Teaching Responsible Global Citizens

Culver students explore ethical, imaginative and historical perspectives through the Humanities program. They are challenged to grasp the intricacies of cultures past and present, and explore their place in a complex global world.

Humanities Instruction

Humanities at Culver stress reading, writing, speaking and researching skills at all levels. Students learn the power of texts and ideas, and how these both support and challenge cultural norms.

  • Courses include Western Perspectives, Global Perspectives and American Studies, as well as Advanced Placement courses and electives.
  • Grade level-specific curricula blend English and history instruction with political and philosophical discourse, religious studies and visual expression.
  • The Harkness learning approach helps students develop lifelong skills that transcend the curriculum. 
  • Coursework integrates history, literature and art; emphasizes clear and effective communication; and requires strong rhetorical skills and complex language analysis.