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PSAT score reports were released Wednesday, December 12, 2018. Students will have been sent emails from the College Board with instructions on how to access their PSAT score reports. This post includes a copy of correspondence sent to students and families about this release.

Students with questions about standardized test planning should speak with their college advisors.

Term 3 SAT/ACT Test Prep Class Information is included in this post.



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Grade 11

We highly recommend the Term 3 Test Preparation Course. This course will work around a student’s Culver schedule. Michael Goldstein, previously a teacher at Culver Academies, and his colleague are in residence during the course and therefore available to go into further depth or make up a session when conflicts arise. Michael was a Culver teacher before founding his very successful and highly regarded test preparation company in Pittsburgh. You may learn more about his company and approach by reviewing the attached flyer and visiting Goldstein Test Preparation’s website.

Culver Third Term SAT/ACT Course Flyer - Please READ and follow instructions

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As early decisions arrive, often the most difficult to address is the "non-decision", the deferral. A deferral puts a students application into the regular pool and often equates to purgatory. College advisors will work with students to craft meaningful updates in January when a student is deferred, in the meantime, students should confirm their continued interest (when it remains), and check in with their college advisor.

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