Class of 2019 - February 2019 Update

February 22, 2019


Class of 2019

With GP 5 coming to an end, college advisors are available to work with students who seek to get a last update into those colleges/universities that they are most interested in attending.  These updates usually include an update on grades and any noteworthy events or accomplishments since their last contact with the institution.

Admission Decisions

Throughout March decisions will be coming in, and every student should receive their news (Accept, Wait List, or Deny) by April 1. Students will then have until May 1, the National Reply Date, to make their matriculation decision. If waitlisted, they will need to decide by May 1 among their other options as very few offers are made in advance of the May 1 date.

When making their matriculation decision, you may only deposit at one college (the exception being an acceptance off of a wait list). Colleges that learn of a double deposit are likely to withdraw their offer of acceptance.

In making a matriculation decision, financial aid awards should be compared thoughtfully.

Financial Aid Awards and Comparisons

We highly recommend students and families who are seeking financial aid review the financial aid comparison resources we have recommended – including one on the College Board’s Big Future here; and the comprehensive spreadsheet that is included in Access Applied login in link here (registration materials here).

Access Applied Registration Information

Access Applied “Decoding Award Letters”

College advisors are prepared to help you evaluate financial aid offers as well. As colleges and universities do not always have the resources they wish for, and a family may need, we have been transparent with students about the usefulness of seeking outside scholarships. Local scholarships are often the most accessible (your local library and librarian can be an invaluable resource), and local high schools typically have useful information on their web pages regarding local scholarships. In terms of broader searches, we have shared the College Board’s Big Future Scholarship Search Tool as a very good one, when the student signs into her/his account (same one as they have used to sign up for and send SAT scores) their searches are saved. 

College Board Scholarship Search Tool

College Board’s Scholarship Comparison Tool

Options to Consider

While a minority of students participate in a Gap Year, taking time off before attending college can provide benefits. Here is an article from Haverford College with some interesting advice, and here is the classic piece about Gap year's from Harvard, including "Time out or Burn Out for the Next Generation."

In recent years, Culver students have participated in programs from Where there be Dragons, Global Citizen Year, the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, Semester at Sea, and we have students participate in the English Speaking Union school exchange program every year (however, those applications have already closed).

If you have any questions please contact your college advisor. 


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