Dean of Faculty

The Culver Faculty are a diverse, knowledgeable team dedicated to both making a difference in students’ lives and empowering students to make a difference. Regardless of the venue, we at the Culver Academies value the extra lengths the adults within our community go while serving our students. Our faculty’s deep dedication to both students and the Culver Mission is unique. It is what, in my opinion, enhances our status as the best boarding school in the nation at developing leaders and supporting students as they flourish as learners, cultivate a sense of wellness, and pursue a spiritual identity.

Faculty live the Culver mission, implement our constructivist and student-centered teaching and learning model, serve as a trusted colleague, and are always learning more about their disciplines and their practice as teachers, coaches, and mentors. When joining the faculty, Culver educators commit to:

Modeling Culver’s Mission

Culver educators support the Culver Mission and model leadership and responsible citizenship in their interaction with students and colleagues. They respect, support, and participate in the programs—academic, athletic, extra-curricular, spiritual, and student life—that comprise the Culver experience.  That commitment encourages Culver educators to develop mindful habits that reflect the core virtues, values, and character strengths enumerated in the Culver Academies Code of Conduct and by the Cardinal Virtues of wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice.

Teaching and Learning

Culver educators exhibit professionalism, a positive mindset that reveals a commitment to the vocation of teaching and the cultivation of learning as embodied in the Culver Teaching & Learning Model with its emphasis on student-centered classrooms, critical and creative thinking, and goal-driven curriculum development. That commitment encourages respect for oneself both as teacher and role model for students and as a colleague within the department and the greater school community; respect for others and their work here at all levels of employment; and respect for the well-being of the institution and its ideals.


Culver educators support each other by teaching each other about teaching, learning, and leading; talking about practice in frequent and precise conversations; engaging together in researching, designing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum; and observing each other in the practice of teaching and administration.

Professional Growth

Culver educators are continuous adult learners, engaging in scholarship and professional development opportunities that keep them up-to-date in their disciplines and teaching methodologies. Ongoing professional growth supports the attainment of individual goals arising from the yearly reflection and growth process.

I hope a tour of our website affords you the opportunity to learn more about the work of our students and faculty. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about our faculty or the commitments they make to students, each other, and Culver. If you are interested in learning more about joining our faculty, the link below will introduce you to the available opportunities and additional information about life as a faculty member at Culver.

Josh Pretzer
Dean of Faculty

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