Culver Unity hoodies go on sale

Jan Garrison

Eagle Outfitters project


February 18, 2021

Everyone who wanted a Culver Unity pin designated for the classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 will now have an opportunity to purchase a white hoodie with the pin design on the back. Eagle Outfitters, the custom apparel side of The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur, is conducting an online flash sale of the sweatshirts Sunday, Feb. 21, through Sunday, March 7.

Eagle Outfitters designed the sweatshirt after a number of people expressed an interest in buying the limited-edition pin. The sweatshirt will feature a small Culver seal on the front and the Culver Unity design on the back.

The pin was intended for those classes sent home in March 2020 and designed by Jack Chittim ’21, who is a member of the Eagle Outfitters team. The Eagle Outfitters’ logo will be displayed above the design on back.

Chittim thought of the concept while he was home in Boerne, Texas, last spring. While he stayed in touch with his friends virtually during that time, he couldn’t wait for school to begin in August because he knew it would seem like “a day has never passed.”

It is those special Culver connections that Chittim believed should be celebrated. The pin was his way for everyone to remember “this time together during this time apart.” The pin is worn on the boarding school students’ dress uniforms.


Members of Eagle Outfitters discuss the design and sale of the Culver Unity hoodies.


But since the distribution of the pin, others have shown an interest in buying them, Garrett Littleton of Eagle Outfitters said. The student business saw this as opportunity to offer the sweatshirt to meet that demand and also give everyone an opportunity to show their Culver Unity all the time.

The sweatshirts will be available to all Culver students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff. Orders will be online only and will be shipped to everyone’s home.

The Eagle Outfitters team is run as a startup business. They specialize in the printing t-shirts and sweatshirts for various student organizations and non-profit groups. In the fall, the group sold “Stay Positive. Test Negative.” T-shirts.

The students gain insights into the challenges of operating a business while providing students and campus organizations with affordable apparel. Going from the design phase through approval and printing to delivery can take approximately three weeks.

Profits from the clothing go towards the general scholarship fund for a future student of Culver Academies.

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