From learning first chords to performing at Carnegie Hall, Culver students at all skill levels have exceptional opportunities to explore and expand their musical talents.

Music Instruction

  • Music courses cover all areas of interest, from Songwriting and Guitar for Beginners to Concert Band and Advanced Placement Music Theory.
  • Our professional instructors work closely with students, transforming novices into remarkable performers – often by the end of their first year!
  • Beginner and advanced musicians may pursue a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities, ensembles and performances.
  • Students can take private music lessons  in brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments, as well as piano, voice, guitar and bagpipes.
  • Advanced musicians looking for immersion in music, or those intending to continue their studies at the college level, can explore the Honors in Music program.
  • Students have opportunities to collaborate with professional groups and visiting artists, both on and off campus.
  • Culver Military Academy students can join the Culver Military Band, which provides music for CMA events, school ceremonies and other programs. The Military Band includes two ensembles: the Corps of Drums and the Lancer Band.

Variety of Opportunities

Tune Your Musical Experience

Culver offers an array of musical experiences. From traditional classroom teaching to our Honors in Music, Military Band, and extracurricular opportunities, you can tune your path to create your own Culver experience.


Culver is no stranger to pomp and circumstance. Tradition and ceremony run deep through every part of the Culver community. The music program is an integral part of that heritage and can be broken down into three categories: Band, Choir, and Ensembles.

  • Band Performs during special events such as holiday concerts and open houses. Includes additional opportunities like Culver Pipes and Drums, Pep Band, Jazz Band, and Woodwind Choir.
  • Choir The choir performs an on and off-campus events traveling as far as Salzburg, Austria. Events include chapel performances, Parents Weekend, and the spring musical.
  • Ensembles Culver ensembles perform locally and regionally and include opportunities such as All-State Choir and Band, Confucius Institute, Orchestra, and Solo & Ensemble contests.


The Band Company is a separate living unit of CMA Corps of Cadets which provides music for ceremonies and events. Members of this living unit are required to fulfill specific musical curriculum.

Members of The Band have the opportunity to join two additional specialized ensembles distinct groups: The Corps of Drums and The Lancer Band.

The Corps of Drums is a special ensemble that integrates select military drumming traditions.

The Lancer Band is the honor unit of the Band Company and performs at special ceremonies and events.


In addition to the robust musical Course Catalog, Culver offers musicians a variety of opportunities to hone their craft and learn from those around them. One way students do this is through Private Lessons.

Private lessons count as coursework and can be found in the Course Catalog. The fee for private lessons is $330 per term, charged by the item. The total is $1320 for the full year. Reduced fees are possible for ensemble participation and need-based financial aid.

For more information, contact Mr. Steve Rozek, at (574) 842-8335

Honors in Music

The Highest Honor for a Culver Musician

Honors in Music is designed to be a challenging program with supreme reward. Demanding concentration, organization, and commitment to the arts, Honors in Music is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a musician at Culver.


  • Prerequisites:Honors in Music provides an opportunity for an in-depth study that is not simply a “senior recital.” Most students know of their musical interest well ahead of their senior year, and normally take private lessons for at least two or three years. The private teacher is the first and best advocate for an honors student, so before the process begins, many students plan ahead and take lessons, ensembles, and music classes.
  • Coursework:Students are asked to take the appropriate ensemble in their area of interest in their senior year; as well, we ask that either a theory or music history class be completed sometime in their tenure here.
  • Examination Jury:The examination jury is run by the music faculty and involves a brief progress check around December; a research presentation on the repertoire in late winter; a formal hearing of the recital pieces (jury) in early spring; and a recital a few weeks later.
  • Recitals:Success with the three progress checks mentioned above means a formal recital as the pinnacle achievement of the process happens usually in early May. Yes, a successful recital is necessary, but our process is designed so that the outcome is almost guaranteed. Our students return years later to tell us that their Honors in Music was often the most difficult thing they attempted at Culver, but also the most meaningful experience they had here.

Additional information regarding Honors in Music requirements can be found in the Honors in Music Overview.


Students interested in the program are required to interview with the area coordination and faculty members by their 10th grade year. Additional audition, portfolio, and interview requirements will need to be submitted for consideration.

We’d be happy to talk further with you about the Honors in Music program. Contact Mr. Steve Rozek at Stephen.Rozek@culver.org for more information.