Early April Update: Decisions in Process; Lists being made; and Planning Ahead for Summer

April College Advising Update: 4/12/2019   Summer is Coming!

The class of 2019 (College Class of 2023) are in the midst of making the college decisions, the class of 2020 is sorting out priorities for the college searches and planning ahead, most of the Class of 2021 is focused on the moment, and the Class of 2022 is looking forward to summer.

Shortly, Parents Weekend will be here, and we ask that you set some time aside to join Friday or Saturday’s College Advising presentation.  Complementing our presentations and outreach, College Advising will have open hours during the class day on Friday (please refer to the parent’s weekend schedule for times). 

Below are brief updates for each class. As always if you have questions, please let us know!

Class of 2019

Decisions should all be in, and college advisors are here for you as you sort out your options. Remember, May 1 as National Decision day; students will be choosing a college at which to deposit with the intention to matriculate.

College visits can be useful, with that said we do not want you missing any more classes than necessary – for example, many of you have AP tests coming that offer you advanced standing in college (most often through credits and preferred placement).

Student Life is checking in with College Advising regarding requests. Please keep your college advisor up to date.

College advisors are working closely with those who are choosing to pursue wait lists and continuing to advocate on our students' behalves.  Any wait list offers are unlikely to arrive before early May and can come as late as June.  Students pursuing wait lists are strongly advised to fully engage their advisors in pursuing offers.  (Below are some helpful links.)

Beyond making a deposit, each college/university has their own processes around housing, orientation, and even placement (finish strong!). Students will receive this information and should coordinate with their families to finalize things.

Financial aid offers should also have been received.  In comparing offers, we strongly recommend that students/families make sure that they are comparing apples to apples.  Despite the efforts of many, the format of award letters varies and can be confusing.  College advisors remain ready to help students/families decipher financial aid offers, upon request. (Below are some relevant links.)

We are honored to work with you and look forward to continuing to support you working with you as we move forward.  Congratulation to you all on your upcoming graduation!


Links you may find helpful of interest –

Class of 2023 Admission Results from our Friends at College Kick Start (Context and selectivity updates)

February Update – Includes FA Award Comparison Links

Resources for Comparing Award Letters

CB’s Financial Aid Comparison Tool

NASFAA Resource Can Help Students Compare Financial Aid Award Offers

NAFSA Comparison Worksheet

US News – 5 Numbers to Check to Compare Financial Aid Awards


Class of 2020

With the start of Term 4, college advisors are wrapping up with seniors and meeting one-on-one with you, members of the Class of 2020. The focus of these next few weeks is taking the work completed in College Advising Class to the next level – refining, expanding, and adjusting your list for the summer; working towards even stronger essay ideas and drafts; working on testing plans; considering summer visits (the best time to visit is when you can!); and drilling down into what is most important to you and your family.

This week, we had the Military Panel on Monday, and next week, representatives from USNA and USMA will be on campus to provide their insights into the process, and to field questions, the following week, a representative from USAFA will also join us on campus.

Subject Tests – if you have any lingering questions about subject tests (if you are taking an AP that has a matching SAT Subject Test you should be taking it) see your advisor ASAP, and (students) pay attention to schoology for reminders.

ICY MI – February Update is here.

Parents Weekend – Friday morning, college advisors will be available to meet with interested families over coffee throughout the class day.  Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, College Advising will also host informational programs. Each will provide an overview of the process ahead. While some of this will be repetition for parents who have participated in the past, we will also introduce some of the updates to our process (including the Academic Affairs teams (college advising and college advising) that will start working with the Classes of 2021 and 2022).

We will remind you to make good use of your summer! Among other things, this is your final opportunity to prepare for the standardized tests you will be finishing up this coming fall – the SAT and ACT.

As always, if you have questions we welcome them and look forward to working with you (parents and students) through the college process.


Class of 2021

Academic Advising will be meeting with you in early May to review what to expect in your junior, second class year as well as draft a testing plan. At this point, we will remind you to make good use of your summer! Among other things, this is an important time to start getting ready for the standardized tests you will be taking over the course of Grade 11 – the SAT and ACT.


Class of 2022

We remind you to finish strong and that you are welcome in our office at any time. Looking ahead, plan a good summer!


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