Wellness Education

Bringing Out The Best In Every Student

At Culver, we want students to be at their best in mind, body and spirit. The Wellness Education program’s integrated curriculum helps students assess, form and improve their physical, emotional, mental, moral, spiritual and social well-being.

Wellness Instruction

  • Culver’s wellness curriculum includes a variety of required and elective courses.
  • Through the program, Culver seeks to cultivate the virtues of wisdom, courage, moderation and justice within each student.
  • Wellness education at Culver is centered on the belief that students who are striving for success in academics and leadership benefit from taking equal care of their health. When they are “well” in every aspect, they are best able to make wise, balanced choices and attain excellence.

Living Life Well

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, believed that cultivating and acting on good character assisted people in doing things "well" in striving to live a life of happiness. In other words, "excellence of activity" can best be attained when students have the capacity to make wise and balanced choices.

Aristotle never drove a car, answered a phone, or saved a file on a computer, but he lived and shared his ideas about basic human problems that still face us today.

The nature of human interaction has changed little during the past two millennia and as imperfect beings who desire to live life well, it is essential to pause and reflect upon the deeper, ethical considerations of healthy behavior.

The lessons are straightforward:  There is no path to excellence at anything except the deliberate, purposeful formation of daily habits that make the specific form of excellence possible.  There are no shortcuts, and mere talent is not enough.



As a rigorous college preparatory school, Culver's mission aspires to this type of excellence by cultivating the cardinal virtues of wisdomcouragemoderation and justice. Achieving overall excellence at Culver is about asking and finding answers to these important questions.

  • How do we, at Culver, cultivate the virtues so the student community can flourish? 
  • What do we do for ourselves to cultivate the virtues in living a healthy life?
  • What does wisdom, courage, moderation and justice look like in action?
  • What do we do for each other to cultivate the virtues?
  • What can Culver do to cultivate the virtues?

Success Through Wellness

Students truly flourish at Culver when they appropriately balance their responsibilities and opportunities with taking care of their overall health. More colleges and universities are attracted to prospective students who are well-rounded, that have a good academic background, aspire to leadership, and are also "good people" who take care of themselves as well as genuinely caring for others.


Living a balanced life and striving to excel in a rigorous boarding school may be a contradiction in terms. Some students are well suited for this environment. They thrive on a busy schedule, while others may struggle with day-to-day activity. Many students have tipped the activity scales to one side and have difficulty righting themselves.

In contrast to most boarding school environments where faculty, coaches, and staff vie for students’ time, the "whole student" approach at Culver suggests that all the activities are interdependent. We cannot treat a student as whole while separating his or her mind from their spirit and/or body. A student who knows, values and acts on good health habits may enhance academic and/or athletic performance. As part of the long term planning process, we ought to provide the proper environment and proper education for this realization.


We use the acronym PEMMSS to talk about wellness at Culver. PEMMSS stands for physical, emotional, mental, moral, social and spiritual. The term wellness refers to the attainment of optimal health through the balance of these dimensions.

Read more about these dimensions and the PEMMSS system.