SMART Strength Model

Positive Psychology at Culver

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of positive emotions, positive character traits and positive institutions. Positive Psychology at Culver includes the experiences of well-being contentment, and satisfaction (in the past), hope and optimism (for the future), and flow and happiness (in the present).

Teachers and students who regularly experience positive emotion, moods and sentiments are likely to be more resilient, happier, more psychologically healthy, and more resistant to physical illnesses. There is also growing research that claims there is a positive relationship between positive emotions and academic performance.

Student Strength

All Culver students are administered the on-line version of the VIA-Youth when they arrive at school during their 9th and 11th grade years.

Putting a name to a character strength and knowing what particular traits look like in action has been instructive and informative for many students as they navigate their pathways to growth in the classroom, leadership in the living unit, athletic arena, and stage.

Integrating the principles of positive psychology is helping Culver flourish by focusing on identifying, broadening, and building the unique strengths of the faculty, staff, students, and administrators. We want all Culver stakeholders to be meaning makers and culture keepers in making positive psychology sustainable in all aspects of school life.

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