Class of 2020 College Advising Update

February 22, 2019


Dear Class of 2020 Parents and Students,

College Advising Classes Continue to Move Forward, and we are working with those who have full schedules outside of the class day. This past week, we completed our introduction to Financial Aid.  Below you will find some useful references under “Paying the Bill.” We will revisit this topic.  In the meantime, we STRONGLY advise parents and guardians to use the Net Price Calculators on a few colleges and universities that you may have on your mind to see how financial aid awards may differ.  Not every Net Price Calculator is comprehensive.  When you see things that do not make sense to you or raise questions, you should feel free to call the school in question to gain a deeper understanding of their methodology.

A Summary of our Recent Work with the Class of 2020

-          Mock Admission Committee – students’ player the role of an admission committee at the mythical Lombard College. Each reviewed five applications and as small admission committees accepted 2, denied 2, and accepted 1.  Even within classes, these committees made different decisions on which students to accept.  Through this process, each student gains an experiential insight into how decisions will vary irrespective of an institutions selectivity.

-          Paying the Bill – introduction to financial aid and resources (College Board’s Big Future Paying for College, and ACCESS APPLIED.

o   Students and parents should use Net Price Calculators to get useful estimates of financial support from colleges/universities.  The College Board is the most prevalent provided of these services.  College Board Net Price Calculator is here, and if you save the information that you input comparisons become easier going forward.  On this page, you will also find the College Board’s scholarship search tool.

-          You Science strength report and discussion guides should be emailed home to parents and copied to College Advisors by Tuesday or next week (if you have not received a copy from your daughter/son, please remind them!).

-          Students are working on resumes

-          Military Meeting Recap (from Wednesday 2/13 and the prior week).

1)      Congressional info sheet needs to be turned into your college advisor by March 15th  (copy attached to student email)

2)      Resumes need to be started using the template provided.  Ask your college advisor for help.  (template attached to student email)

3)      3 copies of the letter sent to your two senators and one congressional rep should be drafted and saved.  (copy attached to student email)

4)      Info sheet with all we talked about is also attached (to student email).

Students were reminded to “stay on top of all this, it’s easy to let it go but the more you stay on top of it, the easier it is.”

Emails will be sent to students when an academy or ROTC program portal is open for their graduating year.  You can continue to check with the programs that interest you as well and let me know their status so I can keep others aware as well.

A reminder that College Advising Classes continue through Term 3

Athletes are bring reminded, again, to register for the NCAA

-          This includes sending SAT or ACT scores

-          A copy of the studnets's Culver transcript will be uploaded to the NCAA site

-          If the student has attended another high school, they will need an official transcript sent from that school to the NCAA. Instructions are clear in the registration process on the NCAA Eligibility site.

-         Students with questions should be directed to their college advisor or Mr. Walker.

Term 3 Standardized Testing Class Update  

By all accounts, the Standardized Testing Preparation Class is going well and students enrolled should be taking the March SAT and April ACT. Should their schedule not allow those, dates, they should be taking the May SAT and/or June SAT and ACT. 


Any Question, any at all, should be directed to your college advisor.  Don’t go it alone, double check everything with your advisor.

Links Included Above:

College Board Net Price Calculator

College Board Scholarship Search Tool

Access Applied Financial Aid (registration instructions previously sent, also available on College Advising’s Blog: News and Views)

Upcoming Topics for Term 3:

  • ·         Students will be introduced to the College Essay (Personal Narrative)
  • ·         Building a Balanced College List
  • ·         Introduction to and completion of Common Application (not including essay)

In Term 4, College Advisors will meet with, and be available to meet with students.  Our work will build off our college advising classes and extend into developing the personal statement (common application essay), and creating a summer list (list version 2.0 or higher) with a focus on where a student may decide to visit over the summer and, or learn more about.  As most students standardized testing will not be complete and they may not yet have their highest scores, we will continue to rate the likelihood of acceptance as scores and grades are updated, using all of the tools and resources that fit the schools on the list.

We recognize that each student is unique and that your needs and wants may vary.  Please be as transparent as possible with your needs, and if you have any questions, please contact your college advisor.

 With Best Regards,

 Your College Advising Team

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