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STEM scholarship to boost CGA students

Jan Garrison

Culver accepts cryptocurrency


October 14, 2021

A new scholarship is being established for Culver Girls Academy students who show academic promise in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Appropriately, the funding for scholarship is being provided through cryptocurrency.

The “Culver Academies Scholarship for Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” will be used to provide need-based financial aid for an upper-class (junior or senior) CGA student that shows promise in the STEM related fields.  The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is honoring his family’s relationship with Culver, which spans over five generations.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that uses computer code and blockchain technology to operate independently, without the need for a central party, such as a person, company, central bank or government, to manage the system.

This is Culver Academies’ first donation in cryptocurrency. While the implementation process took time to establish, Culver is now at the cutting edge of fundraising - accepting digital currency.  “We are grateful for the partnership and leadership of the donor for both establishing this important scholarship and encouraging Culver to accept cryptocurrency,” Becca Pazin, Campaign and Culver Fund manager, said. 

The scholarship comes at an opportune time for CGA students. A dedicated computer science and engineering class for girls is in its second year. The 2021-2022 school year also marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of CGA.


Learning to use Python in computer science class.


The donor wants to encourage others to contribute to the fund so more scholarships may be awarded, and more future leaders are supported, which is why there is no family name attached to the program. With a strong background in the technology field, the donor sees daily the need for more women to enter the STEM fields.

“There is a lack of young women,” he explained. “This is something that needs to be supported. We need to make the exception the norm, and Culver remains the best place to grow the next generation of global leaders.”

The donor and his wife have an added incentive to commit to a scholarship targeting CGA students. They recently welcomed a baby girl into their family. He is giving back to Culver to thank the institution for the foundation it laid, not only for him, but for his entire family. His affinity for following the latest tech trends can be traced back to when his father was a member of the shortwave radio club. That love and understanding of the latest technology has continued its way down the family tree. For the past eight to 10 years, he has worked with blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency markets.

Those interested in contributing to the STEM scholarship or making donations involving cryptocurrency may contact the Development Office for more details at 574-842-7400.

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