, and review the PSAT and its role in preparing for the SAT and in future course selection.  In addition to an on-line adaptive program, Culver offers a SAT and ACT preparation class in Term 3 that is focused on the March SAT and April ACT.

Our advice on the SAT and ACT starts with planning to take two (2) SAT with Writing tests, and two (2) ACT with Writing tests in the junior year.  Students should always review their plan(s) with a college advisor.

Culver is a Test Center for the SAT, Subject Tests, and the ACT.

Test Planning Timeline

What to Expect

Standardized testing includes PSAT, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL. Students enrolled at Culver will take the PSAT beginning in 9th grade and will continue to take the test each October through 11th grade. The PSAT provides students and advisors relevant information regarding academic progress and helps to determine AP potential.

Test Preparation

All Culver students are recommended to utilize Khan Academy, an interactive online learning platform that allows students to use their phones, tablets and laptops to prepare for PSAT and SAT programs. Students are encouraged to incorporate 10-15 minutes of test prep into their homework load each night. Student can connect their their Khan Academy account with their College Board account, to get directed study practice on the areas they need the most help.

Test Preparation Class

Culver offers a Term 3 SAT and ACT preparation class in partnership with Goldstein Test Prep. This course works within Culver's unique academic schedule and focuses on boosting preparation for the March SAT, and the April ACT.

This course is recommended for all Juniors and Second Classmen. While there is a fee associated with this class, financial support is available (students should speak with their college advisor).

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Colleges Coming to Culver

Throughout the school year, representatives from colleges and universities visit Culver to meet students interested in attending their respective institutions.

The College Visitation Schedule is updated regularly and students have college visits noted on their calendar.