Class of 2021 - May Meetings - Planning the Junior Year

As students head into AP Exams, the Class of 2021 will be invited to meet in small groups with College and Academic Advisors for an overview of the year ahead. Junior year is busy, and the college search becomes a major topic. To keep things where they belong, these meetings will provide an overview of the year ahead. 

Along with learning more about what to expect, each student will complete a tentative standardized testing plan.

With busy lives on campus, we recommend that students plan on completing some standardized test preparation over the summer. Test preparation can be as simple as stepping up their use of Khan Academy (every student has had the opportunity to link their PSAT scores and been offered support from Academic Affairs) or setting aside daily time to work through a test preparation book. If a student needs someone to hold them more accountable, enrolling in a formal class or finding a good tutor are also options.

For reference, Culver hosts a Term 3 Class focusing on juniors to prepare for the March SAT and the April ACT. This class is both a good primer for the student who has not done much preparation, and it is a good boost for the student who has previously taken a class or prepared.


Reach out to a college advisor. As needed, we can also recommend additional options that may meet your needs. 


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