International Students

What you Need to Know

All students, including international students, must take the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Subject Tests for the college admissions process. International students are also required to take a test of English Language Ability.  The TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language) evaluates a non-native speakers ability to communicate in English. This is particularly important if an international student is planning on attending college in the United States.  The Duolingo English Test is an increasingly widely accepted option that students may take on-line, at almost any time. Students should verify the English Language Proficiency requirements for each college they are interested in attending, and for those to which they apply.

While international students have the ability to take the TOEFL in their own country, Culver Academies is also a test center for the TOEFL.  Students may register for the TOEFL online. The test format offered at Culver Academies is the IBT and is scored on a scale from 1-120 and includes areas of speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Highly selective colleges look for scores of 100 or above, and some additionally look for specific sub-scores. Many colleges and universities post their minimum TOEFL score requirements on their websites.  Students should make sure to report their TOEFL scores to their College Advisors.

College Admissions Process

International students complete the college admissions process in the same way as domestic students, there are some additional items which must be included with their college applications. These items (listed below) must be brought to the College Advising Office from each international student when they return to Culver in the fall of their Senior year.

These items include:

Copies of Official Individual Transcripts

If an international student attended high school someplace in addition to Culver Academies, we require official transcripts from their prior high school.  The transcript is very important  because the grading system and scale may be very different from Culver's.  In order for the transcript to be considered "official" by a college or university, it must be in a sealed envelope. 

Copies of International Student Visa’s and I-20 form

It is important to show the student's ability to study in the United States. The Visa status will change when each international student decides where they will attend college.   Each student must also provide copies for their I-20 form.

Copies of Official Bank Statements/Certification of Finances

This is an affidavit proving bank funds are available for tuition room and board. These official statements need to have the official seal of the bank and original signatures from the bank officials and the parents of the international student. In some cases there may be more than one statement depending on the family. College and university requirements vary and students should verify the requirements for each college or university that they are interested in, and confirm the requirements of each college and university to which they apply.

International Financial Aid/Scholarships

In most cases, international students are not eligible for US Federal Financial Aid; however, they may be eligible for institutional aid offered by the individual colleges and universities. Since every college/university is different it is important to check the policy of every school a student intends to apply to. For more information regarding individual schools, please see the attached website which isolates financial opportunities for international students.

Schools Awarding International Financial Aid

International students follow the same procedures as domestic students to apply for scholarships.  Before submitting the scholarship application, the international student should verify that the scholarship will accept  applications from international students.

Information on Schools Awarding International Financial Aid

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