International Student Achievement

The Department of International Student Achievement (DISA) seeks to enhance the international student experience and guide students toward success through providing appropriate services, integrated programming and advocacy.

DIsa Mission

DISA serves as a hub or central office for international students and international student issues.

Our first priority is successful academic achievement for all international students. 

From the start of classes until graduation, our faculty members monitor each student’s progress.  The department also works to ensure that international students receive the academic support they need in the form of individual teacher consultations, subject-specific tutorials, and/or proctored study halls. Further assistance is provided through Culver’s Academic Skills Center, the Writing Center, and even in special study opportunities in the dorms and units. 

Members of the department advocate for the international student population through membership on committees that discuss issues such as learning support, diversity issues, and student records and through close collaboration with other departments in the school. DISA faculty work as academic advisors and partner with the College Advising office to assist our students in making the best choices for further study.  Culver’s international students are accepted at top colleges and universities across the country.

The ESOL Program

For our international students who are still learning English, our department works to place them into various levels of our ESOL program.  We closely monitor the students’ progress in English through the administration of periodic nationally recognized standardized tests, and DISA faculty continue to support students even after they move out of the ESOL classes.

ESOL Course Catalog

Contact Us

Need more information about DISA? Feel free to reach out via email or phone (574) 842-8011.