Week dedicated to 'ValYOU'

Jan Garrison

CGA students lead wellness sessions


April 29, 2021

From April 19-24, five Culver Girls Academy students were offered a weeklong series of talks and events designed to “Value You.”

“ValYou Week” was put together by juniors Sophie Nash (Columbus, Indiana), Reese Roemer (Chicago), Martha Weirick (Elkhart, Indiana), senior Grace Trefren (Culver) and sophomore Loren Snead (Fort Worth, Texas) to focus on body positivity and disordered eating. The evening sessions were conducted Monday through Thursday featuring speakers from the boarding school’s community. The sessions included:

  • Monday – Snead spoke on her story about anxiety and depression.
  • Tuesday – Battery B Counselor Ramsey Bradke and nutritionist Tracy Fox spoke on proper nutrition, especially for athletes.
  • Wednesday – Mental health counselor Dana Clevering and clinical social worker Tonia Key from the Health Center spoke on disordered eating and mental health, answering questions that were submitted earlier about different eating disorders, anxiety and depression. In a taped message, Ava Viohl ’18 talked about her eating disorder and a non-profit she has created, unbeautymark.com, dealing with body positivity and eating disorders.  
  • Thursday - Marquell led a discussion about how to help your friends and students learned their “love languages” via an online quiz.
  • Friday – This session of sunrise yoga led by Director of Spiritual Life, Rev. Dr. Sam Boys, was delayed a week due to the weather. Approximately 60 students participated this morning.
  • Saturday – Trefren (top photo) conducted a girls-only weight training session in the Siegfried Fitness Center detailing proper form for each lift.

Rev. Sam Boys, who is a certified yoga instructor, leads the sunrise yoga program.

Along with the special sessions, a special “Happy Meals” menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks were offered in the Lay Dining Center was offered each day. The meals were designed to include foods with high levels of the amino acid Tryptophan, which is proven to boost serotonin levels.

“ValYOU Week” grew out of the “Peer Leadership Study,” which was the Honors and Leadership project undertaken by Nicole Rodriquez ’18. Instructors Stephanie Scopelitis and Dan Davidge were at the center of the program, leadership instructor Nancy McKinnis said.

Since its inception, the program has grown to encompass several departments and include both CGA and CMA students. One of the spinoffs of the program has been the “Doggy Therapy” sessions that have been conducted in the Steinbrenner Recreational Center.

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