Developing Critical Thinking for Life

Mathematics is a problem-solving process, a way of thinking, and an approach to learning. At Culver, students investigate and discover math fundamentals in a collaborative, student-based classroom experience. They foster a deep understanding of concepts with real-world applications, a benefit in any field they pursue.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

Galileo Galilei.

Mathematic Instruction

The integrated mathematics curriculum emphasizes student-centered teaching methodologies, quantitative literacy, and the appropriate use of technology.

  • Culver Academies requires seven (7) credits in Math, including Introductory Algebra, Geometry, Intermediate Algebra and Statistics.
  • Culver students take courses in algebra, geometry and intermediate algebra, and may elect more advanced programs such as calculus, statistics and more.
  • Students also benefit from enrichment opportunities outside the classroom, such as math competitions and our Math Forum.
  • Instructors offer a variety of courses to ensure students at every ability level have the opportunity to continue and succeed in their mathematics education.
  • Technology, such as computers and graphing calculators, supports mathematical concepts and are used to solve problems, analyze data, explore patterns and communicate results.

Making Math Fun

Coursework and class schedules aren’t the only learning opportunities the Math Department offers. Students are invited to take part in extracurricular groups to hone their skills and compete at a local and regional level.


Get the academic recognition you deserve by competing against other students and schools through six different contests each year. Contests are held on campus and scores are submitted to Math League HQ for a running total of your school score and personal ranking.

Each contest consists of 6 questions, of which get progressively more difficult. Competitions last roughly 30 minutes.

More information and current rankings are available at www.themathleague.com

Math Forum

The Math Forum is a place for students interested in mathematics to tackle challenging problems, collaborate in problem solving, and compete at the state, national, and international level.

Examples of recent contests the Math Forum has participated in include Indiana Math League, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Competition, the American Mathematics Competition, and the Purple Comet online international Competition.

A 3D Experience

Mathematics becomes more than theory for Culver students with engaging, real-life application.

A chandelier that lights up students’ minds

Mathematics is more experiential than theoretical for Culver students. In this case, a science lab became a temporary art studio and numbers on paper became a three-dimensional work of beauty.

Students collaborated to create a “mathematically correct chandelier.” Visiting instructor Hans Schepker assists students in creating a Culver staple, “The Dis-Appointed Stellated Dodecahedron.”