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Former Culver standout shines as Indiana University co-captain

Alysha May

Galloway showcases leadership for Hoosiers

Nov. 17, 2023

From being a high school basketball captain to now senior co-captain at Indiana University, Trey Galloway ‘20 exemplifies leadership, discipline and an appreciation for the lessons learned at Culver Academies.

Not only did Galloway sharpen his basketball skills at Culver, but he also discovered the true meaning of leadership. As a two-time captain at Culver, he embraced the responsibility.

"I was a captain on the basketball team at Culver for two years. I had a big-time leadership role with the team to try and help us win," Galloway said. "I knew all of the positions, so that was one thing I was able to help others with. I was also very vocal and loved communicating with my teammates."

Under the guidance of his father, Mark Galloway, who coached him at Culver and also is assistant director of admissions at the school, Galloway absorbed values that extended well beyond the basketball court.

"My dad taught me at a very young age that attention to detail is so important in anything you do. He also taught me that if I wanted to be a great leader I would have to want to lead and be a good example for teammates who were willing to follow," he said.

Galloway led Culver to its first state basketball championship in 3A as a sophomore and a return trip to the championship game as a junior. His senior season, the Eagles moved up to 4A and won a sectional title before the season was stopped because of COVID.

Galloway’s experience at Culver helped shape his success at Indiana University. The discipline and leadership he learned became the foundation for his achievements, both academically and athletically.

"Culver taught me so many valuable lessons that I took with me to IU. Culver truly helped me have great discipline with everything I have done at IU, especially on the basketball court," he said. "Although Culver was not easy, I really learned toughness, mainly mental toughness, because Culver pushed you to do more than what you think you were capable of doing, which I brought with me to Indiana."


Trey Galloway shoots against Nebraska. (Photo provided by Indiana University/Gracie Farrall '19)


Despite the many duties that come with the role as co-captain, Galloway is aware of the implications of the label as he takes on the role at Indiana alongside teammate Xavier Johnson.

“It means the world to me that I can share the captain title along with so many other great players that have come through Indiana,” Galloway said. “The history of the program is incredible, and it is a blessing to be able to say that I am in that position. I cherish every moment being given such a great opportunity and responsibility.”

In the face of these responsibilities, Galloway and Johnson endure the coaches' tough expectations to lead and make the right decisions for the team. 

“They are hard on us because they know that we are capable of being another voice for them to help out with the team,” Galloway said.

Despite a demanding schedule and the weight of high expectations, Galloway stays grounded and connected to his roots back at Culver Academies.

"I try to get home as much as possible, but it is not a lot because I am so busy during the season," Galloway said. “I am able to get home a lot more during the spring and summer as I can get in the gym and get a workout in and play pick up with some of the guys. I will try to make some games this year, but I will always follow along and see how they are doing throughout the season."

As Galloway continues to assume the role as co-captain this season at Indiana University, the echoes of Culver Academies teachings and the influence of his father continue to resonate, propelling him forward as a leader on and off the court.

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